The moment WE THE PEOPLE can no longer believe what our politicians and bureaucrats say . . . is the moment our society comes to an end.

The moment we believe that there is no longer ONE LAW for all the people, where there is a law for most of us, and a different set of laws for politicians, bureaucrats, the rich, powerful and connected . . . is the moment our society comes to an end.

When we realize that the government has circled the wagons, protecting themselves, their own, and their ENORMOUS PRIVILEGES . . . FROM WE THE PEOPLE . . . is the moment our society comes to an end.

When people in the majority decide out of either IGNORANCE or GREED . . . and usually both, to vote for the politicians who promise the people SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING . . . is the moment when our society comes to an end.


Because of my last Editorial . . . I received several COMMENTS, which you probably read, and a few “private” emails berating me for painting all Public Sector Workers with the same brush.

I never wrote that Public Sector Workers in whole, did NOT do their jobs, nor for many, did I write that they did NOT provide important services.

What I wrote . . . was that NO ONE IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR should receive greater salaries, perks and work benefits, while working or in retirement, than is paid to the average worker in comparable jobs in the Private Sector.


When I see and hear the likes of Lois Lerner (IRS) REFUSING to testify for what she has been accused of doing, with the full support of the Justice Department, my BLOOD BOILS.

When Harry Reid (Democrat Senate Minority Leader), freely admits in a television interview, with a SMUG SMIRK, how he used the Senate Chamber, where he could not be held to account . . . LIED ABOUT ROMNEY’S TAXES, it breaks my heart in the knowledge, of how much SCUM our politicians have fallen to represent.


Even though prominent Senators can OPENLY TELL VILE LIES to change the outcome of an election, as Harry Reid did . . . and a high profile SENIOR Manager of the IRS (Lois Lerner) can negatively target Conservative Groups, with the protection of the Justice Department . . . where and how, should WE THE PEOPLE, find the trust and respect for the system and the bureaucrats we all need?

And then there is Bob Menendez, who has been charged with a mountain of “crimes”, which might or might not be true. BUT, WHAT IS TRUE . . . is that Menendez stood against Obama’s Iran Policy, while standing unabashedly for Israel . . . AND THOSE ARE THE REAL CRIMES FOR WHICH HE IS BEING PUNISHED.


Hillary Clinton has done NOTHING GOOD in all the years she has been involved in the Public Sector, other than SUCKING OFF THE TEAT OF THE PEOPLE, even before becoming the First Lady of Arkansas.

The litany of BS associated with Hilary Clinton is endless . . . but her two most recent and MOST important CROWNING “ACHIEVEMENTS” for the SCUM AWARD of all politicians, were the BENGHAZI MASSACRE, and her WIPED CLEAN COMPUTER SERVER, both of which go beyond contempt.

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . and given this knowledge, there is still an enormous number of people who LOVE HILLARY. If these people are not absolute IDIOTS, there is then no other use for this word . . . AND THEY GET TO VOTE.


Let me make this position CLEAR . . . Kerry was a Vietnam War TRAITOR, who took it upon himself, while the war was still waging, and while he was still in uniform, to have his OWN SECRET NEGOTIATIONS with the North Vietnamese in Paris.

And when Kerry came home from Vietnam . . . he went to Congress as a witness AGAINST his fellow American Soldiers, accusing them of horrific WAR CRIMES, including RAPE, MURDER, & MASSACRES . . . as if that was the American Way.


Imagine . . . The future of Israel and the entire World is resting on the shoulders of a man who BETRAYED his own country (traitor), and his own “Comrades-In-Arms”, and was politically FOR a war before he became politically AGAINST it.

And while the President’s DUFUS Secretary of State is JERKING AROUND with the Iranians, the Iranians are JERKING HIM AROUND LIKE THE FOOL AND TOOL THAT HE IS. It appears to me that we are living in WONDERLAND.


The clock is ticking . . . and not in a good way. We can choose to sit still and wait for IT TO HIT THE FAN, as it 100% will. Or, we can take the FIGHT to the destroyers of our FREEDOMS and RIGHTS . . . before it totally falls apart.


MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . we have allowed the PUBLIC SECTOR from the Lowliest Civil Servant to the Leaders of our Countries, to screw us over like none of us could have ever imagined, where we’ve reached the point of no return. And unless we pick up the mantle to fight, we will all go down with the LEFTISTS’ SINKING SHIP.

And that would be unimaginable.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Debt, corruption, fraud, money laundering, lies, spin, BS….all courtesy of your governments…all across Canada, not just in Quebec any longer…the public have no idea what the hell is going on and/or so many of these parasites now work for government, they don’t care…they are beyond greedy… We have reached the point of no return…this does not end well…debt, debt and more debt….eeeehhhhaaaa…its all freeeeeeeeee in government…. NOT!!!

  2. Just now ·

    Howard, has touched on many subjects, and he gets an A+ for his responses, I couldn’t agree with him more. It’s refreshing to hear from someone who has all his comments right on!

  3. Re-read the history of the build-up to the Revolutionary War. Change a few names/crimes and the same things are happening today. We need to take our country back! I just don’t know if we have enough people willing to sacrifice everything to take back what is rightfully ours – our liberties and our country. I worry that we have passed the point of no return.

  4. Totally agree with your statement of “AND IF THAT BOTHERS YOU . . . FIND ANOTHER BLOG TO READ” because those bloggers can’t accept the TRUTH. The LIBERALS feel free to attack the CONSERVATIVES, but when the CONSERVATIVES attempt to defend themselves, the LIBERALS try to RESTRICT them. YOUR bloggers realize that “While Nero plays with his fiddle, Rome is burning”. This happens to be the second time I use this ‘quote’ today because it has FIT the two situations-at-hand–one Local and one National.

