1938 . . . 2015 - Do You See The Difference?

On January 29, 2015 . . . I ended my Editorial with these words:

I DON’T WRITE THIS LIGHTLY . . . BUT the information I will publish NEXT, will perhaps be the MOST significant Editorial I might have written amongst the THOUSANDS of Editorials I’ve published over the years.

When an eager British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, with a less enthusiastic Daladier of France, APPEASED Germany by surrendering parts of a SOVEREIGN Nation (Czechoslovakia), which they had NO RIGHT to surrender, the result was massive Genocide, the Holocaust, and WORLD WAR II.

On October 29, 1929 . . . known as Black Tuesday, America’s Stock Market COLLAPSED, essentially for similar reasons America’s Economy is presently heading in the same direction.

The October 2007/08 Collapse of much of the American Economy . . . is startlingly similar to what happened in October 1929.

And what is REALLY worth noting . . . is that from the time of the COLLAPSE of the Stock Market in 1929, the economy didn’t begin to come back for more than TEN YEARS, until the time of the start . . . and during WWII.

Think about where we’re at today, as our governments tout a NON-EXISTENT recovery, while SO MANY PEOPLE in the so-called MIDDLE CLASS are living from PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK. And MILLIONS, especially in the United States (nearly 50 million people) are living on FOOD STAMPS, plus other assorted means of WELFARE.


DURING THE CRASH OF ’29 . . . The world was in FULL RECESSION, where jobs were scarce, prices were through the roof, the value of international currencies were in FREE-FALL, and prospects for the FUTURE were BLEAK at best.

As we are heading towards the SEVENTH YEAR OF THE PRETEND RECOVERY, look at what’s happening throughout the world . . . DOES THIS GLOBAL TURMOIL seem familiar to what was happening seven years AFTER the COLLAPSE of 1929, as the Nazis were in full swing by 1936 . . . AFTER already passing the Nuremburg Laws disenfranchising Germany’s Jews?

I know that all of this reads like a regurgitation of past Editorials . . . and not all that much different than the previous Editorial . . . BUT I ASSURE YOU, there is far more to this Editorial – that should leave you feeling LESS than comfortable.


I am confident that most people, who read this BLOG, are quite familiar with the SELL-OUT of the Czechs, to appease the Germans . . . but there is an integrally important UNDER-STORY to how the SELL-OUT came about.

BUT FIRST . . . Do you remember when George W Bush tried to force a policy of APPEASEMENT on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (October 2001), who responded to the pressure by saying:

“Do not repeat the dreadful mistake of 1938, when enlightened European democracies decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a convenient temporary solution.” He added: “Do not try to appease the Arabs at our expense.”

Bush was VERY unhappy with that response from Sharon, and threatened Sharon with consequences for his AUDACITY, to which the American Conservative Evangelical Community WARNED George W Bush NOT to push his luck, while Sharon made repeated apologies.

BUT THE POINT WAS MADE . . . And the tempest in the teapot came to an end.

Ariel Sharon could have easily compared himself to Edward BENES (pronounced Benesh), who was the SOLD-OUT Czech Leader . . . and BUSH to Chamberlain, who was the SELL-OUT.


The IMPORTANCE of this exchange between Bush and Sharon bears INCREDIBLE significance to what happened SEVENTY-SEVEN years ago . . . and to what is happening HERE AND NOW.

But there are other GHASTLY similarities most of us know about, with the exception of the one that SHOCKED me, as if I was ACTUALLY peering through the LOOKING GLASS of HISTORY . . . ONLY TO WATCH IT UNFOLD, as if we were living in a parallel universe.


1 – British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain wouldn’t call the Nazis what they were. He didn’t want to offend them.

Obama won’t call the Islamists for what they are.

2 – Chamberlain negotiated away Czechoslovakia . . . WITHOUT even considering what the Czechoslovakians wanted, and DID NOT HAVE BENES AT THE NEGOTIATIONS.

