Anne and I have been in Austin for 5-Months, and have really enjoyed the experiences, and most of the people we’ve met, many of whom have become friends.


We learned quite quickly, that Texas culture is very different from region to region, and that the Texas we all relate to . . . you know, the one we learned about by watching the TV Series DALLAS, isn’t the State we all think it is.

As a matter of FACT . . . Texas is a State of enormous CONTRADICTIONS.

The Texas we imagined . . . still exists, but NOT in places like Austin and San Antonio, where LIBERALISM rules the roost.


While we’re in Austin, there’s still a debate RAGING over whether or not to allow the OPEN-CARRY of guns in Texas. But, not that many years ago, the Texas Legislature would simply Table a BILL such as this, have a debate, and pass it.


The debate over OPEN-CARRY has become so aggressive, that the people trying to BLOCK THIS RIGHT are living with death threats. Those who threaten are the REAL Texans who are refusing to surrender their FREEDOMS.


FROM THE BETTER-OFF . . . to the wealthy LEFT, they’re abandoning their communities throughout America . . . making a beeline for the GREENER, CHEAPER and more EXCITING Pastures of the LONE-STAR STATE. But, because of this INVASION of the LEFT, the pastures are becoming an awful lot LESS GREEN.


There’s so much housing construction in and around Austin, that they can’t find enough people to swing hammers to build the homes. And even useless lands, where many of the homes are being built, have become so expensive, that the average Texas family can’t even pretend to afford it.


But the signs aren’t true, since once you get past the BARE BONES of what’s offered, the average house will cost into the HALF-MILLION-PLUS dollar range, which to me . . . isn’t all that Middle Income AFFORDABLE.


It seems that the people, who are flooding into Texas, are coming from highly regulated, and overly taxed Cities, Counties and States like California, where LEFTIST policies are destroying their Golden Goose.

So . . . they sell their home for a generous profit, and are willing to pay whatever the market will charge in Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas . . . etc), which by comparison, is a bargain to what the costs were, from where they’re coming.


The LEFTISTS who are coming from Liberal States are bringing with them, the same ATTITUDE and MINDSET that’s destroying the States from where they’re coming.

They want MORE government, MORE services, MORE rules, and MORE regulations . . . ALL OF WHICH SPELLS MORE TAXES, AND LESS PERSONAL FREEDOMS, like the RIGHT to Open-Carry Guns.


I won’t write about who can afford to live in Austin, because it’s easier to write about who CANNOT.

WORKING FAMILIES can’t afford to live outside the core of Austin, and can barely afford to live within the Austin City Limits . . . it’s as simple as that.

Outside the City Core, there’s no public transportation. So, you need a car. But, cars cost money, including the insurance, maintenance and gas. And the streets and highways are already jam-packed. So, if you can’t get work outside Austin, you’re screwed.


Decent family sized apartments, in and around Austin . . . rent in the $1500 (plus) range (heavy on the PLUS). The average salary for non-professional workers STARTS at $9 per hour. So, how is someone to live on just $9 per hour?


THE REAL PROBLEM – is that no matter how much you earn as a non-professional worker, IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH TO LIVE IN AUSTIN, which has created an unbelievable challenge . . . BUSINESSES CANNOT FIND EMPLOYEES.

No matter where Anne and I go, there are signs on virtually EVERY door, asking for employees. One restaurant, near an exclusive shopping area in BEE CAVE at the Galleria, is offering a $100 Bonus for anyone to come to work there, who was worthy of hiring.

The City of Austin is growing so fast with LEFTISTS who are deserting the sinking ships of their own making in other States . . . that the character of the City is changing before the eyes of REAL Austin Texans.


If you really want to know the true story of a City, don’t just trust your eyes or the things you read and hear in the media, ask the people who actually live there, and see what’s really happening. And from what we see and hear from REAL Texans . . . is TREMENDOUS indignation towards the NEWCOMERS.


ONCE OUTSIDE THE CITY SPRAWL, Texas becomes more recognizable, where the Conservative Nature of the State still shines through. But, with each passing day, as the LEFT marches into Texas with dollars and influence, I fear Texas will become more of a ROMANTIC MEMORY than the real thing.

