The Gloves Are Off . . . Obama Is Sinister


On July 23, 2009, I wrote an Editorial about OBAMA . . . He’s personally invested in screwing-over America’s ONLY REAL Middle Eastern ally (Israel) in favor of Palestinian Despots and Murderers.”

What I didn’t know at the time . . . was that Obama would THROW ISRAEL UNDER THE BUS FOR IRAN. But not just Israel, but rather, the entire Middle East . . . And by extension, the whole WORLD.


It’s the Politically Correct thing to write about, how one is aghast at violence, and would never suggest it . . . and to describe oneself as being a MAN OF PEACE. I am not that man.

As I see it, and as I’ve written in the past, we are in the CROSS HAIRS of REAL EVIL, which if not DEALT WITH NOW . . . IT WILL DEAL WITH US LATER.

AND PERHAPS WORST OF ALL . . . The man who is leading the EVIL against us is the man who occupies the White House. If Obama is NOT indeed a Moslem . . . he is INDEED ISLAM’S premium cheerleader.


THE JEWISH MORONS, who voted for Obama, not just once, BUT TWICE, are no better than the German and European (Jewish Nazi Enablers) JUDENRAT, who gave aid and comfort to the Nazis.

AND WORSE . . . even after knowing what Obama is today. And how much of an enemy he is to Israel, the large majority within the American Jewish Community are either still supporting this vessel of PURE American Political EVIL, or are looking like the fools they really are by saying . . . we didn’t know. BUT only an IDIOT or a LEFTIST couldn’t know.

The news that Obama is about to BETRAY Israel at the UN . . . has me so infuriated, that I have to choose my words very carefully, so as not to put something in writing that I will seriously regret later.


1 – Obama is NOT just the WORST President the USA has ever known. He is the EPITOME OF SINISTER, and the greatest THREAT the American Dream has ever faced, from the time the last shot was fired in the Great Revolution against the British Empire, which gave way to the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

2 – Obama has so screwed-up the world, that he has made it inevitable for the WORLD TO GO TO WAR . . . WITH THE KICKOFF BEING ISRAEL.


While everyone has been paying attention to REALITY TV, and the Hillary Clinton Saga of DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR, Obama was taking Iran and Hezbollah off the TERRORIST list.

How so? How did Iran and Hezbollah all of a sudden become NOT TERRORISTS? Did I miss something?

Obama pulled American Troops out of Iraq, only to SUPPORT the Iranians who have rushed-in to fill the void. When and how did this happen?


1 – Israel CANNOT . . . and WILL NOT accept Obama’s solution for his proposed Palestinian State, no matter how he pushes for it at the UN. And even if Netanyahu walks-back some of his most strident political words about NO TWO STATE SOLUTION, which disappoints me enormously, it doesn’t matter, since there will be No Two State Solution FORCED on Israel.

Of that I am certain. Because if that happens, there will be a civil war in Israel.

2 – Israel will ATTACK Iran once Obama forces his Iranian Nuclear Executive Action on the USA and the rest of the World at the UN, because Israel is not a SUICIDAL Nation.

3 – The Saudi Arabians, Jordanians, and SPECIFICALLY the Egyptians will be 100% ONSIDE with the Israelis, when the Israeli ordnance begins to fly at Tehran. And MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, these three Arab States (and others) will help Israel GO-AT-IRAN with everything they’ve got, ‘cause they’re far more TERRIFIED of Iran, than they don’t like Israel or Jews.


Obama’s Ambassador To The United Nations is Samantha Power, who in a speech several years ago, said that she would support American Troops in Israel, to protect the RIGHTS of Palestinians.

Samantha Power Putting US Troops In Israel. This YouTube report has been made very difficult to access. But, click on it several times, and you will most probably see and hear Power telling the interviewer how she sees American Troops INVADING Israel to the chagrin of America’s Jewish population.


I love reading the comments . . . I ALWAYS DO. And so do many THOUSANDS of others who regularly read this BLOG. But specifically, during times like these, passions occasionally negate good judgment.

1 – I welcome all honest CONSERVATIVE Comments on the Editorial Page.

2 – All Comments have to be governed with reasonable thought, which means that I will delete any Comments that make threats, and encourage threats or use improper language.

3 – And as much as I have an unhealthy disdain for Obama, I will not allow Comments to be published that are not becoming to this BLOG. That said, I will leave your Comments on Obama to your good judgment.

BUT . . . if there are comments that are really out of bounds, not only will I delete the Comments – I WILL DELETE THE COMMENTER FROM THE DIRECTORY.

I think I’m beginning to know how my parents and grandparents felt going into the late 1930’s. I just hope we’re smarter about it today, than our leaders were then.

