There is so much happening in the world, that it has become almost impossible to know what to write about, since the world is on fire, while stupid appeasement deals (Iran) are being sold as sound diplomacy, our currencies are all over the board, and MOST of our politicians aren’t worth the effort it takes to write about them.

IN MY LAST EDITORIAL . . . I wrote that I held George W Bush far more responsible for the inevitable Iranian Atomic Bomb, than I did Obama. Not because Obama isn’t a nefarious culprit in this mess, but rather, because Bush could have stopped this Iranian INSANITY before it became somewhat unstoppable. BUT HE DIDN’T.

As a result of this PERSONAL opinion about Bush’s lack of courage or foresight to do what he promised to do about stopping Iran from getting the BOMB, several readers were outraged . . . one going so far, as to accuse me of being a BUSH-BASHER, and in the COMMENT Section of the Editorial, he demanded that I remove his name and email address from my Directory.


The way it works on . . . is that you sign yourself up to be in the Editorial Email Directory . . . and you remove yourself when you no longer want to be advised of new Editorials, unless you really bother me, and then, I will be only too happy to do it for you.

One person from Canada (Montreal) . . . wrote to tell me that I should NOT criticize Bush, because it might piss-off real Conservative Americans. My response to him was simple:

1 – No Sacred Cows on

2 – I write what I really think and believe.

3 – And people visit my BLOG because they want to read the TRUTH.

His response to me was – “OK . . . Goodbye”. I have no idea what that meant.

There was one woman who wrote to tell me that there wasn’t a good President since Jimmy Carter. I guess she never heard the names Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon (less Watergate and his enemies list).

Someone tried to support me by writing . . . that 9/11 was on Bush’s watch, which wasn’t even close to being true, since Bin Laden was the creation of Bill Clinton, and his enormous Foreign Policy Ineptitude.


THE BUCK STOPS HERE” . . . Harry S Truman.

Even though GW Bush stepped up to the plate after 9/11 . . . I blame him for the Economic Collapse of 2008, when he had EIGHT-YEARS prior – to ROLL-IN Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and to better regulate the banking, insurance and investment industries.



And I believe that George W Bush is indeed a Patriot who loves his country and wanted the best for it. But wanting and doing are two separate things.

FINALLY ON THE BUSH-BASHER ACCUSATION . . . Someone wrote to me saying, that Israel NEVER had a better friend in the White House than George W Bush. But, that isn’t necessarily TRUE . . . And certainly NOT entirely true.

In October of 2001, Bush was pressing Israel in a very HARD WAY (Prime Minister Ariel Sharon) to make serious concessions to the Arabs, in order for the USA to push their own agenda, to which Ariel Sharon responded with the following:

“Don’t repeat the terrible mistake of 1938 when the enlightened democracies of Europe decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a temporary solution. Do not try to placate the Arabs at our expense . . . Israel will not be Czechoslovakia.”


Had the very powerful and influential American Evangelical Community not come riding in like the Calvary to save the day, and remind George W Bush where his support and strength came from, I don’t necessarily believe this issue would have ended as well as it did.

Bush pulled back on his demands. And Ariel Sharon apologized.

But . . . would a REAL friend have made that kind of demand, that Bush made on Israel in the first place?


I’ve received a great many emails from people, who are quick to describe themselves as Conservatives, who have worked in the Public Sector, who are now retired with generous pensions, telling me how they REALLY earned what they now receive.

1 – Stop apologizing and feeling guilty. What was . . . was – but that doesn’t mean we have to perpetuate it.

2 – I don’t care what kind of job you have in the Public Sector . . . NO ONE IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR should be paid more or better, in any way shape or form than someone in the Private Sector.


One reader said that First Responders (Police-Firefighters) should have special treatment, because of the nature and risks of their job. But, if that’s the case, we should give REAL SPECIAL TREATMENT to Farmers and Construction Workers, whose jobs are far more difficult and immensely more dangerous.

AND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SPEAK ABOUT SPECIAL TREATMENT . . . If Police and Firemen deserve special treatment above and beyond the rest of us, because of the jobs they’ve chosen – WHAT ABOUT OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN THE MILITARY, who receive lousy salaries and paltry pensions, but really put themselves in the line of fire?