THIS IS HAPPENING WHEREVER THE LEFT GOES . . . which is generally to Conservative States and Provinces (Canada), where the living is better, because of Conservative Governments, which the LEFT will change as soon as they can.


Ontario used to be the ENGINE THAT DROVE CANADA, which used to be a VERY Conservative Province. Ontario had it all . . . Cheap Energy, Great Factories that made everything from Automobiles to Household Appliances, Minimal Regulations, and the LOWEST TAXES IN THE LAND.

THEN CAME THE LEFT . . . and in less than ONE Generation, Ontario went from supporting the debt of the nation, to becoming Canada’s DEBT RIDDEN BEAST.

Energy in Ontario is now the MOST expensive in North America, and basically unaffordable. Personal Taxes are gong through the roof. Regulations are SUFFOCATING development. And Corporate Taxes are driving Industry out of the Province . . . AND THAT’S JUST IN ONE GENERATION.

I wrote about Texas, because that’s where we are living until the end of this month. But, I will bet whatever, that this is a situation that is being played-out throughout America, just as it has been playing-out throughout Canada.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I stand with you and Israel, Howard. I worship the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and the God of Israel even if He is not acknowledged by many. It is because of that same God that I stand with Israel and have for more than 49 years. I also DO believe that a GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENED THERE as recounted from days of old. The NT says that Jesus (Yeshua) went into the Temple on the Feast of Dedication in the winter, and this should make us all stop and think,WHY was He in the Temple THEN?

  2. My son, an ultra conservative just moved to Dallas from California. He would probably agree with virtually everything you speak of. Except one thing; GUNS. On a per capita basis, consider the number of guns owned by Canadians, and the annual death count by guns in the U.S. And therein lies the truth. According to the NRA, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people'” That may be so, but a gun strapped to your waist makes it so much more convenient and quick. Luv Mort

  3. Yep…same thing happening in Utah,and their constant whining for change is irritating in the least and in some areas they actually are able to sell their liberal ideas. We are still hanging on to most of our values but who knows how long that will last.

  4. Water will be the limiting factor for Austin and San Antonio expansion. It’s already problematic, but between the lure of the hill country and economic growth in and around the two cities, it will only get worse. The cities will again come for the water rights of private property owners – farmers with mineral rights. It will be a battle between suburbia and the real Texas.

  5. Since I am living in California I can attest to the fact, that Liberalism is killing our former great State. Our governor is not helping, even though he has changed a lot since he last was governor here.
    When I came here from Denmark in 1961 it was the place to be. It was a place to become the person you wanted. The prosperity was everywere and you could achieve you dream if you wanted.
    Now our educational systen stinks. The unions and immigration has destroyed the best system in the country

  6. I lived in Lakeway in the 80’s and my parents still live there. I was there visiting two weeks ago. Every time I go it saddens me how overgrown and congested it is. I still love a lot about Austin but even in the 80’s it was overrun by liberals and enviro-whackos and seems to be getting worse. So,for me,it’ll be a fun place to visit but I don think I’d want to live there again.

  7. The liberal invasion of Texas is most unfortunate. It sounds much like the Ontarions invasion of Alberta, and especially Calgary, which is still a solid bastion of Conservatism. There are signs of creeping liberalism, or attempted liberalism from time to time, however it is interesting and hopeful to note that many liberal Easterners, who have moved to Alberta, have seen the error of their ways and became Conservatives. Hopefully Texas experiences the same conversions.
    Ben Eby, Calgary AB

  8. Mort Canada has less people in the whole country than California. and Cal .Has the most gun laws of all the states !

  9. Thank you for this very timely piece. Was considering leaving Florida for Texas. Doesn’t sound as though Texas is a good alternative. Can’t think of a good place to go in this country to get away from these Liberal Socialist, and Muslim destroyers…

  10. Well Mort you are entitled to an opinion . However you are speaking from a city, Montreal , Quebec , Canada that has completely gone to ruin since the mid eighties . I left there a long time ago because of the politics and people like you.
    By the way your son probably went to Dallas to get or keep employment : my son is in Dallas . NO WORK in Canada but lots of stupid opinions =failed economies !

