Home At Last . . . And Already Missing Texas


Anne, Stryker, April (the cat) and I arrived in Canada yesterday, Sunday, April 12th a bit after noon, where we crossed the border at Gananoque, the 1000 Island Border Crossing between Watertown New York and Kingston Ontario.

It felt good to be back in Canada. But at the same time, a bit weird to be out of Texas. NEVERTHELESS THOUGH . . . IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO BE HOME.


As much as I wanted to write an Editorial or two while we traveled, it just wasn’t meant to be, since, when we weren’t driving the 2000-mile distance from Austin to the Cornwall area, I was generally too tired to eat, let alone write.


Even though I’m exhausted, I’m writing so you won’t forget me, I WOULD HATE THAT. And even though not much has changed since the last time I wrote . . . a whole bunch of new observations have developed.

1 – Hillary Clinton FINALLY pulled the trigger, and did what the whole world expected from her. And she’s going to run for the Presidency, not because she has something to offer, but BECAUSE . . . she believes, that she is somehow entitled to the Oval Office.

What’s remarkable about her decision to FINALLY GET OFF THE POT is how it has now made her a target with nowhere to hide.

2 – Rand Paul gave some TESTY interviews to a few female journalists, who found him to be somewhat THIN-SKINNED, and perhaps a bit SEXIST in how he SHUSHED one of them, and literally told another to stop lecturing, and ask a question.

I saw his subsequent interview with Megyn Kelly of FOX News, where she held his feet to the fire for his inability to control his temper, and how he “appeared” to be somewhat pedantic to the women “journalists”.

As you probably know from reading this BLOG, there is much about Rand Paul that I FULLY SUPPORT, but, he is not my favorite cup of tea, and is not on my list of favored candidates. BUT . . . IF HE WINDS UP BEING THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE – I WILL PROMOTE HIM.


THAT SAID . . . I saw the interviews with the two female “journalists” . . . and Paul WAS NOT WRONG. They were far more determined to play GOTCHA politics, than they were in having an honest interview . . . and anything less, than Rand Paul telling them to F-O . . . was indeed kind.


AS FOR MEGYN KELLY . . . Perhaps she’s feeling a bit too much of herself these days, because I found her interview with Paul to also be quite disrespectful, seeming to slap Rand Paul’s Wrists, as if she was somehow entitled to do so.

It was not Kelly’s finest moment . . . I LIKE MEGYN KELLY – and was disappointed in her.


I will be speaking before a robust group of GRAY-HAIRED Patriots, starting at 7:30 in the evening at: 102 Greenview Avenue – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Everyone is invited. There is no cost to enter. And there will be a Q&A Session after my speech. And if you think we should NOT TAKE responsibility for how we raised the last few generations . . . STAY HOME AND VOTE FOR THE LEFT.

BUT . . . IF YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO STAND UP . . . or at the very least, to fight one more battle as Patriots, against all of our enemies from within, you might want to join me if you can.

If we leave the future of our once-upon-a-time incredible countries, up to the MILLENNIALS, THEY WILL DESTROY IT.


ANNE, STRYKER AND I LOVED BEING “WINTER TEXANS” . . . I cannot possibly give enough thanks to the many people in Texas who reached out and befriended Anne, Stryker and myself.

I will remember the incredible drives, casual meetings, and fabulous Texas meals we shared together. SO MUCH SO . . . that we are already looking forward to this coming November, for the return trip to the GREAT LONE-STAR STATE.


Since we just got back, and are working to set-up our new and exciting life, I just gathered several months of mail. So, please indulge me, and give me a short while to properly respond to what I’ve received.

Hopefully . . . the next editorial will be much sooner in the coming.

PS – I AM REALLY TIRED . . . so I don’t have the mental wherewithal to properly edit this editorial as it should be. And if you find it to be grammatically wanting – that’s the reason.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen, and while we celebrate the birth of our Redeemer, and the hope that gives us, there is also cheer and hope in the knowledge that there were no polls in the days of the Maccabees. Those of us whose trust is not in what is televised on msm know that miracles happen when there is public doubt, and when you least expect it.
    Happy Hanukkah to you and Anne!

  2. Hello Howard,

    good on ya mate… I appreciate your bold newscasting. Never never stop. I hope to one day be a contributor to your heart felt endeavor to spread the bald face truth. Be well. Let me know if I can slip some powerful adaptogens in the mail to you direct from Natural Longevity at no charge to you. http://www.healthwize.com Loren Tikka ph.360-263-1767

  3. Love hearing from you. Take a good rest and come back stronger than ever.

  4. Howard,
    I can really relate to your being tired after your trip. Peaches( my wife of 53 years) and I just made a 1855 mile whirlwind trip to Texas and back to Los Lunas, NM. We delivered a 1959 C-J6 jeep to Vet. group in San Antonia for their use in parades. Then to Houston and then Dallas and back to Los Lunas….I’m still tard (that’s Texas for tired)
    Everyone I talked to in Texas was 100% for Ted Cruz. I believe he can get the job done , but boy it’s going to be an up hill struggle.

  5. I would be interested in your take on Dr. Ben Carson. This time there are so many really great conservative possibilities, but Dr. Carson is my favorite. Many are saying one black president is one too many, but Obama is not black; he is more white in that he was raised as a privileged white kid. Dr. Carson, descended from slaves in Georgia, would be the first black president, not that it matters. He’s not a politician, supports all of the Constitution, tells the truth and is a patriot.