ONCE AGAIN . . . Thank all of you for your support, and for reading, and passing on the Editorials.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It was an extreme honor to be in your ‘home’ and share a meal but the lessons I learn when I am with you are worth so much. The whole idea of Chanukah means so much to me now. It was awesome to to e included. May the Brite lite of the Judeo-Christian Values burn bright. The darker the world gets – the better the lights will shine. Thanks Howard for your writings, sacrifice and commitment to the values we hold dear.

  2. Fortunately Howard, I don’t think any of us here would be hangin’ around the Galganov Newsletter and blog if we WEREN’T more than essentially in agreement with all or most of what you say…and of course verbalize for us that which we can’t. Frankly, I would love to be able to see and hear what you would have had to say to that individual which you would dump or bar from your site…WIZZER OLD BOY!

  3. This note is for you—not for publication unless you want to use only the following two sentences:

    An incredible editorial. Please, just be careful when you are out and about.
    There will be those (I’m tempted to call them idiots) who may well take umbrage
    at what you have written today.

    Keep up your good work and kindest regards
    Solette Gelberg ,King City

  4. I wrote 3 responses – each took too many words.
    AMEN! to everything you said (& second everything you are thinking and not saying).

  5. Howard, Couple of years ago, when Obama stood in front of an American Jewish Group to declare that he has the back of Israel, I immediately said that it means he will be able to push Israel under the Bus…No matter how much pressure he will puts on Netanyahu, NO Israeli Government will commit suicide willingly. I agree with your assessment that there will be a civil was in Israel, if Obama impose a harsh solution on Israel. I am counting the days of his retirement.
    Steve Acre

  6. Howard watch your back, mr. Gelberg is right, there are elements out there paid by high up.

  7. He is EVIL incarnate. And once again like in the mid to late 1930’s the World will pontificate and do nothing at all.
    The GHOST-RIDERS are coming.

  8. Obama needs the help of the Muslim world in a big way, I believe he has no intention of leaving office at the end of 2016. How many were charged with a crime when it became public knowledge that the ATF sold arms to the Mexican drug cartel? The list of political corruption surrounding all members of the Obama administration is astounding, where are the prosecutions? Where are the prosecutions concerning the violations against our Constitution? Obama plans to be in charge for life.

  9. Thank you Mr. Galganov for giving us a place where we can feel among like-minded souls. I’m still on cloud 9 after Netanyahu’s win, though. It kept me from losing all hope. Now I can still hope Israel will bomb the crap out of Iran before they set off a nuke in Tel Aviv. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to act militarily against Israel if they do, though.

  10. Thank the American Constitution that Obama will shortly be out of the White House.

  11. Once again, Howard, you express so forcefully what your readers believe. Please, Howard; never change.

  12. Howard – thank you for the insightful editorials. As a student at a Canadian university, I am unfortunately exposed to all manner of leftist nonsense and hypocrisy. Your blog posts are always a breath of fresh air, particularly your top-notch commentary on Israel and the Middle East. I hope Anne and yourself are in good health and enjoy your return to Canada. Best regards.

  13. I predict a United States crisis situation fermented or staged before the 2016 election causing the indefinite cancellation of the election. The imposition of martial law. Increasing Race riots like those that have recently been agitated and rehearsed. There is a pattern that is easily recognized when you are old.

  14. I’m a political activist formerly part of the Likud party & Central Committee. Resigned after Sharon’s forming the nefarios “kadima”. The election end result was organized by well connected people here to utterly defeat Mr. Hussein Obama, not in particular to anoint Mr. Netanyahu. The vehicle to deliver the whooping was Mr. Netanyahu. The later does not have a mandate to change the message and corresponding action plan. He was bound to lose before we shifted support to the above end.

  15. Obama is certainly no friend of Canada. This much can easily be said. Now if you can’t get along with a Canuck, just who the heck do you think you’ll ever get along with? Sad. Truly sad.

  16. I wish you’d stop pulling your punches! I never thought I have the feelings I have now. And those are the ones I experienced during the Cuban missile crises. There was the real threat of Armageddon then just as their is now only then the instigator didn’t happen to occupy the White House. It’s been a fast and furious downward trajectory the past 6.5years. Even the word “coup” has taken on new significance.

  17. My Dear Friend and fellow Pledge Rider. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to wave the flags of FREEDOM (Israel, Canada and USA) in the face of Hussein when we were in Washington. He drove by us pretending not to see us BUT he did! I am also disappointed that this year we are not going to be in Washington to do it again. OUR Pledge of NEVER AGAIN is taking on more significance with each passing day while this man sitting in that Glorious House on the HILL is defiling it.