  11. You sound like you’re describing Maryland …. we who have lived here for well over 30+ years and knew it when it was mostly farmland, are sick and tired of the people moving out here from D.C. and their surrounding snotty counties. They bring with them their attitudes, their demands for “more” everything, their horrible and impatient driving habits, and their sense of superiority. And, of course ….. they are very far Left. Maryland could be called the Socialist Republic of Maryland.

  12. My husband and I, from Ontario bought a nice little mobile home in Mercedes Southern TX. This winter we had to sell our property and head home very soon after he was discharged from emergency treatment at hospital, because he wouldn’t have health insurance for the following three months. For several winters we stayed in a park, very close to the border. We noticed that some very expensive houses were being constructed in the area, by migrating Americans, including the purchasers of our place.

  13. Texas will just reflect what is going on in the rest of the country, Canada, Europe etc. The sheer pressure of the liberals breeding and “migrating” with the help of governments willing to help them will, like evolution completely overturn the system. Just like the muzzies did in France and the rest of Europe. Breed like rats and the system cannot help but be overtured. Much faster than evolution though.

  14. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from 1953 to 1976–back when the town was really a paradise! I watched the influx of “yankee’s” for most of those 26 years with disdain, as they moved from their northern “hell holes” to my chosen refuge without any regard for our traditions, way of life or values– which included politeness, respect for the environment and enjoyment of the ecosystem. I observed, exactly the phenomenon you are currently experiencing in Texas! Sorry!-You can’t fix “stupid”!

  15. I submit that you’re spot on about Austin. Since the sixties the “hippies” have invaded that shining city to partake of Austin’s penchant for the arts and liberal attitude. The University of Texas has always been a bastion of liberalism and foot ball. The seat of government in Austin has grown 10 fold with bureaucratic worker bees. But still industry and commerce have thrived. Until recently and now its declining for lack of available workers. Invasion of the left…

  16. Howard, The same thing has happened to Oregon & Washington due to the influx of people from California. This liberal life-style & mind-set is like a cancer. We live in rural Ohio where things are pretty much the same as always. When on vacation, we have a small place in N. West Michigan. Beautiful!!

  17. Great article – as usual! Happening in all the states with the influx of Lib-tards! I can see it happening here in SC – bummer!

  18. Yes, Ontario is a mess! It used to be that the Conservatives would be elected to clean up the mess left by the Liberals and or the NDP but now, in my opinion, it won’t happen for a long while. Imagine electing those incompetents for a 3rd time!
    My God, we now have potential immigrants who want to change our rules even before they become a “Canadian” citizen!

  19. You are aware of the upcoming invasion of TX are you not???? Get out before it starts.

  20. Arne Hansen correct about California having descended into a socialist “paradise”. I first lived in SoCal in the late 1950s and I saw it as my ideal home of the future. In 1971 I returned to California and enjoyed it again, but noticed that by the 1980s it was becoming overcrowded, so in 1984 my wife and I moved up to the area north of San Francisco. Now, after 30 years in far-Left, Pelosi country, we are returning to SoCal for the great climate and medical care, and the active tea party here

  21. Hell, yeah, I moved to Toronto 30 years ago from Montreal and since the Liberals came in circa 2005, our debt has skyrocketed past Quebec’s, but on the plus side, Ontario’s population is 40% greater than Quebec’s. The last conservative government, however, was far too right wing for Canada’s social conscience. Unfortunately, this liberal government is made up of wreckless spendthrifts. Billions for penalties on power stations that were cancelled. Retarded!

  22. My niece just accepted a computer tech job with GM in Austin for $55K. She is graduating from Georgia Southern in May- had an internship at BMW in South Carolina last summer … So many companies are moving to Austin – Google, GM, Apple … With all the high taxes in California, many technical jobs are moving to Texas. Have no fear – Glenn Beck just visited Silicone Valley – Facebook, etc. – the young, intelligent adults there – who are the future – are very concerned about their freedoms.

