What more needs to be said, when the President of the United States of America BLAMES Israel for the CARNAGE throughout the Middle East, as if Israel is responsible for the SUNNIS versus the SHIITES?


During the 1920’s, right up to the end of the Holocaust, Hitler and his EUROPEAN minions, including no shortage of people from North America, blamed the Jews for everything from Capitalism to Communism. And whatever else they could dream up.

The Russian Czar in 1903, CREATED the greatest modern LIBEL against the world’s Jewish population, with the “PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION”, which purported to create a strategy for the Jews TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Hitler used the “PROTOCOLS” for all its worth to GIN-UP Jew-Hatred throughout Germany and around the world.

And then there were . . . and still are the BLOOD LIBELS, which claim that Jews MURDER Christian and Moslem children before and during Passover, so the Jews can BLEED the Non-Jewish children to make Matzos.


Obama LIED his way to the Presidency, and with every opportunity, he did . . . and continues to do what he was taught, literally from the time he was born, by Communists, Race Baiters and American SELF-HATERS, to defame and destroy the American Dream with the help of . . . no shortage of American USEFUL-IDIOTS, and a world only too happy to help this UN-AMERICAN beat-down his own country.


There is no question in my mind, that Obama has become UNHINGED, pushed by Netanyahu into INSANE policies and public statements, by Netanyahu’s REFUSAL to comply with Obama’s demands.


Netanyahu has done to Obama, what no American Politician or World Leader has been able to do, simply by saying NO – TO HE . . . WHO WOULD BE AMERICA’S KING.

With every passing day, as all that Obama has said and done, that has resulted in Global CHAOS, death and destruction from Europe to Africa . . . from the Middle East to AsiaIT’S ALL COMING BACK ON HIM.

And if the best this HUMAN TRAGEDY can do, to explain his unbelievable failures . . . is to BLAME Israel and the Jews, SO . . . WHERE IS HE ANY BETTER than the supporters of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion or the BLOOD LIBELS?


I ABSOLUTELY HATE WATCHING THE LEFT ON FOX NEWS . . . I despise the LEFTISTS, which FOX News trots out for each debate, to give credibility to their FAIR AND BALANCED propaganda. But, with each passing Obama INSANITY, it is giving me great pleasure to watch the FOX News LEFTISTS squirm, trying to defend the INDEFENSIBLE.

THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . that Obama is well on his way to becoming the loneliest man in America, as those who chanted right along with his . . . YES WE CAN – YES WE CAN, are like the RATS THEY ARE, jumping-off the sinking ship.



Anne, Stryker and I went to a very busy Car Wash yesterday, close to where we’re staying. And because of Stryker’s Shepherd Fur, we need a really good vacuuming every week or so.

WHEREVER STRYKER GOES . . . a crowd is sure to follow. And at this car wash, where we sat inside for a while, virtually everyone who came in asked if they could pet him, which inevitably leads to a conversation.

There was one guy, who really liked Stryker, which led to a conversation, first about the dog, and then about where Anne and I were from . . . because of our Canadian way of speaking.

During the conversation, he was ONLY too happy to tell us how successful and rich he was. How many classic cars he had. And where he vacations and escapes to ski on weekends, and sail his boats (plural) here, there, and anywhere. ANNE AND I GOT THE MESSAGE . . . he was a rich PUTZ who liked to impress people.

TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT . . . He saw in me as a Canadian, someone whom he thought was probably a Liberal, as most Canadians are, and he was happy to tell us that he was an Austin Texas LIBERAL, who was PROUD to blame Conservatives for Obama’s failures, which opened the door for me to CONGRATULATE him, for electing the most PROFICIENT President in America’s history.

A PRESIDENT . . . I TOLD HIM – who in less than 6-years has transformed America into a DISASTER. A President who has surrendered America’s EXCEPTIONALISM, who has so indebted America, that it is only a matter of time until the economy collapses. And created so many REGULATIONS, which are all but strangling small to medium size entrepreneurs . . . IS BY NO MEANS A FAILURE.


Then his truck came out for drying and detailing. At this point, he really didn’t want any more conversation with me anyway, since I wasn’t quite what he thought a Canadian would be like. Imagine if I got to the point of telling him how much Anne and I enjoy SHOOTING pistols, carbines, assault rifles and most other things that go BANG?


He stood-over . . . watching intently, as a few workers slaved in the HOT Texas Sunday Sun, taking great care to wipe every drop of water away, and clean every dirt BLEMISH inside and out, same as they worked on everyone’s vehicle, since the real money they receive isn’t from the paltry hourly wage, but from the TIP they hope to EARN by doing an exceptional job.

As he went to claim his truck, an F-150 similar to mine . . . I asked Anne, how much did she think the RICH LIBERAL WOULD TIP?

He got into the truck, said nothing to the man holding the door open for him, and simply drove away . . . NO TIP AT ALL. Nothing else need be said.

My F-150 came up next . . . I watched as the same guys did a great job. I tipped them $5, said thank you to the man who held the door open for me, and had a great story to write on the BLOG.


