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Make no mistake about this . . . The victory in Israel for Benjamin Netanyahu is an enormous triumph for FREEDOM, and Conservatives everywhere.

THE LOSERS . . . are the entire LEFT, including every JEW-HATER on the planet.

THE LOSERS . . . are those who HATE Christianity, and want to DISAPPEAR all references and symbols of Christ, as Israel is the real HOME of Christianity . . . NOT ROME.

THE WINNERS . . . are men and women who voted for principles, rather than what they could get for FREE.


In the last day(s) of the Israeli Campaign, Israelis saw Netanyahu add CRYSTAL-CLEAR clarity to the BOTTOM-LINE. He cut right through the FOG, and said it exactly as it is.

1 – The phony Oslo Accords and Two-State-Solution are FINISHED.

2 – Jerusalem will NEVER be divided, and will always be the Capital of the Jewish Homeland.

3 – There is no going back to the 1949 (1967) demarcation lines.

4 – No one is about to move a Settlement or Settler.

5 – Israel will build homes and apartments wherever Israel decides.


Having used as much of the White House and State Department as possible, to TOPPLE Netanyahu – Obama put all of his Global Prestige, or whatever might have been left of it on the line . . . AND HE LOST.

In effect – as BIG a win . . . as this election was for Netanyahu and the Israeli RIGHT, that’s how big a LOSS it was for Obama and America’s LEFT. And unless Obama wants to go all the way, and declare Israel an Enemy-Of-The-State, there is NOTHING Obama can do to harm Israel that CONGRESS will allow to happen.

MORE THAN THAT . . . ALL of those House Members and Senators who BOYCOTTED Netanyahu’s Joint Congressional Speech, and made disparaging remarks, will pay a price when it comes time to raise money and hustle support.


AS FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD . . . What do you think World Leaders are thinking, as they mull over how Israel’s David just kicked the crap out of America’s Goliath?

As GREAT a day as this has been for Israel, the Jewish People, and a clear campaign for FREEDOM for EVERYONE, is as bad a day as it has been for those who have been leading us to the abyss for far too long.


THUS FAR . . . FIFTY-FIVE VISITORS to helped support this BLOG through PayPal. I have also received emails, letting me know that some people have sent checks.

Checks will be deposited in about a month, since Anne and I will be heading back North to Canada in the first week of April, leaving no time to make the deposits till then. YOUR SUPPORT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Pledge your commitment to the Aramean Christians survival in the Middle East.
    They’re literally being exterminated along with the Yazidis and Mandeans.
    Raise money to arm them against those barbarians.

  2. I can now finally exhale! Whew! Netanyahu is clearly the current leader of the free world!

  3. for once The people got it right
    Obama take note…….THIS IS HOW A TRUE LEADER LEADS


  4. Does Israel except American expats? Need some place to go to escape this American mess Obama and his Muslim loving communist party has created.

  5. One of our college fight songs began with “HAIL TO THE LION LOYAL AND TRUE”…and now I wish that Benjamin Netanyahu might know that, and while I don’t remember all of the origins and words of this, I recognize and honor the HEIR effective MARCH 17th, 2015, ST. PADDIES DAY!!When we change the U.S. Constitution to LEGALLY permit a President of non-Native origin, he will be very well remembered! May God Bless our current mutual countries further with his continuing presence!
    Bud Farrell, Gtwn, Tx

  6. Thanks God for Israel and congratulations to Bibi and ALL of us!!!
    Sorry Hussein…

    Maria Luisa Serra
    Jax. Florida

  7. Yes, it’s a great day for freedom-lovers! Thank you for your part, Howard.

  8. Among the biggest losers are Barack Hussein Obama and his libtard JINO sycophants, all of whom consider Netanyahu THE IMPEDIMENT to peace. Equally nervous losers are Rouhani, Khameinei, and the rest of the Mullahs. They all know that there is at least one leader – a true leader in the cause of freedom – who will not lie down for them and allow their nuclear dreams to be fulfilled. Mr. Cook, all Jews are citizens of Israel and are welcome there. Conversion takes about 2 years 🙂 BRAVO ISRAEL !!!

  9. Finally good prevails.. As we say down here in Texas, “BHO is not a happy camper today”. He and his minions did what they could to change this election, but failed. There might actually be hope for 2016!!!

  10. It’s a great day for freedom and hope! The first good news on the political front for a long, long time! Congratulations, Bibi, and may we Americans also awaken in time to regain control of the ship and set a straight course!


  12. Bibi is definitely “THE MAN “for this season!! A true leader indeed! Just who the world NEEDS right now!

  13. Obama will now go ALL OUT to undermine and humiliate BiBi even more.
    Since the US Dictator did not get his anything is now possible.

  14. “Wanting” to make war and “willing” to make war are two entirely different things. Mr. Netanyahu does not want war any more than the rest of us Conservatives do, but he is willing to make war in defence of Israel in particular, and a free and civilized society in general. Congratulations to the Israeli people on behalf of freedom for all of us, and congratulations to Prime Minister Harper for his staunch support of Israel.

    Gordon Gilchrist, Baltimore, Ontario.

  15. I’ll be happy to contribute, but I need your mailing address, either Texas or Canada. Your editorials are always passed on to friends. Thanks for never being afraid to express your opinion, which is truly the opinions of millions.