If you read this BLOG, I have to assume, that it’s because you want the UNVARNISHED TRUTH AS I SEE IT. Otherwise, why waste your time reading stuff that ONLY regurgitates what you think or believe?


If from time to time I write something you don’t agree with . . . that’s fine, because I am certainly no expert on anything other than on myself – and even that might not really be entirely true, since I also change thoughts and opinions. Remember,  up till about 20-years ago . . . I was pretty much a Liberal.

Thank you for reading And thank you for your opinions and comments. I appreciate all the people who visit this BLOG.

IF WE ARE NOT FREE . . . and are not willing to fight and die for our Freedoms, especially our Freedom of Expression, what then do we have? And who are we?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would have been interested to read Howard’s take on Obama’s Cuba move, which took up the bulk of Friday’s press conference. I, for one, think it is a good and gutsy move…and a long time coming. Although I feel as Howard does on pretty much everything else Obama does, I tip my hat to him on opening up relations with Cuba.


  3. Howard, regardless of what I may or may not comment on in the blog, my personal appreciations for you, your opinions, your blog and the fact that you pull no punches (and hold everything accountable in a world where virtually everyone shirks responsibility) are beyond words. What I agree with or not is irrelevant. Keep up the good work that keeps us all on our toes.

  4. The truth often hurts. And it often takes moral courage to tell it. Please try to keep telling it, Howard. Thanks again.

  5. I wish I had a name like Shirley Temple ! Take care Howard and don’t let the nay-sayers get you down . Everybody has an opinion , some just wear different colored lenses in their glasses while they express it .

  6. Howard is doing what others do which I don’t agree with what is occurring today has nothing to do with Geo. Bush, it all has to do with Obama. I stick to that as much as Howard does to his opinion. Unfair to blame this massacre in the Middle East when for the 6 1/2 years Obama has been sitting President, he promoted it at every opportunity he had. We all saw this, Howard is totally wrong on this, my opinion, and it’s only the 2nd time I’ve disagreed with Howard in the last 6 yrs!

  7. You are correct about G. W. Bush. He failed to do the right thing and take out Iran when he had the chance but, other wise he was a good president unlike what holds that title today and for the past 6 1/2 years. I hope your Easter was all you wanted and that you have many more years of them. God bless you and yours.


  8. It’s surprising that anyone who thinks Jimmy Carter was a good president is able to find your web site!

  9. Something is coming to the USA and Canada. People are waking up slowly. They are getting dangerously angry at our good-for-nothing deceiving politicians stuffing their pockets with our money and collecting benefits of which most of us can only dream. And those hordes of bureaucrats may be on their last leg with their jobs for life as their private sector employers slave away with little to show for their efforts. There is a limit to how much and for how long that the electorate can be exploited.

  10. I’ve never seen agriculture workers compared to ‘first responders’ like that, interesting…Having worked in ranching, construction and farming, I know how difficult and dangerous it is. Since security work is not really law enforcement or rescue, I can only guess, but I thought it would be more difficult as a FR… Although I don’t know any cow hands making $100,000/yr and benefits, agriculture workers produce food, FRs maintain law and order and produce warm bodies for the jails and hospitals.

  11. While I may not always agree with what you say, I thank you for the privilege of reading your blog.

  12. I agree with you. I was extremely disappointed when Bush left office without having dealt with Iran, as we all knew that no Democrat would.

  13. lol Joseph Wagy, My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work Howard, we conservatives need you!!!!
    As far as I’m concerned, Bush was handed a FULL PLATE, and didn’t “drop the ball” until 2 years into his second term……..

  14. In general, I am in total agreement with everything you say in all of your editorials. They prompt my thinking beyond what you say and cause me to rethink history. Anyone who has read the historic novels of Leon Uris knows that one of the goals of every free nation should be the preservation and assistance toward the flourishment of Israel. I have seen the envy of the intelligence of those of the Hebrew faith to cause violence by a stupid minority. ” Beth Israel 1960″ Two friends were there.

  15. Expression of opposing opinion is fine as long as it stays civil & respectful (pretty much same thing). So many opinions expressed on media sites become ugly, abusive, & totally disrespectful. And there are more every day. It stems from a people who are self-centered & lack care or respect for others. Indeed it is ugly.

