Obama’s Waterloo In Tehran


For those of you who do not know Thomas L Friedman . . . he is a senior writer and editor with the New York Times, who became Pulitzer Prize Winning FAMOUS, as a result of his near EXCLUSIVE coverage of YASSER ARAFAT during the worst of times, when Arafat was holding Lebanon Hostage during Lebanon’s Civil War.

When it was nearly impossible to get an “audience” with Arafat during those days, Friedman, who was a very young man covering the Middle East from Jerusalem . . . had what could only be described as AN OPEN DOOR TO THE FATHER OF MODERN TERRORISM.


WHY WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN? . . . Why would a MURDERING JEW-HATING THUG like Arafat give such incredible access to a young Jewish Journalist like Friedman, unless he needed a USEFUL JEWISH IDIOT?


In 1989, Friedman published his award winning non-fiction book . . . From Beirut To Jerusalem, detailing the strife between the Palestinians and Israelis, showing both sides of the debate . . . AS HE SAW IT.

It was while reading this BOOK that I knew something was very wrong with this FAIR HAIRED BOY of the Jewish Community, who was lauded as a great voice of Journalistic REASON.

Thomas Friedman became the DARLING of the Jewish Community, specifically of the LEFT, not because of how he defended the interests of Israel, but rather, because he NEVER hesitated . . . NOT EVEN ONCE, to find a way to “academicallySCREW-OVER ISRAEL, in every way he could, pretending to speak on behalf of the Best Interests of Israel and the Jewish Homeland.


And like Arafat, Friedman is giving yet another high profile Hater of Israel (Obama) the “COVER” he needs to screw-over the Jewish State, in the guise of doing what’s best for the State of the Jewish People, as if the Israelis don’t know what’s best for themselves.

The fact that Obama has turned to Friedman and the New York Times to sell his DESPICABLE, and pending DEAL with Iran, is in many ways no different, than how Arafat turned to Friedman to sell his TERRORIST philosophy to the West, just before the Israelis DROVE ARAFAT OUT OF LEBANON, to be exiled in Tunisia, only to be brought back by Bill Clinton and a LEFTIST ISRAELI GOVERNMENT, in the duplicitous guise of the 1993 Oslo Accord.


Not only does Obama have ZERO accomplishments . . . when one weighs on the scales of success how America and the World were before Obama took power in the White House – to how America and the World are today, there is no question whatsoever, NOT IN THE LEAST . . . that because of Obama and his army of LEFTIST SYCOPHANTS, the WORLD and AMERICA are in far greater despair.


It would be a shame, if after a six and a half year Presidency, a country is no better off because of its governance, than it was before the six and a half years it was elected . . . and given what we know today as FACTIT IS A TRAVESTY, that a country can be so much WORSE because of the government.

The FACT that Obama has turned to Friedman to SELL THE UNSELLABLE, just like Arafat did before the Israelis TOOK ARAFAT APART, tells me that Obama’s Days as PRESIDENT-BULLY are numbered, since Netanyahu showed everyone that America’s Emperor HAS NO CLOTHES.


Unless I’m wrong, Republicans in Congress might have finally found some TESTOSTERONE, leading them to stop cowering before the Bully-President and the LEFTIST Media, which I assure you will become habit-forming.

Obama will FLAIL about . . . passing as many Executive Orders as possible during his last year and half. And just as Obama goes as far to the LEFT as LEFTIST Politicians and the MEDIA can, he and they will become even more HYSTERICAL, as we’ve seen with their histrionics about Netanyahu’s Joint Session Speech to Congress, and Dianne Feinstein’s incredibly insulting comment about how Israel’s Prime Minister must CONTAIN HIMSELF, as if he’s some SCHMUCK on the street . . . and all their other collectively RIDICULOUS and IRRELEVANT statements.


Rand Paul’s speech was GREAT. It delivered on all the issues that REAL Conservatives stand for. It was 100% COMMON SENSE, which only a JERK would oppose.


