How many times do I have to say STOP BLAMING OBAMA, before the message gets through?


If REAL UNEMPLOYMENT is at levels that hearken back to the BIG DEPRESSION . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the ENTREPRENEURIAL Spirit in the USA is in massive DECLINE . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the COST OF LIVING is burying the so-called Middle Class . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If what used to be amongst the best HEALTHCARE in the world, is no longer affordable to most of the so-called Middle Class . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If America is BURIED in unsustainable DEBT . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If Putin is INVADING Ukraine without opposition . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If Iran is on the BRINK of going Nuclear . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is being run as a Kangaroo Court . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the IRS has become a HOME GROWN TERRORIST operation . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the FBI and the NSA have WIPED-OUT your right to privacy . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the Black Community and their LEFTIST enablers are screaming KILL THE COPS . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If the Moslem Brotherhood is the MOST IMPORTANT Arab/Moslem Group to the White House, with an open door invitation . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If Islam is sweeping the planet with TERROR . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.

If Israel is in the CROSS-HAIRS of Iran, and all the other MOSLEM countries, while America is TYING ISRAEL’S HANDS BEHIND ISRAEL’S BACK . . . It’s NOT Obama’s Fault.


All of the NIGHTMARE scenarios listed above, and the ones that I didn’t list above because there are too many to list, are absolutely NOT the fault of Obama.

Before becoming the Democrat Nominee to run for the Presidency . . . Obama was a useless, anti-American, unskilled, privileged LEFTIST, who was carried by ELITISTS, literally from BIRTH to the Presidency . . . based NOT on his qualifications, but rather on his ability to PLAY-ACT, READ FROM A SCRIPT, and BAMBOOZLE enough Americans to carry his EMPTY-SUIT, all the way to the MOST powerful office on the planet.

Who in the world, would have ever voted for someone with ZERO qualifications to become the President of the United States of America, the Commander In Chief of the most powerful military ever created, and the LEADER of the Free World, OTHER THAN AN IDIOT OR A HATER OF AMERICA?

Who in the world, would have ever voted for someone to become President of the USA, whom amongst his BEST friends and closest advisors, before becoming the Democrat Nominee; was a SELF-ADMITTED Domestic TERRORISTS (Bill Ayers), a White-Hater, Jew-Hater and Israel-Hater (Jeremiah Wright), a Pro-Extreme-Moslem Advocates (Rashid Khalidi), and an Arab FELON (Tony Rezco), who financed the beginning of Obama’s Run for the White House, OTHER THAN AN IDIOT OR A HATER OF AMERICA?

Who in the world, would have ever voted for someone to become President of the USA, whose enablers spent MILLIONS of dollars, to permanently BURY his scholastic records, OTHER THAN AN IDIOT OR A HATER OF AMERICA?

Who in the world, would have ever voted for someone to become President of the USA, who ran without a PLATFORM, OTHER THAN AN IDIOT OR A HATER OF AMERICA?


I don’t for a second believe that the majority of Americans HATE their country. As a matter of fact, I believe that the VAST majority of Americans who voted for this HORRIBLE man actually love their country, which brings me to just one conclusion . . . THEY ARE IDIOTS.

They were IDIOTS the first time they voted or this SCOURGE of American values. And they were even BIGGER IDIOTS when they voted for Obama the second time around.

AND THEY ARE EVEN MORE COLOSSAL IDIOTS NOW . . . for still supporting this MOST egregious example of the PETER PRINCIPLE ever displayed.


THE IDIOTS PUT OBAMA IN CHARGE, which to me . . . means that all the misery that has already befallen America and the rest of the world, because of Obama, and the EXTREME MISERY that is on the horizon also because of Obama, is DIRECTLY ON THEM.


ALL THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS . . . certainly, since the HOUSE won the Majority in 2012, COULD have and SHOULD have SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT, to shut down the most anti-American President that ever was, before he was able to inflict as much damage on the USA and world as he had done.


