If all goes according to plan . . . Anne, Stryker, April (the cat) and I will be leaving Austin Texas on April 8, depending mostly on the weather, which should bring us home on Monday, the night of the 13th.

And if you think Anne and I are coming home to peace and quiet . . . LET ME GIVE YOU ANOTHER THINK.

The first thing on the agenda is to finish the construction of the permanent RV Location, which Anne and I have leased at our friends’ Equestrian Center.

Even though much, if not MOST of the infrastructure work has already been done, including: gravel, underground water, cable, electricity, high-speed WiFi, storage cabins, carports – etcetera . . . THERE’S STILL PLENTY MORE TO DO.


On the evening of April 15th, I will be the KEYNOTE Speaker at a major Ottawa Event, where plans will be set-in-motion to shut down as much of Ontario’s Hydro One (electricity service) Toronto offices, and Queen’s Park (Provincial Capital), to make the point: THEY WORK FOR US . . . WE DON’T WORK FOR THEM!


THIS WILL BE THE FIRST SHOT FIRED ACROSS THEIR BOW . . . the first of many, and the FIRST in North America. And once we get this under our belt, my intention is to bring it right across Canada and the USA.

An Aggravated Reader of this BLOG, wrote to me the other day, saying that he is a retired teacher, wanting to know if I applied all of my ANTI-PUBLIC-SECTOR rhetoric against all Public Sector Workers . . . or just teachers?


1 – No one in the Public Sector should EVER earn more than the average paid in the Private Sector, for the same or comparable job.

2 – No one in the Public Sector should get paid for work not done. Don’t come to work. Don’t get paid.

3 – No one in the Public Sector should be able to BANK SICK DAYS (see article 2).

4 – No one in the Public Sector should have any kind of TENURE. No one’s job should ever be guaranteed for life.

5 – No one in the Public Sector should get one penny MORE of matching funds in their pension, than anyone gets in the NON UNIONIZED Private Sector.

6 – No one in the Public Sector should be able to take full retirement, any earlier than people are able to, in the Private Sector.

7 – And no one in the Public Sector should be allowed to get LONGER PAID vacations, than workers get in the Private Sector.


IT ABSOLUTELY GALLS ME . . . that people who have had all the above mentioned PERKS in the Public Sector get to spend their retirement on Cruise Ships, at Winter Homes in Florida, or wherever, TAKING MORE MONEY out of the system, for as long as they live, than MOST working families with children will ever EARN.


One of the MOST important reasons to literally RAPE the Ontario population FOR ENERGY COSTS, especially owners of single-family homes, is to raise the money needed to pay the  UGLY UNBELIEVABLE PENSION COSTS of Public Sector Workers.

THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT . . . Private Sector earnings are NOT GOING-UP. Employment opportunities are GOING DOWN. Profits are IFFY at best for small to medium sized companies. Food costs at the grocery store are WELL ON THE RISE, restaurant meals are becoming UNAFFORDABLE to many . . . ETCETERA – AND ELECTRICITY COSTS ARE SMOTHERING EVERYONE, only to raise money for the payment of UGLY PUBLIC SECTOR PENSIONS.


THE LEFT LOVE TO SHARE THE WEALTH . . . so they say – but, if that’s true, they should also love to share the pain. But that’s not how it works with the LEFT.

Why in the world should people who work for me . . . MY CIVIL SERVANTS, get to have an INCOMPREHENSIBLE better financial life THAN ME, paid for with my hard earned dollars?


If all the NON-ESSENTIAL Public Sector Workers STOPPED working right across the Continent (Canada and the USA) tomorrow, NOTHING WOULD STOP. We The People wouldn’t notice the difference.

BUT . . . IF ALL THE PEOPLE STOPPED PAYING TAXES TOMORROW . . . the Public Sector Workers would be out on their collective ass, with nowhere to go, and nothing to do. So, who needs whom?


I have no regrets about the things I’ve done and the price I’ve paid fighting against incorrigible governments, which treat the people’s money as if it was their own piggy bank.

I don’t want bureaucrats telling me how to live my personal life. And I’m fed-up with the lies and disrespect coming from people who should be kissing our behinds for the incredible jobs they have, which are nothing like the TAXPAYERS could ever hope to enjoy.

I BLEW THROUGH $450,000 Fighting a Fight no one should ever have had to FIGHT, much less LOSE . . . ONLY because of LEFTIST ACTIVIST JUDGES and a cowardly Supreme Court which deemed NOT to hear the APPEAL, on a direct government assault on FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.