  5. Your enlightening assertions about the earnings of civil servants are fact based and in context, as usual. I guess if I was living large as a delighted retired civil servant, I’d feel very guilty after reading your concept. However, I would never have the audacity to defend my exorbitant pension, while exposing my willful blindness to the facts. I wish you had your own radio talk show in the US.

  6. During the House impeachment hearings for Nixon in 1974, 27 year old Hillary Rodham was a staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee. Her boss at the time, Jerry Zeifman, later described her: “she was a liar, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

    40 years later we see Hillary hasn’t changed. And now she wants to be President?

  7. Howard,

    You are RIGHT ON!!!!!!! Your clarity is so true. Can’t add to the positive comments you receive. Thank God for FOX although we may not agree with them all the time, their viewership keeps increasing. My next door neighbor, a retired policeman, and his wife soon to retire as a teacher’s assistant, both public sector workers, will receive more income after retirement than while working! Figure that one out.

  8. I absolutely agree with the need to fight back once that Rubicon has been crossed – I felt that happened years ago – but fight what?
    The slime running things and benefiting, are slime, I expect that behavior of sociopaths.
    Our greatest problem is ‘The People’!
    Allowing a handful of criminal predators and traitors to destroy America, the Constitution and a way of life, is the fault of ‘The People’!
    If this state of affairs isn’t God’s punishment for our rebellion, then we’ve earned it anyways

  9. Do you think OBAMA will hold Harry Reid accountable for lying about Romneys income tax evasion?
    Now having answered that can you tell me how many grains of sand there are in the Sahara Desert?

  10. Please read and especially from 15 down. What we see in our country is the achievement of the American Communist Party. There was a long article in Barons about 1965. The party was way ahead of schedule then. http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm
    In the beginning they had to take over our education system, instilling socialistic ideas into the young. Then they can control the vote and take one a major party, the press, and so on. We must take back the educational system.

  11. Howard, You don’t seem to understand how it works, at least here in the States and especially at the local level. Politicians are elected and in the process they need money and workers. The local unit identifies a candidate that they like /that will play ball for them. Suport the campaine. Then in labor negotiations the local politician is bargainng with the people / group /union that put then in office., tax payer is no where to be seen. Second, the politician makes promisses forthe future.

  12. Howard, from my point of view your first three paragraphs of this article say it all! Just take a look at what is going on here at home with our wonderful Canadian Senate! Our government is in no better shape than that of our Neighbors to the south. Yet they can’t understand why our young people tend to say that voting is just a waste of time and effort!
    I don’t think we in B.C. have had an honest government since I was in school and that is 50 years ago.

  13. I was living in a small town in WY for 30 years. I went to my PO Box and there was a slip to pick up a package. It was 4:59 pm. I was walking to the door with my slip visible and the postal clerk locked the door in my face! I am totally thinking, I hope they close this office, because these people couldn’t even serve fast food. On the other hand my husband retired as policeman 30 years and still get notices of criminals being released from prison, he arrested. A policeman’s service is for life.

  14. If some of your readers find fault with the truth, so be it. Howard, you have been the light that brings awareness to all. Never be pushed into the corner by those leftist bas______s.

  15. John “Latherio” Kerry is a individual with very limited intelligence. His only claim to fame is that he cost the City of Boston to move the fire hydrant in front of (his) house to the tune of $70K Then he tried to avoid taxes by moving his boat to Rhode Island. He is an absolute looser. However, like his Boss, he will probably get the Novel (joke) Peace prize.

  16. What you say is right, and these days not everybody has the common sense to appreciate that. Honesty is so rare now that people read into it their own frustrations and stupid ideas. You’re right, Mr. G. — don’t worry about the people who don’t listen with their brains engaged. Lerner and Harry Reid, who thinks lying about Romney was clever, are scum. Too many of the current politicians are. Kerry is stupid and a traitor. This is what we must deal with these days.

  17. Why is there never an uproar or a trial, when a politician commits a crime, as did Alyson Redford in Alberta? She robbed us blind and got off Scott free as all corrupt politicians seem to. What’s going on here? Where’s the Justice?

  18. Howard you are consistently hitting the nail on its head. Just like you say,”THERE IS NO DEPTH TO THE STUPIDITY OF THE VOTERS.” This is what the ruling-class counts on. Until people become less selfish, and stop playing with their material toys, they will never arrive at the point where they will see how they have become the economic slaves of their governments. When elected leaders are in contempt of the electorate, as they are now, then we are at the moment our society is coming to an end.

  19. Doesn’t anyone out there see the big picture the expression the Sun never sets on the British Empire is as true to day as it was in 1763. President Eisenhoner and Kennedy both made speeches about the secret cabal behind the curtain.The game is fixed now as it has allways been so get used to it or get off the pot. Stop tying yourself up in nots and exposes the insane criminals In 60 years of listening to the B.S. news no one and I mean no one ever brotches this subject ever now that’s real power.

  20. I heard an interesting factoid just yesterday…42% of the voters asked this question answered with an affirmative. “Do you think Hillary Clinton is honest and tells the truth” ? It left me sitting there in a complete stupor. How is it possible that there are “people” who think this way ? It leads me to surmise that the gene pool has been polluted and the results are the brain dead. How can anybody in their right mind think Hillary Clinton was or is honest ? I am only E PLURIBUS UNUM !

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