Even though Speaker of the House, John Boehner, FAILED in his leadership from 2012 to date, he now has the opportunity to redeem himself, and the people of America, along with the rest of the world by SIMPLY SAYING NO.

FINALLY – BOEHNER’S ON THE RIGHT TRACK . . . who has dropped the GAUNTLET with his invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in spite of the HYSTERICAL protestations from Obama and the LEFT, who will nonetheless speak to a Joint Session of Congress on March 3, 2015.

AND HE’S ALSO ON THE RIGHT TRACK . . . by withholding “some” funding from Homeland Security, if it means withholding funding from Obama’s ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL Executive Order, giving Amnesty to MILLIONS of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.


For everyone to clearly understand where I’m coming from – PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS:

1 – If it takes SHUTTING DOWN the entire government to SAVE America . . . that would be the PATRIOTIC thing to do.

2 – AND if you, as an individual want to make a REAL DIFFERENCE, AND I DO MEAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE . . . here’s what you should do.

STOP BEING NICE to your family, friends and neighbors who VOTED for Obama. GET IN THEIR FACE AND BE UGLY ABOUT IT.

TELL THEM IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS . . . that you hold them PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the mess that America has become.

And if your family, friends and neighbors who VOTED for Obama are Jewish, DON’T BE SHY – I’M NOT . . . call them what they are – JUDENRAT, who were the Jewish ELITISTS and IDIOTS in Nazi Europe, who aided and abetted the MURDERERS of Jews . . . in what these IDIOTS thought was GOOD FAITH.


Stop BLAMING Obama, and start BLAMING those who are responsible. GET IN THEIR FACE, and let them know in no uncertain terms that you BLAME THEM, even if it means NEVER SPEAKING AGAIN.

I’LL GO ONE STEP FURTHER . . . In a Motorcycle Ride with the JMA (Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance), which was held in Virginia Beach several years ago, for the RIDE TO REMEMBER – so we should NOT forget the Holocaust, it turned out to be very NASTY for me.

I rode there from Canada – ALONE, which is no big deal . . . to stand shoulder to shoulder with like-minded Jews, in Memory of the Holocaust, and in FULL SUPPORT of Israel’s RIGHT to EXIST and live in PEACE and SECURITY, until it became evident that this RIDE was more about the RIDE than it was about the MESSAGE.

IT ALSO BECAME CLEAR . . . that the vast majority of these members of the JMA were LIBERALS, who didn’t STAND UNEQUIVOCALLY IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL, but rather, in support of the LEFTIST SELL-OUTS in Israel, and UNEQUIVOCALLY in SUPPORT of Obama.

At the MEET-AND-GREET Bar-B-Q, I was so pissed-off at some of the New York Jews, who defended Obama as if he was the SECOND COMING, and so CRITICAL of Netanyahu, as if he was the ANTI-CHRIST, that the ONLY thing that kept me from going to BLOWS, was their reluctance to take it that far.

I spent the next day on my own, as far away from these despicable people as I could. And when I RODE home the following day, I decided that this was my last R2R, and began the mental process of creating the PLEDGE RIDE, where if necessary, neither I NOR our PLEDGE RIDERS would hesitate, NOT even for a moment, to go to FIST-CITY against the people who are leading us to PERDITION.

SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND . . . When dealing with LEFTISTS who support Obama, DON’T HOLD BACK. Our FREEDOMS are worth whatever PRICE it will take to PROTECT them . . . And let them know it!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I just read a poster held by a black man that said “No mother should have to fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store”. What insanity. Why in heavens name should we lower our moral standards to the point where there are none, to accommodate the lack of morals inherent in the slime of the earth (white, black and Hispanic).

  2. Gee Howard, you really need to stop holding back and be a little more outspoken. On a more serious note: My last remaining Jewish liberal friend’s only response when I point out obamas horrible bent on the destruction of America and hateful position toward Israel (ie: Jews) is “well all politicians are just as bad as each other”. I can only point out to him the lameness of that argument.
    “NEVER AGAIN” six points Fred

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