No one ever wants to believe that your own government is the enemy from within . . . the organization that is out to destroy your way of life, and amongst your worst enemies.

I’M NOT AN HISTORIAN. And I don’t pretend to be one. Besides, amongst historians, for every historical event, there are unlimited spins and opinions. So, my opinions should be no less relevant to anyone else’s.


As a young Canadian growing up in a Liberal environment, being educated by Liberal teachers, what we learned of American History, had taught us that the Civil War was fought near EXCLUSIVELY on the Slave Trade.

We were taught, either directly . . . or through innuendo, that the NORTH was good and noble, while the SOUTHERNERS were essentially cretins. BUT, AS ONE GETS OLDER AND ASKS QUESTIONS, one realizes that the Civil War was fought for far more than just upon the precept of Slavery.


THE NORTH came for what they could take . . . not for what they could give.

Knowing what I know today . . . had I been an American in 1861, I would have been wearing the REBEL GRAY, not because I would have agreed with Slavery, but because, I would have agreed then, just as I do now with the 10th Amendment (STATE RIGHTS).

ALSO . . . I am extremely taken by the people of the SOUTH, who are by far, and on average, better mannered, genteel and helpful, than are far too many people from the North, not that there aren’t a great many very decent Northerners, who generally happen to be on the Conservative side . . . but, on a per capita basis – not even close.

I also find, that Southerners are far more inclined to be PATRIOTS, than Americans from the North. Just as I find small town Canadians, especially RURAL Canadians, are more likely to join the Military to carry the Canadian Flag in the battle for FREEDOM.


There is no shortage of ignorant and stupid young people. So stupid as a matter of fact, that they aren’t even smart enough to know how stupid they are. And regrettably, as much as one would hope that some wisdom would mature with age, most people who are stupid when they’re young . . . ARE STUPID WHEN THEY’RE OLD.

I like to think, that I’m getting better-informed, and somewhat smarter with age, seeing the same things I saw years ago, but through a different set of eyes.


When questioning the Civil War, and understanding that the vast MAJORITY of Southerners (men and women) who supported the REBELS were dirt poor, and worked as hard as many of the slaves, you have to wonder . . . WHY?

WHY WOULD PEOPLE . . . who never owned a slave would fight like DEVIL DOGS against insurmountable odds, against family, friends and countrymen, begs far more than just a simple explanation of SLAVERY versus EMANCIPATION.


Anne and I have traveled through the South for years, but we never really lived amongst Southerners, making friendships that go beyond a pleasant hello and goodbye. We never had the opportunity to REALLY discuss politics in unguarded moments up till now, where the people we speak to now, open-up to us as friends.

AND WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED OVER THE PAST 5-MONTHS . . . is a lesson that we would never have learned from the media, or from any other source, rather than FIRST-HAND.


When Obama made the comment about Rural Conservatives CLINGING TO THEIR GUNS AND RELIGION, I’m sure he had no idea how close to the truth he REALLY was. And as I live and shoot amongst Southerners, with whom Anne and I have become friends, WE ARE DISCOVERING A WHOLE NEW AMERICA.

We’re learning of the America of 1861, which witnessed . . . one of the MOST Violent Civil Wars in History – A war so ugly, that the scars across the SOUTH have not healed. And the suspicion of the NORTH is no less embedded today than it was then.

BUT IN 2015 . . . some 150 years since the CIVIL WAR, many in the NORTH (Conservatives) are beginning to think SOUTH. Many are seeing the THREAT today, that the SOUTH saw before the first shot was fired at Harpers Ferry in 1859, that led to the attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, and the death of some 620,000 Americans, almost ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MORE Americans, than who died in WWI and WWII COMBINED.

I DON’T BELIEVE . . . that the Liberals of TODAY, fully understood the PASSION and culture of the SOUTH some 150 years ago, which led to the WAR between the States; and that this PASSION has not changed.

I also don’t believe the LEFT has any inkling of the extent of ANIMUS the SOUTH has for the LEFT, and how much the SOUTH IS PREPARED TO BE PUSHED ONLY SO FAR.


Even though the LEFT are concentrated in America’s BIG Cities, mostly on both coasts, including Cities in Texas, like Austin and San Antonio . . . the Conservatives, with a Southern Appreciation of State Rights, and the vision of Reagan’s Shining City On The Hill, are today, NOT unlike the SOUTH was 150 years ago.


The New SOUTH represents a return to the BEST of the OLD USA, when being an American really meant something.

At one point . . . SOONER RATHER THAN LATER – when the two ideologies finally collide – remember several things:

1 – The LEFT are the TAKERS.

2 – The LEFT are the ones who want to ban guns and bullets.

3 – Lawyers and the LEFT LOVE Big Government, Rules and Regulations.

4 – The Banks, Wall Street and Mammoth Corporations also LOVE Regulations.

5 – The Police generally lean to the RIGHT.

6 – The Military almost always leans to the RIGHT.

7 – The LEFT will demand what others have.

8 – The RIGHT will fight to protect what we have.