I watched Senator Ted Cruz launch his campaign this Monday morning, March 23, 2015, to win the Republican Nomination.

Not only was it a SENSATIONAL speech, which he said from his HEART and SOUL . . . and NOT off a TELEPROMPTER, it set the STANDARD for every other candidate, who wants to lead the Republican Party in 2016, to become the Next President of the USA, and the REAL Leader of the FREE World.


The Revolution is well on its way.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Way to go Howard! The world needs many more Canadians like you! I got here to North Texas as soon as I could , originally from the DC suburbs many years ago, and have never had to suffer with a Texas liberals conversation. You are a better man than I…I would have told him to go get…well you can fill in the rest!! I am very happy you are here in Texas! Keep u p your good work!. Joe Nelsen, Gunter, TX

  2. I was also amazed at Ted Cruz’s ability to speak honest words, words that were not dictated by a speech writer. Words that put joy into my soul. Words that spoke to every other candidate, ‘LOOK OUT, here comes Cruz!”
    I was undecided before, but there is no doubt in my mind now that he is THE MAN that can get the job done, and DO IT WELL!
    He probably tips well also!

  3. Never met Stryker , good looking dog ! Generally I prefer the company of canines to people. They rarely have a hidden agenda and can be counted on through thick and thin . Unfortunately they have short lifespans . I lost my 18 year old Jack Russell last year , best friend I ever had .

  4. Great job Howard. Glad to see you letting the liberal Austinite hang himself. They are despicable lowlifes. You guessed right in that he wasn’t going to tip the youngster anything. Liberals by their very nature do not give anything to anyone that they aren’t required by law to give them. The more personal wealth they get the greedier they become. Example Kerry and his boat… All the tax evading libs that Obama has surrounded himself with. Hope you’ll are enjoying your Texas stay.

  5. That windbag phony you met at the car wash is not too far off the mark of all too many “Austinites in name only”…probably returned to his apartment…in his leased truck…in time to go downtown to SXSW festivities in time to try to impress one of the local girls who might replace this loads first or second wife! We got a million of ’em!
    Bud Farrell

  6. Obama has had problems dealing with Israel from the start; he was raised Muslim in Indonesia and it made too lasting an impression on him. He sees anti-Semitism again on the rise and wants Iran to blow Israel off the map. His disdain for all of us lesser beings, meaning US citizens too, is obvious. BTW, I love your dog; he’s beautiful. The Republican party leaders will push Jeb Bush; he’s liberal enough for them, and he’ll lose.

  7. Howard, You may be discovering why Austin’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird”.
    Loons, and/or liberals gravitate to Austin. You might want to spend a few days in the Fort Worth vicinity before returning to Canada for the summer. In the rural areas , what liberals refer to as “rednecks”, we proudly call “common horse sense”.
    Stryker is flat-out gorgeous. Bet he was impressed with the car wash conversationalist, too.
    Look forward to your blogs. You have it covered.

  8. How I admire you folks (and your dog is a real beauty) Suppose anyone ever told Obama NO when he was a child I bet not.Thank God for Bibi .Wish he was our President.
    Ted cruz is a man that stands up for what is right .Wish him all the best and hope America will listen to him.
    Keep up your great work it is needed so much at this time

  9. That poor guy could never guess to whom he was speaking politics. Do you suppose that he learned something? To bad that your handsome dog can’t vote, nor your horses. They would do much better than the majority of humans. So many of the young people are out demonstrating about Bill 51 and they don’t have a clue about the contents. The weather is remaining cold in Ontario but at least the snow is drying up. Not melting, because it is still hovering around Zero. Those car washers are best!

  10. Mr.Robert Ruedrich of Marion, Texas, one thing I’d like to say us the leftist
    try to avoid paying for what they champion by using loopholes and tax havens as
    much as possible.

  11. M Hart from St Louis said that Obama was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia. I’d like to add that Obama was raised as young boy in Hawaii by his uncle who was a communist. Now Obama shows up in Illinois and is part of numerous Chicago Socialist organizations. In 1995, Obama became the heir apparent to a seat in the Illinois legislature. He was touted by a socialist legislator named Alice Palmer and introduced in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn
    as the approved socialist candidate.

  12. Fox news obviously provides a service by selecting the liberals it does. They show you just how annoying liberals can be

  13. Loved the car wash story – I had the misfortune of working at a car wash in Boca Raton, Florida, for a few months and my experiences of the local transplanted wealthy liberals was exactly the same – the more expensive the car, the lousier the tip. Limousine Socialism at it’s best!

  14. Obama, You are starting to reap what you have sowed. Finally someone Prime Minister Netanyahu threw you over the top and when you land, you’ll go under the bus. And stay there!