What I learned . . . is that the government, at all levels, from the bureaucrats to the courts, have CIRCLED THE WAGONS TO PROTECT THEIR GRAVY TRAIN. And if we are going to be able to BREAK THAT CIRCLE . . . it won’t be done by spending close to HALF-A-MILLION DOLLARS playing their game, on their home field, with their own referees.


The vast majority of the people who read this BLOG are my age and older. We are the BABY-BOOMERS. These are the people who from time to time write checks to and/or send support for the BLOG through PayPal. AND THESE WILL BE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE AT THE OTTAWA MEETING.

If we have to depend on the so-called MILLENNIALS to fight for all of our FREEDOMS, we might as well SURRENDER, allowing the government to continue to have their way with us. But, even though we are not the GREATEST GENERATION, like that of our parents, we are the GENERATION that changed the world. And if we have been so responsible for screwing-it-up . . . WE CAN FIX IT. And I intend to do just that, or take yet another beating trying.


To paraphrase . . .


We should all ask ourselves this. Because if we don’t . . . WHO WILL?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. May the lights of Chanukah shine so bright, that the Leaders of this World, will have the scales taken off, of their eyes! The time is now, to fight for freedom and future peace. Sticking one’s head in the sand, must stop, NOW!!! Simply, taking the passive attitude and action, will NOT stop the Evil, in this world. The Evil is getting worse and just has to be stopped. I pray for Israel and my USA, daily. Being Politically Correct, has harmed this world, terribly. We must stand up and fight.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! You said it so much better than I could ever! But I share your thoughts! Keep up the good fight, Howard! These civil robbers gotta go… and maybe others who read your column with think twice before kissing their butts! Paula Rudner

  3. Every service that I see going up in price here is this country is directly the fault of our governments.
    The greed in government and the waste is unbelievable and the salaries, bonuses, and pensions are enough to make to
    sink any ship. Yet these people are never help properly accountable!

  4. Keep up the fight Howard….another good article…I’m in PERU right now and will not return until April 22 and wish that I could attend your rally on the 15th….you have my moral support. I read, love your articles and always share them on my FB page….:-)

  5. My husband is a federal government employee. He holds a BSME & a BBA both from LSU (a top tier school) & in the private sector would pull down 300K a year with ease. He’s the ONLY one in the entire United States military that does what he does & saves the lives of US soldiers. He believes in public service; his late father was a fighter pilot & an instructor at USAF’s Top Gun. He is in his office every day at 530 am. It’s the janitors &clerks making 80K a year + benefits that are killing us.

  6. Keep up the good work, Howard and we will stand behind and support you.

    Boyd Lundquist
    Courtenay, BC

  7. Howard. I’m with you but have another firm commitment on 15th. The takers/makers syndrome reminds me of negotiating salaries for blue collars, in Scotland many years ago. The workers asked for a share in profits. The boss said, “I have no problem with that if they agree to also share in the losses”. Response, “It’s the bosses job to see that we don’t have any losses”. That sums up the attitude of the Public Service on entitlement. Good luck with the Hydro plan, I can’t afford a Chirelli coffee.

  8. Mr.Howard Galganov:

    I am not fluent enough to write anything that makes my blood boil. I can say however, that I agree with everything you write and am so very proud of you. Thank you sir. Gerry Costigan

  9. It is all government workers (your husband included with his salary that you did not mention, Tri Newman) that are dragging the private sector employees into the dirt. Howard, I agree with you 100% about your points about public servants (oxymoron). I will go even further, As all public service jobs are public, we should all get a crack at working in one for a maximum of 10 years, after which time we must seek our fortunes, in the private sector. No more career politicians, judges, bureaucrats.

  10. One of the problems of an ever expanding government is whenever a new oppressive industrial or private regulation or ordinance is put on the books, it takes in several more ” workers ” to administer the program. Maybe I should change my party affiliation to ” Democrat ” and get into the line to pick up a cushy job and obscene pension plan. Plenty of upcoming jobs.

  11. Lest we forget … that Hydro bill has been added to in the last 2 years with HST at 13% , as well as my Gas bill.
    Now living in Canada provides me with many choices , two I do not get is the option of keeping warm and having power over the long cold winter , the other is the ability to buy insurance that will cover me while I escape to warmer climates ,
    because my Free Healthcare ( which I pay for through income tax ) and have contributed to over the last 40 years , seems woefully inadequa

  12. All the major states in the U.S. ie: New York, Mass, Ca, Oregon, Washington and particularly Illinois have public pension deficits. The unions involved are a big part of this debt problem. Each time a contract is approved, the politicians kick the can down the road as to payments of these benefits.