9 – The RIGHT has most of the guns and bullets

10 – And when the money runs out, angry words reach a peak, there’s nothing much left to say, and there’s no one worth listening to . . . those who don’t know or understand history (1861 – 1865) will be SHOCKED when it repeats itself.

REMEMBER THE TREE OF LIBERTY . . . By Thomas Jefferson, so you too won’t be SHOCKED.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, A very moving Editorial. We must all put hatred, greed and envy aside so that we can all live in Peace and Harmony for a better world.
    Bruce Hayes Ottawa, Ontario.

  2. Abraham Lincoln destroyed the Republic the founders had created. He used slavery strictly to curry volunteers who wanted to “do a good thing” by freeing slaves, many of whom were getting somewhat wealthy under the system that actually existed and that to this day is virtually unknown. The South fought to uphold the Constitution; the North fought to destroy it, but only the politicians knew that. Lincoln did not like blacks and meant to ship them to Africa, but not from compassion.

  3. You could add that the left in government does not care what the citizens think or whether they be Republicans or Democrats. Those two labels are for the naive, i.e., those clinging to the belief that their old definitions still mean what their parents and grandparents thought they meant. They could as well be called socialist and socialist lite.

  4. I could not have expressed my beliefs any better than your observations except that you said civil war a couple of times. Then “the war between the states.” “The war of northern aggression” is more correct. The war was more than meets the eye. Rail rates for the same were lower, north to south, than south to north for the same.. This discouraged anything but what the north could not produce. This kept the south agricultural and not industrially competitive. The South will rise again.

  5. Indeed the Civil War was not at first fought over slavery. It was over states’ rights with an undertone of slavery. Slavery had always been an issue even with the with the writing of the Constitution – to what percentage should a slave be counted. It was only when the Democrats took over after Lincoln’s death did Carpet Bagging occur. Also, slavery was the economic nemisis of the South. The soil was being worn out and the cotton and tobaco economy was doomed.

  6. As a 5th generation southern gal trapped in the yankee HELL of Illinois I welcome you to the south where I spen the winter. I’m not going back eithe!!!

  7. Howard, I swear this true – That the older and (I think) wiser I get, I too find myself becoming more enamored with the South and it’s principles and ideals. I think the South has bred the better ‘gentleman’ of today, seems to be more gracious, stands for better values and is seemingly not as corrupted by much of the crackpot and degenerate thinking that has permeated most of the western world. Good on them. I think they should be proud of that.

  8. Howard, I too learnt in my days that the Civil war was fought about slavery and nothing else. Glad you explained the situation. What I am concerned is that it maybe too late to fix what Obama has destroyed so far, and God forbid if Hillary Clinton occupies the White House for 8 more years after that, we better look for another country to live in. Steve Acre

  9. John C, Calhoun from Abbeville, SC….he saw the threat clearly.
    As you said above it was all about States Rights. Slavery was a secondary issue.
    Calhoun lives today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Travel expands the mind. Reading your editorials expands the mind. There is so much that we do not know. How many Canadians ever get to live for an extended period of time in Texas which essentially is another culture than our own. Thanks for sharing you opinions and your experiences with us. We are the richer for it.

  11. My family never owned slaves. But my great-grandfather and his 16 yr.old brother fought for the Confederacy. His brother died at 17, and part of my reading skills came from searching old battle cemeteries, searching for my Grandma’s uncle. The oral history in our family demonstrated the love of country, and the resistance at having the states rights trounced on. I too am 66, but knowing history from the words of family who lived it has been a far more powerful influence than doctored textbooks.

  12. Welcome to the South.

    The total licensed deer hunters of Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin outnumber the armed forces of China. The total licensed deer hunters in the U.S.A. outnumber the armed forces of the total of the top 17 countries of the world.

    The following correspondence between Lord Acton and Robert E. Lee is being removed from the Web.

  13. Howard,
    I have learnt from observing all the scoundrels who paint Southerners with a common brush. Examples would be from Hollywood mainly witheir antagonistic and insulting views and characatures of this vibrant culture.
    A scewed view I noticed that has been so precedent comes from Norman Jewison. He’s contributed to such leftist lies that sometimes I’m beside myself. He blatantly lies in his movies and how the story is protrayed. An example of his movie “The Hurricane”.

  14. Welcome to real America, Howard and Ann. I spent 22 years defending America from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Right now we have so many domestic enemies that it is amazing we have not repeated the civil war. One thing the Yankees refuse to acknowledge is the prisoner of war camp in Chicago Il. The crimes committed by the occupants? Being married to a man fighting for the South. The sole occupants of the prison were women, children, and babies. Continued next email.

  15. Thank-you for voicing your true impression of the south. I’ve lived my life in Alabama, and I grew up being constantly taught to be ashamed of my home state. But, there’s something to be said for being surrounded by genuinely good people who go out of their way to help others. Reading your editorial reminds me that I shouldn’t take that for granted. In regard to the “clinging to their guns” comment, if the tree of liberty soon needs to be refreshed, I think the south is a good place to be!