  15. Gee, I was hoping that your beautiful dog would re-wet that guys tires or, even better, his pant leg!

  16. Oh, how I love your articles, Howard Galganov! Just when I had about given up on the USA and divine help, along comes TED CRUZ, announcing his candidacy, and I am seeing a smiling, greatful, Reaganesque type man, willing to lead this country.The articles that you send out to us are an inspiration to us all, and you will never know the good that you have done in your lifetime with the information that you share and the hope that you provide. Many, many thanks.

  17. Thanks Howard
    You are right on
    Blatantly speaking out against Israel will take the Muslim
    in the white house to the same end as Hitler
    Gordy Hagen — home town Viking Alberta

  18. Howard, sorry about what the liberal did not do in the way of a tip but you should know by now a liberal wants to use yours and my money to tip and since you did not offer him a few bucks to be a man he demonstrated, yet again, just how shallow liberalism (at least this version) is across the country. I have friends who say that I am a fool for tipping 20%+ when they tip 10% then when we go to the same place they are treated less enthusiastically and I am treated like a king.

  19. I have to agree with Mr. Nelson, and would like to make a comment on the Hospitality of Canadians, and the RCMP. About 30 years ago I had a delivery to Prince Albert, our fuel filter froze in 30+ degrees below zero, about 20 miles short of our destination. The RCMP picked us up, took us to town and a Motel with a cafe, and arranged for a wrecker to bring the truck into town, the Cafe fed us, and the Motel gave us a room, and my co-driver and we survived. THANK YOU Canadians, from two Texans!

  20. Howard, There definitely is an uncanny resemblance in the character of Liberals and Muslims. Both will passionately hate you. If you are unwilling to accept their ideology. Yet they hate one another so bad that they migrate to areas that are developed by conservatives. And the first thing they do is corrupt it into the foul existence they had fled from. Like a hog returning to it’s wallow or mire.

  21. My brother is a space scientist/athiest. After a dinner party he started lamblasting Glenn for saying the Lord’s Prayer when he circled the Moon. I reminded him that he fought WW II for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. With this he said “Little sister, you ae full of s–t”. You cannot reason with Liberals. God forbid you shine the white light on them.

  22. First–gorgeous dog! Looks like a “Royal” pet! Second–finally EL DIABLO PINOCCHIO has met an individual [Netanyahu] who “REFUSES to comply with his demands”. This incident is so REFRESHING and gives us hope that “this encounter is just the “beginning of the end” of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s reign. Why is it sooo hard for some people to realize that this president is a “replica” of HITLER regarding his “actions and policies”? Maybe, it’s because they’re too busy enjoying their “FREEBIES”??

  23. Why is Obama so publicly upset with Netanyahu and Israel to the point that he so profoundly demeans his office with such childish temper tantrums? It’s not because of the speech before Congress. It’s because he now realizes that the entire planet now knows who is truly the REAL Leader of the Free World…and it ain’t him. It’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

  24. Tried to share your editorial on Facebook but got this; “Indicates that a URL property has whitespace characters, which is not allowed.: URL ‘ In Dallas.JPG’ for property ‘og:image:url’ of the object at ‘–its-about-time/#.VRF52ONXaXV.facebook’ is invalid because it contains whitespace characters.”

    Keep up the fight Howard, we need you!

  25. Wow Howard:
    Love what I’m reading… Americans and the responses to your editorials. BUT!!!!……WE SAW HIM FIRST…… in Canada………just letting you know(big smile).

  26. I hope the American folks will destitute Obama and then prosecute him for crimes against his own people or at least deport him where he belongs: in a village in Kenyia or in an Islamic school in Indonesia.

  27. So sorry that you had to meet up with a delusional, less than stellar idiot at the car wash. May his riches create more delusional points for his so called self-importance. Just please don’t judge the rest of us by his nuttiness. As for Obama, when is he going to be impeached? When? When? When? Have a safe trip home.

  28. I was born and raised in Iowa. I now live in South Carolina. Back in the 60’s and 70’s you couldn’t find a Democrat. In fact Paul Franzenberg (sp), a Democrat, couldn’t even carry his own county in a bid for governor. It became quite a liberal state after that. I am sure that it was due in part to the farm lobby that wanted all the government subsidies. According to my friends this continues, but one can only hope that with the failures of this administration, it could and should change.

  29. Great article Howard!!! Be safe, and keep up the fight. We’ll get together next time your here.

  30. Barry Soetoro, aka Hussein Omama is a pathetic soul. He grew up without anyone knowing him. in 1989 he sold out to
    his handlers to live a life of wealth. Soon he will stumble out of the WH to what? What can he do the rest of his life.
    He is undereducated and has lived a life of lies and coverups. With the dreadful reputation he now has, certainly the
    neighbors won’t have him over for a beer, Look who he has to share the rest of life with, how sad.

  31. Most politicians look good at the start of a campaign and up until they are elected. They try to say what they believe the electors want to hear. They blame the woes of the world on the current administration and they promise, if elected, to rectify the problems with which the electorate is displeased. If they can deceive the voters and form the new government, they quickly become as distant and corrupt as those they replaced. Such is the way of the world. The promise always exceeds the product.

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