Time For The Patriots To Rise


I HATE apologizing for being inaccurate. But when I am wrong, I APOLOGIZE.

In my last BLOG, I wrote that Bush Senior was the President when Pollard was arrested and put behind bars. In fact, Bush was Ronald Reagan’s Vice President.

That said . . . I stand by the rest of my editorial concerning Jonathan Pollard’s unfair and inhumane incarceration. And that he is not being held on an issue of PRINCIPLE, law, or threat to the nation.

And as we already know from no shortage of classified leaks, the American government is NOT so squeaky clean when it comes to spying on CLOSE friends and ALLIES, that they can be so Holier-Than-Thou. Just ask the British, the Germans, the French and others.

JUST TO REMIND YOU: I read all the comments and MOST of the emails if they are not too long. And when possible, I respond to the emails. So, please do not think that I’m not paying attention to what you write.


Quite a few visitors to this BLOG have suggested GREAT BBQ eateries in and around Austin. And have invited Anne and myself to join them. So . . . this is what I’m contemplating:

Anyone who wants to join Anne and myself for some great BBQ should send me an email telling me so, and we will make arrangements to have a MEET & GREET for everyone at a BBQ Place in Austin called RUDY’S, where Anne and I had a wonderful time.

If it is just one person or many people who wish to meet, we will make it happen on one specific day in the very near future.


Just prior to the last vote on the Keystone Pipeline, Obama said that the KEYSTONE PIPELINE will ONLY be shipping Canadian Oil South to Texas, to then be shipped off to the international markets. NOT TRUE. Not even a little bit true.

Not only is this just ANOTHER OBAMA LIE, it defies all logic.

Why in the world would the American Oil Industry take Canadian Crude Oil, refine it, and then send it offshore, if they NEED to import oil to replace the Canadian Crude from Venezuela or elsewhere? IT MAKES ZERO ECONOMIC SENSE.

The whole idea of the KEYSTONE PIPELINE to the USA from Alberta Canada . . . is to make North America Energy-SELF-SUFFICIENT, especially at a time when Arab/Moslem oil is UNRELIABLE, and serves to prop-up America-HATERS and Jew-HATERS.

And if the LEFT so detests DICTATORSHIPS, as they say they do, then why in the world wouldn’t they want to stop supporting DICTATORSHIPS, the likes of which control countries like Venezuela, by taking away their principal source of revenue?


And here’s something else that isn’t much talked about. WHO IS FINANCING THE LEFTIST ENVIRONMENTALIST OIL HATERS?

It takes TENS . . . if not HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars to wage such a SUSTAINED multi-media propaganda WAR against American energy self-sufficiency, as we are witnessing.

So ask yourself this . . . Where does that money come from? And who has the MOST to LOSE if America becomes energy self-sufficient? And even MORE . . . what if America starts selling oil abroad?

If it is indeed foreign agencies, which are surreptitiously financing Anti-American energy policies to the detriment of America . . . that would in my book be tantamount to TREASON.



Words like UNDOCUMENTED and DREAMERS are created through PR Firms to mask the TRUTH and diminish the reality. In essence they are TOOLS of State sponsored PROPAGANDA.

After-all . . . who could be against people who are simply UNDOCUMENTED, or young people who are DREAMERS? Don’t we all have dreams?

As Obama said in his first election bid in 2008 . . . WORDS MATTER. Click on this link if you need to be reminded of the BS that comes out of this man’s mouth.

No one REALLY knows how many ILLEGALS there are in America RIGHT NOW. And when the government, which has repeatedly proven itself to be composed of CHEATS and LIARS throw around numbers like eleven million . . . why should anyone believe them?

For all the people know, there might be as many as TWENTY MILLION ILLEGAL people living in America. And amongst the ILLEGALS, there might be no shortage of Arab and Moslem TERRORISTS, since no one REALLY knows?

So . . . when we hear, read, and/or see on TV that Obama is paving a way to make up to FIVE MILLIONundocumented” immigrants LEGAL, they’re blowing smoke.


And when we really have a look at the criteria needed for an ILLEGAL to receive an Obama AMNESTY, because of the way the rules stack-up, anyone can meet these low Obama standards.

It’s not as if the ILLEGALS will have to PROVE they’ve lived in the USA for 5-years. It will be that the government will have to PROVE that they DIDN’T.


By Obama issuing his EXECUTIVE ORDER on giving AMNESTY to MILLIONS of ILLEGALS, he has done THREE things that don’t help him or the Democrats nearly as much as he has helped the Republicans.

1 – A major part of Immigration Reform is really no longer an election issue that will BOG-DOWN the Republicans.

2 – It showed the level of Narcissism of Obama, and his utter disdain for the US Constitution and Division of Powers.

3 – And it gave the Republicans and the CONSERVATIVES within the Republican Party a HUGE target to shoot at without shooting at Immigrants.


I think Jonathan Gruber might be the MOST positive thing that has happened to America in a long time. Because, through him, and his off-guarded HONEST assessment of the STUPIDITY of the American people on the LEFT, he has rung a BELL America has not heard for some 238-years . . . when the last time a BELL such as this was RUNG – was in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

What Obama and the LEFT have done through this OUTRAGEOUS abuse of power, by USURPING the authority of Congress, has opened the door for the Republicans to march through with all LEGISLATIVE GUNS BLAZING.

It’s now just a matter of whether the Republicans have the courage to do what has to be done, or are the COWARDS, which far too many have proven themselves to be over the years.

FRANKLY AND PERHAPS SURPRISINGLY . . . I’m going to bet on the Republican Party doing the RIGHT thing, because it would take enormous effort, even for them to screw this up.

PS – Why do we all take it for granted that Black Americans will RIOT over the Fergusson Court Decision? And what does this say about the Black Community and how White Americans AND THE MEDIA perceive them in such a low light?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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