  16. We need to focus now on the ethical wrongs and treasonous actions of our own President, and exacting justice on him, his “communist liberal mob” and ending his “dictatorial stance”. He is killing our country, not “congressional gridlock” his arrogance and imperial demeanor is the fault line of the United States of America!

  17. I and many other Christians were begging God for this election, for all the reasons you mention in your editorial and more. I HATED the thought of Obama winning this one for the left. Also, Israel’s role in the Middle East is more crucial than ever. And yes, I consider Israel to be my true spiritual home. Lastly, I simply love Bibi for his spirit, his honesty, his courage, his concern for God’s Right, Truth and Justice. I consider this big win a miracle and a gift from God.

  18. I don’t think I could be any happier!!!!!!
    TAKE THAT OBAMA!!!!!! (You lousy excuse for a President!) And the rest of you “left” liberals!!!!!

  19. I thank God for protecting Israel and in turn protecting America and all freedom loving people everywhere. It is obvious that President Obama favors Muslims, is a Marxist and is anti-American. He seeks to weaken America and it’s independent people.There are numerous examples of President Obama in direct opposition to our US Constitution. He has committed treason on many occasions. Unfortunately, we have few constitutional members of Congress ( most are Progressives). Please donate to this blog !

  20. I did my Happy Dance for Israel this A.M. God Bless Israel.

  21. Howard–you couldn’t have stated it any better…”Israel’s David just kicked the crap out of America’s Goliath?” WOW! maybe, just maybe, the TIDE is starting to turn in OUR favor, i. e., to those who believe in the TRUTH! Can’t wait to READ and HEAR Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s comments about Netanyahu’s WIN!!! HURRAH!

  22. Had my fingers crossed for a while… but I did not think Israel would commit collective suicide. It didn’t!

  23. Creator God, not the pagan moon god, has intervened and protected Israel again. America in on Creator God’s short list for punishment. Creator God has answered many prayers with regard to Israel. Please Israel, open your eyes, mind, and heart to the Messiah whom you killed. I thank you for that because it allowed me to become an adopted child of Creator God.

  24. God does answer prayers!! Just when we think it is darkest, we have to let go and rely on Him. And He truly showed Himself with this win for Netanyahu and Israel! Thank you Jesus for Netanyahu’s win yesterday!

  25. Bibi…the right man. Bibi…the right leader. Bibi….the right planner. Bibi….the inspired leader. Bibi….the stalwart. Bibi…the right strategist. Bibi…the right person who defines Israel’s borders. Bibi…the land holder….never offering the Arabs another piece of Israel’s land. A REAL LEADER……something the United States has been missing for a long, long time. God’s blessings to Israel as she garners her strength to be a beacon to the world.

  26. Whoo-hoo! The winner was Bibi as ever was! I couldn’t wait to post it in Fb! It made my day – my month, even! I bet Obama is chewing his nails over this one, since he sent teams over to make sure Netanyahu lost. But the victory is Israel’s; thank God for people who think before they vote, and enough did so in Israel Tuesday. People who love Israel are all winners. My heart rejoices for Israel.

  27. I am extremely happy to hear that Netanyahu won. Joel Goldman, you said it best…Netanyahu is clearly the current leader of the free world.

  28. The great victory by the people of Israel is shared by the whole world we have seen the Almighty at the Helm.
    Bibi so reminds me of a great Champion in our Country in 1973 who came from behind, through the pack and
    on to Victory…..SECRETARIAT. The real loser here is Obama’s mentor, Valerie Jarrett a native of Iran, a true
    Muslem and the basis for all Hussein Barack’s actions. May the Jewish people prosper AND KEEP BUILDING.

  29. isreal has its Winston Churchill. The U.S. better get their act together

  30. After Obama said he wouldn’t meet with Netanyahu because he didn’t want to interfere with the Israeli election, he then sends his people over to help with Herzog’s campaign. What a lying sack of crap. I’m so glad Netanyahu won! Hope is not dead!

  31. We are at the end, folks. Chaos coming soon. God’s in control. Believe in Jesus. He’ll save you from the coming tribulation. Don’t wait for next week. It may be too late.

  32. I am so happy Netanyahu won and is still the leader of Israel. I hope Americans take note! Hopefully Canadians will re-elect the Conservatives this fall. We need strong leadership right now in both Canada and US. I think Bibi could teach our country’s how to lead. God Bless Benjamin Netanyahu……a job well done.

  33. It’s been nice to have you and Ann in the U.S. over the past few months. Please be careful on your return to Canada. God Bless and keep you during your journey. Come back soon. Sherry Fowler, Gurley, Alabama

  34. Bibi Netanyahu is my hero. He stuck it up Obama’s nose. I wonder how many Israeli’s voted for Bibi once they found out that Obama tried to fix the Israeli elections? I also wonder if Obama can be charged with a crime ie: interfering with another countries elections by providing monetary incentives. Obama had a key white house operative in Israel spreading U.S. money around to anti Bibi people. Of course Obama will deny everything. I know when he is lying because his lips are moving.

  35. From three generations of veterans and a fighter for freedom, our battle is far from over. On the otherhand, Israel has sent a clear message to the world and we shall overcome.

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