    As for you Howard, a “reformed” anyone is generally much more fervent against what they left than when they wee for it. Keep bringing it.

  16. Hope you and Anne had a wonderful Passover. Keep on keepin’ on Howard…… We so enjoy your blog!

  17. Throughout the Scriptures Yahweh has given victory to His People. When we find ourselves in these prisons of despair and trials, we nee never fear being ther alone. Our Lord promised us that He would ever be with us and He means every word He said. No matter where the path of life leads us, we will never go there alone. The Lord will be with us in every trial and laong every mile. Hew will never let us down!

  18. There are no “real friends” out in the relationships between nations, there are only interests. The US uses Israel as a place to store nuclear weapons and to have bases for their equipment. They use Israel to test some of their technology and previously to get a look at Soviet/Russian arms. Israel gets access to high tech military equipment and intelligence.

  19. You are in my opinion right about both Bush and Obama. Why so few appear to give Bush a pass I don’t understand.but they do. Both are/were wrong and things in this country continue to worsen. We should never have elected any of these people. The news media(all of them) make sure our only choices are bad choices and we won’t take the time to research and acknowledge that and change it for the better. Or so I feel.

  20. Take a look at the disasters that hit the USA in relation time wise to the white house administrations and the pressures they were putting on Israel to concede something. Look at Katrina, Sandy, the well blowout in the gulf and work your way back.

  21. I wrote a check in 1955 to the United States of America, and it was “up to and including my life”. After 36+ years in the US Army, trips to the Southeast Asia War Games (Vietnam), 2 very cold winters on the DMZ in Korea and other separations form friends and family, that check was NEVER CASHED. The “money is still in the account”, and it grieves me deeply to see the way it is so disrgraced by this administration. My Oath to the Constitution is still valid. Joseph A. Masterson, COL, USA (Ret)

  22. Howard, the problem with constituents on both sides of the aisles is that they are often so blinded by their respective party labels and/or the leaders in charge, that they are no longer able to look at facts pragmatically and objectively. As a registered Republican, I not only agree with your assessment of GWB and Iran, but would go further to suggest that taking out Saddam was an even bigger mistake, for it not only facilitated Iran’s ambitions, but opened the Pandora’s box of radicalism.

  23. Not one president unto him self is supreme. Although, there is one now that thinks so, and maybe a few along the way. Remember America, our government was set up to be “By the People, and For the People”! Because, for the most part, many have abdicated themselves from their responsibilities and chose to be led by their hand where someone else chooses to lead you, don’t be so quick to moan, cry and complain! America is in the mess it’s in because of “We the People”!
    Frank Canzone NC. USA

  24. You’re dead on about Bush. Bush was no conservative but he did have conservative tendencies. It got so old defending him when he wouldn’t defend himself. We need to be honest about who he was and the mistakes he made so they’re not repeated. Keep telling it like it is I appreciate your views you make me think. This American conservative is not upset with you.

  25. Howard,

    We have had three lousy presidents in a row, 2016 is coming and we have some great candidates on the Republican side. Let’s hope the American voters get it right this time we can’t survive another loser. Also, maybe next winter you should try SW Florida where it is warm and we have great horse country away from the coast. I also might mention it is one of the most conservative parts of Florida.

  26. You are correct..all the Bushes are in bed with one world government. They probably share a chromosone or two with obama and clinton. It’s all about elite power.

  27. Howard, You say what has to be said and I generally agree. What I don’t agree with is playing the blame game for what our politicos have done to us in the past.There’s nothing we can do to reconstruct the past and nobody seems to want to learn from it. Let’s deal with the current ” mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest jerk of all?” in the White House. Also, I love these closet anti-Semites who shadow your blog to get a shot in against Israel. Better to use your punting shoes on them.

  28. The Politicians in DC call themselves “The Ruling Party” or “The Ruling Class” — there is only 1 Party in DC and we must break up this “party” …

  29. Howard, not worth your effort to respond to people like this, stick to your guns and you beliefs, ignore comments, they are beneath you, let it roll off your back do not sink to their level. You are so valuable to so many stay the course.

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