Obama is negotiating away Israel to the Iranians, WITHOUT having Israel at the TABLE.

3 – In 1938, Czechoslovakia had one of the most modern, best trained, and best-equipped armies in the world. And also had the incredible advantage of being protected by the near IMPENETRABLE Sudeten Mountains; but . . . instead of using this WORLD CLASS FIGHTING FORCE AGAINST THE NAZIS, Britain’s Prime Minister Chamberlain, CASTRATED THEM FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE.

TODAY . . . Israel – soldier for soldier, sailor for sailor, pilot for pilot, tank crew for tank crew, man and woman, intelligence for intelligence . . . on a per capita basis, has the BEST MILITARY in the world. Yet, the WEST (USA) will not allow Israel to actually WIN a REAL VICTORY.

4 – In 1938, the WORLD was STILL suffering and CONSUMED by the Great Depression started in 1929 . . . far too many people were too occupied just trying to get by, to pay attention to the HORRORS that were developing in Europe.

TODAY . . . as the World is still REELING from the CRASH of 2007/08 . . . and as the USA CANNOT get itself onto SOLID GROUND, the people want nothing to do with foreign WARFARE, even though the polls show tremendous concern by the people for Islamic TERRORISM.


5 – Obama has made it clear . . . HE HAS A PEN AND A CELL PHONE, and he will CREATE as many Executive Orders as he wishes, IN-SPITE of the US Constitution.

AND AS I SEE IT, if Obama can make EXECUTIVE ORDERS that clearly VIOLATE the US Constitution, and the US Congress is HELPLESS, as it has proven itself to be to STOP him – WHAT IS THERE TO STOP OBAMA FROM SELLING-OUT ISRAEL?

What is there to STOP Obama from making a DEAL with Iran, by EXECUTIVE ORDER, which will allow Iran to follow its path to getting the BOMB?

What will STOP Obama from DECLARING AN EXECUTIVE ORDER . . . that all but FORCES Israel to RETREAT to the 1949 SUICIDE ARMISTICE LINES?

What would STOP Obama from DECLARING AN EXECUTIVE ORDER that UNILATERALLY recognizes Palestine as a STATE, giving the Palestinians Jurisdiction over of all of East Jerusalem, and the lands Obama decides are ILLEGAL Settlements?


In 1938, on September 29th . . . British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, SOLD-OUT the Sovereign State of Czechoslovakia, by issuing what was akin at that time to an EXECUTIVE ORDER.

YOU READ THAT RIGHT . . . Chamberlain had NO British Parliamentary Authority to SIGN an AGREEMENT with the NAZIS . . . that SOLD-OUT the Czechs to Nazi SAVAGES . . . or do anything else of the sort.

Chamberlain had NO House of Commons APPROVAL. He had NO Cabinet APPROVAL. There was NO Parliamentary Debate – and NO Parliamentary VOTE. In fact, serious Members of his Conservative Cabinet resigned in DISGUST.


Even though I thought I knew more than many about the History of the Second World War, I NEVER knew this fact until recently . . . which CHILLED me to the BONE.

Just as the British Parliament stood by as EUNUCHS, while Chamberlain did what he wanted to do, WITHOUT Parliamentary Authority . . . we are watching Obama attempting to do NOTHING LESS.


I have to assume that Boehner and Netanyahu decided to stand-up to Obama with the invitation to Netanyahu, to address the Joint Session Of Congress, because they CLEARLY understand HISTORY, and the ABSOLUTE THREAT Obama and his EXECUTIVE ACTIONS pose to Israel and the World as we know it.

IN FACT . . . Netanyahu’s speech to be delivered this coming March, to Congress might be the MOST important speech of my lifetime.

I strongly suggest that you watch this 8-minute YouTube – Video, for a clearer understanding of how close by comparison a LOSER like Chamberlain was . . . to the current LOSER who is about to SELL-OUT ISRAEL.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I love this “Castle Doctrine”. Since there is no racial component to this incident Mr Kaarma may very well “walk”.

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