There Are No Free Rides

If it's worth having, it's worth paying for.


In today’s WORLD, where information is EVERYTHING in the battle for FREEDOM . . . BLOGS like mine disseminate the type of thinking that is common amongst reasonable Conservatives everywhere, who care about the truth, and understand the consequences of OVERREACH by government through LIES and INNUENDO.


I am in some respects a victim of my own success, which leaves me with a conundrum, which you can help me decide . . . upon my future course of action.

Maintaining this Web Site is becoming a FULL-TIME JOB, and a personal expense that is more than just somewhat. SO WHAT SHOULD I DO?

It seems that there is NO MAGIC FORMULA anyone has yet to figure-out . . . about how to MONETIZE Blogs and Media Websites in general.


To help raise money to keep the BLOG affordable, I can add aggravating GOOGLE ads, which would severely detract from the message, and open the BLOG to advertisers, services, and products I really wouldn’t want associated with the serious topics this BLOG covers.

To me – the preceding is not an option. So, it comes down to simplicity in itself.


NONE of which includes NOT writing this BLOG.

MY first choice is to CONTINUE to have as many people as possible read this BLOG, so that as many people as conceivable can have the comfort of knowing that we (they) are not alone in our OPINIONS.

Maybe I’m being a bit too narcissistic to think this way . . . but I kind of think of this BLOG as it DEVELOPS and GROWS is a RALLYING POINT FOR CONSERVATIVES. And the MORE people I reach the better it is for all of us.

I KEEP ON WRITING THAT THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES – so this is where the rubber might be hitting the road.

THEREFORE . . . my first choice is to ask EVERYONE who reads this BLOG to voluntarily contribute a NOMINAL amount of financial support as is affordable. I KNOW THAT MOST PEOPLE WON’T . . . But I am hoping that enough will.

And if enough people PONY-UP and offer whatever support they can afford, even if it’s just $5, which is the first amount on the SUPPORT OPTION on PayPal . . . that can make a difference.

It’s as easy as PIE to support this Website, and take some considerable weight off my shoulders, simply by clicking on the HOW TO SUPPORT BUTTON.

The SUPPORT Options range from $5 to $1000. And if you aren’t into PayPal, you can send a check or money order to:


PO BOX 17, Williamstown

Ontario, Canada K0C 2J0

MY SECOND OPTION . . . is to make the DIRECTORY available ONLY to people who PAY TO SUBSCRIBE, which wouldn’t stop people from visiting the BLOG whenever they would want to check for the MOST recent Editorials. But I would really prefer not to do that.


I certainly do NOT what to delete the DIRECTORY, NOR do I want to arbitrarily limit the number of people who would receive the NOTICES of new Editorials, so it’s up to you.

If you think that supporting this BLOG . . . to the TUNE of just $5 – or whatever you can afford every now and then, perhaps as often as JUST once a month is worth it to you . . . and if enough people agree that it is, then that will be the OPTION that everyone can enjoy – INCLUDING ME.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this Editorial.

PS – There are people who already help support this BLOG, but they are just too few in number. Nonetheless, their SUPPORT could NOT be MORE welcome, And I could NOT be more GRATEFUL to them.

There are THOUSANDS of people in the Directory, but only a few who contribute. It would be nice if a few more would.

PS – Anne, Stryker, April and I will be on the road to Austin Texas by Saturday (November 15, 2015) morning, and will have limited WiFi. But, I will read and try to respond to your emails and COMMENTS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard, now that our email connection is re-established, I shall be able to read all your fantastic editorials. You were correct to say that the Chinese numeral for four does also mean “death” & the Americans are suffering from “double-death”. It was rather remiss of the Americans to allow this person to be the American President for two terms – it just shows you how enticing Socialism can be and how easy it is for citizens of any country to fall for the “something for nothing” philosophy.

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