Rand Paul is NOT amongst my first choices . . . mostly because I have serious doubts about his FOREIGN AFFAIRS POLICIES and SUPPORT for the MILITARY. But, if he were to win the nomination, I think he would go a long way to RIGHTING many of the WRONGS that have been foisted on the USA and the World, by the despicable LEFT and their IMPERIAL President.


If anyone is going to be MOST harmed by Rand Paul’s campaign, especially if he keeps up his ASK NO QUARTER AND TAKE NO PRISONERS electioneering, it will be Jeb Bush, who I am beginning to dislike MORE AND MORE WITH EVERY PASSING DAY, who will bear the brunt of Paul’s Candidacy.

The next year will see the DECONSTRUCTION of a worthless and destructive President with the REBIRTH OF FREEDOM IN AMERICA.

And that’s something to look forward to.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AMEN, Howard. Without JESUS, we would have no hope. Praise the LORD that GOD reigns. May our country repent and come back to the LORD>

  2. Americans were taken in by all the Bushes.Thought they would see the light by now. They and Obama are very much alike

  3. I truly believe Thomas believes ever word he writes with his whole heart and soul. Whether it harms his own people, well then that’s another story all together. Now about the 1993 Oslo Accord, weren’t you a supporter of that deal? I scarcely remember any of my Jewish clientele who weren’t supportive or hopeful of that day (I worked at Al Dente as a waiter during that time and remember your shop upstairs).

  4. Rand Paul will never win the nomination in a million years. Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama has proven that when America retreats from the role of “world policeman” all hell breaks loose. America needs a leader whose foreign policy is inspired by Dirty Harry – not Reid, the movie: “Go ahead, make my day”. America must be respected, feared, NOT loved, and unafraid to punish tyrants and thugs who cross REAL red lines. Then and only then will America reclaim the stature Obama & his toadies threw away.

  5. Yes correct on all counts, Friedman is as low as they get but without question he has a lot of company. I sometimes wish to disconnect from my faith, but cannot, my anger although great doesn’t go there. Rand Paul I completely agree with Howard, infact spoke almost the same words in my short blog after his speech, although I was surprised he didn’t mention his support of Israel today, I found that disappointing!

  6. I have followed you for several years. While not always in agreement I have come to the conclusion that you are a lot like Diogenes which, at least in my opinion, is unfortunate for those of us who consider ourselves conservatives. After the last few months I am almost convinced that the average American knows so little about what is happening around him that the country is, literally, on the edge of the abyss. Sorry to be so negative but I believe that this country has lost its soul.

  7. 1. I’m not quite sure why you chose the title “Obama’s Waterloo In Tehran” for this article. Certainly, in Obama’s mind Tehran is Waterloo, and he is Wellington. I believe a more apt title would be “Obama’s Munich in Tehran”.
    2. I know you’ve tried to explain, but I still cannot see why Obama has such widespread among American Jews. It seems
    that most Christians I know (and I am one) are stronger supporters of Israel than most American Jews. Why???

  8. Dr. Rand Paul is not the answer, he is only the present day excitement. The real Candidate is on the Horizon and known
    to us all, he/she has just not made the decision. Stay tuned. We are getting closer, by next summer.
    P/S Forget Jeb and the Hillery, not a chance.

  9. Jeb gets an F. Anyone who supports common core education standards gets an automatic F. Jeb believes in open borders and will not close the borders to illegal aliens. He also is a supporter of common core. We have enough dumbed down undereducated kids now who cannot function in the job market, can’t read, write, or compute simple math. We don’t need worse.

  10. Like you, Howard, I do not regard Senator Paul as my first choice. However, I certainly can support his candidacy as he is true to many of the tea party “planks” I espouse, such as “constitutionally limited government”, which he expressed today. I do not expect him to be the Republican nominee and, probably, neither does Senator Paul. However, he is going to further the tea party beliefs and for that I am very eager to see him get great public attention. I believe he is a totally moral man.