  6. Maybe in your deepest heart, you’re more Texan than you are Canadian.


  7. Howard, you and Annie will be missed here in Texas. When you return in November you should look to Bastrop for a place to stay as they are not as liberal as Austin. I lived in Austin many years before we purchased our farm in 81. There is not as much traffic in Elgin and Bastrop and not as many liberals. What most people fail to realize is the founding fathers figured elected officials would serve only 1 term in office then return to their homes and farms otherwise they would have included that

  8. Good move avoiding the cold. I worked in Texas six times, once in the Air Force (6 months plan) and five times for Eastern Airlines on layoffs in Atlanta. Working at the Houston Airport was like a promotion – warmer winters too. The people in Houston were great to me – I’ll never forget their kindness. Of course, Air Force training instructors were rather impolite but that was expected. No state income tax and Texas tries not to participate in the nation’s recessions. Cruz ’16!

  9. I am glad you are home safely – even more happy that you enjoyed our great state of Texas – I was honored to spend an evening with you all and share in the Hanukkah – I wish I was close enough to hear your speech – maybe someday! Enjoy home until we get there in June! See you soon my friend

  10. Hello!! I’m glad you are home. Get some rest my friend! Julie

  11. Happy to have you safely back in Canada Howard. Sorry Texas but he was only on loan for a few months.
    Rest up and then come out fighting as you always do Howard, we have missed you.

  12. Welcome home Howard. You’re competing with the Ottawa Senators tomorrow night, but I will be there to join you in getting Canada back on track!

  13. Howard. it is good to hear you are home safe and sound, I did my Texas run last Spring from Las Vegas (the one in Nevada) to East Texas, bought a 1947 CJ-2A Jeep from a good friend, then down to Bastrop to visit my daughter, her husband is the IT guru at a huge western ware store, I won’t mention the name but you’ll find it, great area with a river running through it, then to San Antonio then home, too humid, but I love the country side, had a beer in Luckenbach, missed Willie, relax Jon

  14. I’m not a fan of Rand Paul, but I applaud his “frank and friendly” pushback on the two liberal interviewers
    (I will not call them “journalists”). Each tried to use the interview as a liberal soapbox. Paul was a lot more
    gentle than I would have been. I would have told them to Shut the F Up and let me answer their “questions” –
    one issue at a time. I think that both interviewers were the ones with the thin skins – they can dish out
    bullying, but cry wolf when they are called out.

  15. My wife knows that she has an important “function” as a “help-meet.” I know most females don’t seem to appreciate this but after Adam was created, God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him — Genesis 2:18.” “They” became one flesh. Woman is not to be a floor matt for man nor is she to be second place as far as that is concearned. However I think they have “pushed the limit” as far as their created purpose is concearned. Nuff said!

  16. I don’t accept Rand’s handling of the female journalists, they were asking the tough questions and Paul better toughen up a bit he’s too thin skinned, as all candidates go through that. Megyn I thought handled herself correctly if Rand cant take the heat he better get out now. This is not a requirement of a Presidential candidate, sensitivity and being high strung doesn’t serve a president well. CASE CLOSED!
    Editorial: Home At Last . . . And Already Missing Texas – Galganov.com

  17. I like Rand Paul. I would rather have a person who does not cave in to the Republican good ole boys as others have appeared to do and the Democrats; than agree with all they may say and how they say it. John McCain and Sarah Palin for instance backed all the way across the country once nominated. We don’t need that again. Or so I think. So hang in there as long as you say what you mean
    and mean what you say.

  18. Welcome home to SD&G Howard and I plan on attending your speech at the KOLBUS Centre on Wednesday evening. I’ve had enough of the corruption and mismanagement of My COUNTRY, MY HOME, MY NATIVE LAND !!! It’s time to stand up and be counted !! I’m sure BIG Brother will watching too……

  19. I hope that Texas treated you as the Canadians and RCMP in Prince Albert treated me and my co-driver, when our fuel filter
    froze in 30 degree below zero 8 miles south of our destination. The officer put us in his Patrol Car and took us into
    a very nice Hotel, had our truck towed into town and put it in a Quonset Hut to thaw out. The hospitality was out of this world. 45 years ago and I’m still awed by the reception in Prince Albert. THANK YOU, CANADA! I’m 81 now and still
    remember it.

  20. If you liked liberal Austin TX, You’ll love conservative Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Right next door to TX but much more conservative and it’s were I moved to from the communist HELL of Illinois. Glad you’re home safe! Ted Cruz is our guy in 2016 Howard. I’ve watched him for years and he has NEVER waffled or flip-flopped on his principles. NEVER. The establishment RINOs hate him more than anyone–he’s a threat to their corruption. He’s a true leader and he’s going to win.

  21. Rand Paul is not my favorite candidate, but I would also support him if he became the Republican nominee. I also agree that “the two female “journalists” were far more determined to play GOTCHA politics, than they were in having an honest interview”. This ‘feminist movement’ just irritates me! Apparently, these women lack SELF-CONFIDENCE–not like Megyn! Re: Hillary–the Republicans are going to “do a number” on her, especially on “Benghazi”. Can’t imagine being one of those guys’ parents.

  22. Texas will miss you too! You are our kind of people. See you in the fall.

  23. Us baby boomers may be the last generation that truly knows how patriotic this country once was. Working at a university where the students watch “sponge Bob” and their professors shamelessly teach fascism, antisemitism & won’t pledge to our Flag, some may think it’s to late to turn around.(Not ME) Our country needs a heart transplant. A heart that’s toward God, Family & Country.It worked before. We could also use Patriotic statesmen rather than politicians! Rest up Howard.
    Frank C. Franklin N

  24. Very glad you had a safe journey and do rest up. I look forward to your postings once you catch your breath. I’m happy that you enjoyed your stay in our state and look forward to your return in November. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a chance to meet you and so appreciatively shake your hand.

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