  23. I read all the comments and don’t know what to say except be prepared the best you can for what is coming. That “shack” down by the river just might be a reality soon.

  24. Howard you have nailed Austin down to a “T”. San Antonio is more of a liberal welfare town that is liberal inside the city limits and conservative in the suburbs and out lying areas of Bexar County. Still the libs are taking the county over for the most part. San Antonio has some rich areas but nothing like lefty Austin which is exactly what you described. We’re not gone yet and a lot of Texans are getting out to vote that didn’t used to. Wish we could ship Austin to Iran.

  25. Right on, Howard! Thank you for such a stunning article! Rome, mighty Rome, fell three times! The 2nd time was when the average middle man was taxed out of existence. He couldn’t push up the rich, nor pull up the poor. So the entire economy collapsed in the middle. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? God help us all…..

  26. As a TX CHL holder, my concern with OPEN carry is that it will be a fashion statement for every debutante or militant-minded guy in Dallas or San Antonio to show off their pearl handled 9mm. The media would LOVE to report from TEXAS the first killing of an innocent due to passage of Open Carry. The licensing in TX and other states is inadequate in instruction of responsibility & what can happen. The idea behind CHL and why it’s successful is because one never knows who’s carrying and who’s not.

  27. Your comments about lefties migrating to TX remind me so much of what has evolved in nearby New Hampshire over the years what with the migration of left wing liberals from Boston. And, further years back, to a lesser extent with southern Vermont with similar migrations of liberals from New York City and Long Island. I suspect there is a sociological term for such migrations, but I have no idea what the word might be.

    PLEASE keep your editorials coming!

    Best regards.

  28. Liberalism should be spelled ‘STUPID’. These idiots just can’t seem to learn. One does not ruin an economy and expect to survive all raised prices, taxes, etc. even them. Then move on to another economic paradise leaving their destruction to begin a new ruination. As we all know, ‘STUPID’ cannot be argued with, and definitely cannot be fixed. Have a good trip home.

  29. I lived the last eight years, up till Nov. 2014 in deep south Texas, and if you want an education of what a democrat dictatorship looks like in Texas head to the border, Brownsville, McAllen. All sanctuary cities, the democrats are rules over by the likes of La Raza, and if you wish to see what a third world socialist country looks like, take a little vacation. There is no law down in deep south Texas, they are all, and I mean ALL corrupt, as corrupt as their counterparts across the river.

  30. My dad is from Texas (Amarillo) and I grew up in Wisconsin. All my life I heard about the independence of the state of Texas, so I eventually moved to the Dallas area. I’ve found this independence I heard of is largely a myth now. It used to exist I believe in the cities.

  31. You mention the self-avowed lesbian premiere of Ontario, a radical feminist and socialist and all the criminality and lying she and the Liberal Party have already been caught at.
    What about the self-avowed lesbian mayor of Houston and the criminality and down right anti-American, anti-Constitutional crimes this progressive collectivist has unleashed on the community of Houston.
    As one of the ‘disenfranchised rural minority’, I’m thinking along the lines of ‘No Taxation Without Representation’.

  32. Colorado had influxes of tens of thousands of Californicators 15 or more years ago, and it’s got worse! Passage of laws restrictive of handguns, magazines, and transfers are so lib-tard that sheriffs sued due to inability to enforce unconstitutional laws. Passage of recreational marijuana, like WA & OR is more lib-tard stuff, creating more crime than can be policed. Now, liberal Texans are moving to a once-western-pro-gun state & joining Californicators! Buy a home? Forget it! We all lose!

  33. Told you that you should consider Nebraska as a place to live. Know people that have moved from NE to Texas and soon move back. We always hated it when we had to attend a convention that included Texas.

  34. I am a Native Texan, who welcomes those from other states and other countries. However, if you like yours better than ours, go back where you came from. We don’t won’t to change. Austin is full of lawyers, UT turns them out every year. I have a lawyer that helps me with administrative B S because the govt requires it. I said you are a liar, he said no, that’s my Profession. Now you might understand what’s wrong with our government. Both parties!!! Too many lawyers, not enough loyal Patriots!!!

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