    Our Federal Govt is in no better shape. The accumulated pension debt will be passed onto us the taxpayers.

    Wisconsin changed the union law. Now public workers can choose to or not join a un

  13. Because Canada and The USA are democracies (under the authority of the crowd),Until most of our lefties (aka our takers) learn the merits of self-reliance, and/or are forced to earn a living (there being no more money in the till), they will continue to rule the roost. So circle the wagons, conservatives!

  14. DITTO regaring the 7 points you listed above. The GOVERNMENT has infringed enough on our personal lives. They now try to RULE what we should eat, drink, etc… The GOVERNMENT should FOCUS on its OWN BUSINESS, which I might say needs A LOT of help! MANY of the so-called MILLENNIALS are a bunch of ZOMBIES who only seek their FREEBIES and don’t really CARE for anything else. Thank you, Barack HUSSEIN Obama for CREATING such a society! You certainly have fundamentally CHANGED our Country.

  15. Very powerful, I agree that we need to push back against those who would try to enslave us. We are FREEMEN, not serfs. Patrick Henry said it and I agree, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death. I am tired of elected officials who think they are kings and royalty but are really despots, thieves and traitors..

  16. Howard…you’ve ‘outdone’ yourself again. Everything the responses above have referred to and more!!!! We keep forgetting to emphasize that a major part of the ‘makers’/entrepreneurial ‘shakers’ side is the RISK TAKING which the civil servants have done a very good job of eliminating from their ‘jobs’ and lifestyle in the workplace!!! They should be held accountable. Teachers with lge % of students not getting passing grades based on established standards should be held acct. etc

  17. I agree with Teri from IL, those unskilled positions who are pulling down ridiculous salaries and benefits are killing the economy and holding the taxpayers hostage by voting themselves jobs.

  18. The Public “Service”, instead of helping citizens succeed are overpaid destroyers of society, parasites who produce all the left propaganda and restrictive regulations strangling economic and personal individual growth because they (of course) know what is best for the general good of all. Kick ass Howard!

  19. I’m conservitive from Kansas and retired from a large city police department as a Sgt. after 26 yrs. I had planned to stay longer but a left woman mayor came to power and it was time to leave. My wife (who retired from the public sector) and I now reside in Florida and have taken several well deserved crusis’s. I work part-time on an a golf course here and see your rude non tipping Candians friends. Your comment on public sector employees are off base. Your just another whinny jealous Canidain.

  20. Margaret Thatcher (my heroine) once said,

    “Socialism is the ideal way of life………. until we run out of other people’s money”

    Good Luck Mort Levy Montreal.

  21. Fighting for the “GOOD” in this day and age is going to cost you just as it did in the days of Jesus when it was Roman rule. Times have not changed. People are just as greedy today as they were then. The old saying, “The best is yet to come,” will repeat itself. History (HIS STORY) is of great value. We can look at it and see what is in the future. It sure isn’t going to be pretty. Keep on fighting the good fight! We must stand for that which is of good or we are nothing!

  22. As this well know quotation says, “For ‘evil’ to prevail, is for ‘good’ men to do nothing.”
    and along with this this, “For the [love] of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs (1 Timothy 6: 10). You who are of the Public Sector, will face a day when you will be accountable, like all of us, and will be shown what you did with what was given to you.

  23. On TV News it was report this evening, the Auditor General has uncovered the fact that many Senators have been milking the system, not only the ones already charged. Citizens are also incensed that Western U’s President is being paid $900,000 salary plus all the perks, estate,property maintainance,vehicle etc. He was able to double his pay by not taking a year vacation that was allowed. This has been at the expense of research and teaching. Not to mention the exobitant tuition and housing fees

  24. Amen.
    glad to see you replied back to William in Davenport…. hoo ra

  25. THE LEFT LOVE TO SHARE THE WEALTH . Yes but they never want to share their wealth, only wealth belonging to someone else. Have been waiting a long time for someone to carry the flag for freedom. Harper has done a fair job but still afraid to take the fight to them. I believe there are enough of us to win back our freedoms if we had the right leader.

  26. I curious to know, ask yourself how much would you need to be paid just to pick up garbage for a living, or work in a dump, or maybe the sewers. Not that I disagree with the point above, however, for the basic foot soldier who works for the govt, what beef do you have with them for taking a not so good job, that just happens to have some benefits the private sector doesn’t offer. And would you do their job for what you think should be the pay.

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