  16. I am so glad you have had time spend in the heart of our America. THE “SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.” It looks more and more like we will have no choice. Your blog today is SO RIGHT ON! And this, from a once upon a time upstate New Yorker, a part time Texan, and a full-time rural Coloradoan. God (YHWH) Bless you and us as we begin to come to grips with our future.

  17. Montreal was my home for 50 years, lived in BC for 3, Mexico 8, Nashville 10 and now Vermont. In my old age, I know generalizing is a dangerous thing. The above places all had their good and bad points. They are all very different. Is one better than others, personally I don’t think so. Life is a trade off. Equally, with politics. Howard, now that you are in the south, it’s important to put things in perspective politically as well. Both parties have strengths and weaknesses.

  18. Howard, when I read you, it’s as if I’m reading my own mind. (That’s both scary and a compliment ;~)
    Having been raised in Massachusetts, we’ve been taught since Day One that southerners are racists, that the Southern Cross represents racism, that people who live south of the Mason-Dixon Line are inferior, even stupid. I’ve been to the south and let me tell you, if it wasn’t for the fact that I think I ought to be living in Israel, I would move there in a heartbeat.

  19. I fought once across the seas for what I thought was the freedom of another country and people – Korea 1952 – and will again God willing on THIS side if we have to, but it WON’T be under a Commander In Chief and Government the likes of which we have now! The “deer hunters of Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin”, are simply a good Roll Call start for those of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Colorado! Bud Farrell 82, B-29 Gunner Korea, Georgetown, Texas

  20. Amen! to your article. I was born and raised in California. When I moved to Florida there was a dramatic shift in my political leanings from being a liberal to conservative. Now when I view Californians, (not all), I view them as the non-thinking class

  21. The measure of the quality of a nation, civilization, society is found in the people who make up that entity (historical or current). Your observations of Americans is spot on. Not such a good thing when it has to come from a Canadian rather than from one of our own. It is perhaps why when foreign companies come to look to establish an “American” presence in the US they tend to go south and central rather than north and coastal. They recognize the heartland of America is truth its heart.

  22. Rural Ontario people are fed up. Legislation for endangered species forcing you to cut hay after the season because a non-native Bob-O-Link bird must finish nesting. Low nutrient value in hay for livestock that get skinny, OSPCA comes knocking claiming abuse. Farm woodlots environmentally protected, no firewood to heat and smoke is a contaminant, farm dog needs a licence, protected turtles and snakes shutdown corn and soybean fields. Warrantless entry onto private lands by government inspectors.

  23. A minor correction to your terminology Howard. It was not “The Civil War.” There is absolutely nothing civil about war. It is also not “The War Between The States.” At the time it took place that war was between two sovereign nations. One attacking. One defending. So, for the purposes of discussion, from this point forward let us refer to that particular conflict by its proper (in my opinion) name… “The War Of Northern Aggression.” Thanks for your time.

  24. Just like to confirm that Northerners and Californians are poring into my State of Texas. Everyone I meet I ask them why they chose Texas to come to and in almost every case they felt it was the only place they could escape to. We have our problems here to , but currently we have the upper hand. but the left is relentless and they never give up. If you come here stay vigilant and be ready to defend what is left. Native born Texan and damn proud of it!

  25. I was brought up by a father and an uncle who were extremely conservative even though none of us realized it at the time ( late 50’s & early 60’s. When I first heard and read about Barry Goldwater in early 1961, I realized what we were.
    I left home for Cornell Unversity in 1963, even then Ithaca was somewhat of a liberal hotbed. But my upbringing must have imbeded itself very well as my 5 years in Ithaca made me more conservative than ever.

    Now I think of myself as a Libertarian, on well !

  26. Howard a well written and right on article, I live in a very conservative minded area. With very few liberal democrats. I consider myself as a Conservative “Christian”. My views of God’s word directs me to Work and earn so that I may “GIVE” to those who are in need. But for those who refuse to work. They are not to eat. Liberals believe that they are to “TAKE” what I work to earn. And give it to those who refuse to work. And God expresses that he new me before I was conceived. “And that is life”

  27. As a young man visiting S Carolina on business , I attended a Sprint Car Race , red mud track , dust and dirt everywhere.
    I tended to be brash and annoying as a young man . A couple of locals in the seats in front of me commented directly : That I must be a Yankee, they mistook my Canadian accent for a New York accent . Their opinion was I was rude and uncouth . Their general opinion of Northerners , they were right in my case , just a little off on the Nationality.

  28. Howard!

    A lot of Texan has rubbed off on your Canadian hide, or your colors have been nurtured through. Glad to see another open to the realization of the “Good ol’ South”. States rights have been pushed way too far down the line of importance.

  29. Leftists use words to confuse. Civil War (war of aggression), Patriot Act (anything but patriotic), Transformation of America (Marxist-socialist-Muslim), & now the “right” is deemed “communists” by leftists, because Cuba (as an example) is communist and anti-Castros are right-wing. Thus, again, we conservatives are labeled “communists” in media, simply because we hold to conservative biblical Judeo-Christian principles founders confirmed from Holy Writ. “Hang on to Bibles and guns?” You bet!

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