    Andy Rét

  18. Thought the day would NEVER come. Many years ago, I gave my oath “…to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The inclusion of domestic bothered me – Who in their right mind, I thought back then, would want to/be able to destroy/abrogate the Constitution? Bizarre!! I’ve voted – appropriately over the years. But here we are, my oath of office as a US Naval officer (Ret) still stands.

  19. A very strong opinion today. A question to all. What would be possible solutions that not only keeps the Israelis happy and would bring any sense of peace to the region. This region has been a cauldron of emotions throughout history. Is it a matter of changing an entire belief system or through sheer force (hasn’t worked for the past 3000 years)? Please educate me.

  20. Ironically, Obama was given the peace prize for what he was supposedly going to do for peace. Let’s see…he paved the way for a terror nation to build an atomic bomb, his inactions and policies effectively permitted the world’s terror groups and gov’ts to operate unhindered and as they see fit, and so on and so on. Also, a true gentleman and ally would have congratulated Bibi on his win and not gotten all huffy about it. If he’s the bigger man, he should show it.

  21. Gutless Republicans have taken impeachment off the table. I know there is growing conservative strenghth in the party but we need more. Primaries are the ony route. We have to remove Rhinos. They are todays “fellow travelers.”
    Tom Kelly

  22. I disagree Howard you are a man of peace. Peace isn’t the absence of fighting. Peace is the absence of evil. Evil must be defeated in order for peace to exist.

    This applies even to a person on an individual level. One must first battle personal demons to be at peace.

  23. Israel showed the world what “survival” means with their vote this week. May their lesson be learned in the USA.
    Scott Wilcox, Bakersfield, California, USA

  24. What really gripes me is that why should Israel give up their land for a Palestinian State when all of the other Arab states surrounding Israel have plenty of land that they could give to the Palestinians? Also, this FARSE of a Nuclear Agreement is just that. I guess that the Americans behind this so-called Agreement do not understand what the Koran says that ” you cannot lie to another Muslim but you can LIE to a non-believer or an Infidel.” You cannot trust Iran to live up to the agreement.

  25. I disagree with you, Howard. I think Obama is already a lame-duck President. He,(Obama), has so much on his plate already,(Keystone,Iran, ISIS), I just don’t think he can even handle Israel.As far as ramming down a peace deal, how many have tried? You think kerry is going back in? 18 months left. Case in point: Look at Obama’s head: All his hair is white! I want to believe that Netanyahu is playing him.

  26. The end game is to remove all U.S. presence in the middle east. If Iran gets the bomb, as this administration is pushing, they will use it as threat until that end is realized. And when it is, Israel will be at Iran’s mercy. It will be as if the U.S. pushed the button. It will move America past the tipping point to its moral demise.

  27. Today I saw portions of Obama’s video “appeal” to Iranian citizens. It was embarrassing. Obama’s appearance, body language and words shouted weakness and appeasement. The mullahs and hardliners must have thought they were watching Comedy Central – they know they have him on the ropes. Any ordinary Iranians who see it must remember how he threw them under the bus in 2009 in their Green Revolution. The underside of that bus is getting crowded – first the Iranians, and now the Israelis.

  28. I never perceived you as a man of war Howard but a man that will do everything in his power to be left alone…even if that means you have to fight for it against the war mongers of this world and their appeasers counterparts.

  29. Obama is no fool. He is just the puppet, we just don’t really know who’s pulling the strings??? I sincerely believe there is method in his madness. Somehow we just try to keep him in check for a while longer. Looks like congress is finally getting involved with trying to throttle down the nuke talks… (yea right?)

  30. We are all in the midst of an ‘Ideological War’ like never before . It is Islam against the rest of the world. This IS WW 3 without a doubt !!!

    Islam doesn’t tolerate anything other than Islam and Muslims have chosen GENOCIDE as the means to accomplish their ‘Islam only World’.

    The Koran was authored by a psychopathic murderer who made his wealth by abducting people for ransom .

    His legacy lives on !!!

    Muslims are born and bred to revere Death and Martyrdom

  31. Howard , your prolific Editorials are extremely uplifting to those of us who suffer in one way or another from this inept and corrupt ridden administration , that cause our country to become the embarrassment it is ! A glorious victory for Mr. Netanyahu ! Hope that you and Anne have a good trip back to Canada . Am Ysrael Chai ! Alan & Dorothy , Atascadero Calif.

  32. When Netanyahu “DRAWS A RED LINE”, he means it and follows up accordingly. When Barack HUSSEIN Obama draws a red line, it means absolutely NOTHING! He now ENVISIONS the Iranian youths as being able to get jobs. I wonder if these jobs are/will be the same type of “SHOVEL-READY” jobs which were offered to America’s youth in the recent past? When one observes this president’s activities, how can he/she not believe that he SUPPORTS the MOSLEMS more than the AMERICANS? God help us all!!!

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