  11. Harry Cole, the fact is many jews are ashamed and, sadly, embarrassed by their own kind. Being always in the spotlight, scrutinized and criticized is simply too much for them to handle. They rebel by trying to show the world and themselves that they are not part of those ‘terrible,’ troublemaking jews and do not agree with them. They will be the first to criticize and reject them instead of being proud. Like leftists bash america. It is in my opinion a serious character flaw and mental disorder.

  12. Howard you are just hoping for a better future. Politicians, even Republicans, will say what you want to hear to get votes. The promise always exceeds the final product. It is so sad that sometimes the worse enemies of Israel are those of Hebrew heritage. The cry of “NEVER AGAIN” is lost on them. They have a special reserved place in Hell. There is one thing that is 100% predictable. By January, 2017, Obama will be gone. You can thank the Constitution of the United States of America for that.

  13. What troubles me is the lack of arithmetic regarding Obama and Israel. Does the world not understand, that Obama has chosen Iran as his proxy for the purpose of destroying Israel. Obama’s full intent, is to wipe Israel off the map, and the Ayatollahs are the perfect vehicle for his evil.

  14. I pray that you are right, Howard. As the Middle East starts to really heat up … I am worried for the first time, in my 71 years, that Armageddon is not that far, into the future! What I am seeing, is really, really bad. I am by nature, an optimistic person, looking for the silver lining, in every cloud. But, I have never seen the world, like it is today. I honestly, believe this fear, is what the Jews felt in Germany, during the late 1920’s & all of the 1930’s, & definitely, all of WWII!!!

  15. Well then call me a JERK then Howard. You have your opinion but as a real American conservative there are super issues that Randy Dandy Paul has, and it extends from the nut job Paul gene pool. He gave a speech that was full of blathering lies by the man, and the fact that you should vet the machine that is Randy Dandy is necessary tout suite. Pictures of him with his meeting with al Sharpton, his AMNESTY stance, his release a felon stance are just a few. So a little more homework PLEASE.;

  16. i am Thomas Freidman still has not been able to get the brown off his nose

  17. Well Howard, I also watched Ron Paul’s Announcment speech yesterday.

    I must say he was my favorite before he made this speech and still is after.

    A couple of my thoughts: even though the speech was superb, I thought he was a little bit long-winded. Andadide from making it about 5 minutes shorter, they only other ting I would have liked to see him do differently was to bring out his point about “identification of the enemy (radical camel jockeys)” at the outset, not near the end.

  18. Howard – The ONLY HOPE we have at this time is that a TRUE REPUBLICAN LEADER will be elected in November 2016…one who will bring back RESPECT for our Country, and not “one” who continues to APOLOGIZE for what our Country represents…and also one who will NOT allow for CHRISTIANITY to be destroyed! We have to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE our Country BACK to where we can be PROUD of it once again. It will have taken 8 years to DESTROY it, and we will need 8 more years PLUS to RESTORE it!!! AMEN!

  19. Most voters are useful idiots, mostly useless, but Stalin called them correctly. Rand Paul has a backbone, Jeb Bush and all the Bush’s are progressives and BAD for America, no matter how moral they think they are, they are one worlders and BAD for North America, all of it. We will soon be in a battle for our way of life if obama has his way. The muslim president iwant to “FUNDAMENTALLY” change America, does that sound familiar?

  20. Rand lost me with his shift to center and his policy on the illegals. I’m going to have to stand with Ted Cruz because no matter HOW much crap her takes from the establishment RINOs or the commie media, he stands firm and unwavering to his solid Conservative principles. This is a man that does NOT back down and will not be silenced or cowed and who loved America so much he stood on his feet for TWENTY-ONE HOURS to fight Obamacare. Name any other politician who has gone that far to fight Obama!

  21. Well I also listened to Rand Paul’s speech , and speaking as an outsider ( Canadian) , I believe most people have missed the entire point here . He looks good ! , I like his hair and his wife looks really good . You ( Americans ) need to get back to basics . Who looks best on camera , not what they have to say ! and besides that Cruz guy is just too tall, not an option at all !

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