NOT Until The Fighting Stops


It’s easy from the COMMENTS and many emails I’ve received concerning my last Editorial, to see to what depth the American Conservative population has sunk in their National CONFIDENCE, based on how DEFEATIST the people have become.

Instead of seeing the VERY REAL possibility (probability) that the GOOD-GUYS (Conservatives) will win the mid-term elections in a BIG WAY, what many seem to see is DEFEAT.


When I was a much younger man, I used to fight in Karate Tournaments. And from time to time I got into it during Hockey Games. Or as a result of a bit of too much testosterone in a bar (not proud of it), where I’d go to FIST CITY over something that wasn’t worth the memory, let alone the effort and bruises.

BUT . . . in each case of DUKING-IT-OUT, no matter what the reason, there was a common thread . . . if you think you’re going to lose before the fists even begin to fly, you might as well put your tail between your legs and run away as fast as you can – ‘CAUSE YOU’VE ALREADY LOST.


The LEFT do BEST in unfair fights, where they can cheat, steal, lie, BUSHWHACK and intimidate. And by giving up the fight before the fighting even begins, and the body-blows are even counted, when we SURRENDER to the LEFT under those conditions, we play right into all of their nasty strengths.


For as long as we’ve recorded history, the GOOD-GUYS . . . THAT’S USHAVE ALWAYS WON THE BIG BATTLES, or else there wouldn’t be a civilized society anywhere on the planet.

It doesn’t matter which HORRIBLE people and DESPICABLE nations did what to whom, when and where. The GOOD-GUYS have always persevered.

We BEAT the NAZIS in-spite of all those who cowered in the presence of NAZI EVIL. We defeated the Communists and tore apart the Iron Curtain . . . NOT to forget all the other MANY Evils, we the GOOD-GUYS have vanquished over the MILLENNIA.


The LEFT who are NOT HARDCORE . . . are OPPORTUNISTS, very much like BUZZARDS, who more or less want the FREE RIDE with SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING. But, if they REALLY have to work for it . . . it’s not in their DNA.

All the MANY people who turned out to vote for the LEFT in 2008 and 2012 came out to vote for the FREE RIDE. They came out to vote for the FIRST Black President who promised them the MOON, the SUN and the STARS, who not only did NOT deliver, but in fact, made things MUCH worse for the FREEBIE-EATERS.

GUARANTEED . . . there will be no shortage of LEFTISTS and other assorted ideologues and political DUMMIES who will turn out to vote for the Democrats on November 4, 2014.

GUARANTEED . . . There will be no shortage of cheating, lying and intimidation on behalf of LEFTIST BUSHWHACKERS.

AND GUARANTEED . . . There will be UNFAIR Media pushing the LEFTIST Agenda.


1 – The Conservatives are much better prepared today than they were in either 2008 or 2012.

2 – The SOFT-MINDED FREEBIE-EATERS won’t be turning out in BIG numbers for the Democrats, since there’s nothing in it for them.

3 – The FOOLS in the political CENTER, who bought the LEFTIST rhetoric of EMPTY promises of Hope and Change with all the other Obama and LEFTIST Crapola have lost HOPE, and are not particularly impressed with the CHANGE they got.

IN A NUTSHELL . . . Whomever wants it MOST will win. And as I see it, the MOST motivated side in this debate for the FUTURE of America stands squarely on the RIGHT.

It is indeed true that I might be wrong about the outcome of the MID-TERM elections. But I really don’t think so. AND AT THE VERY LEAST, I DON’T SURRENDER, NOT EVEN AFTER THE FIGHTING IS DONE, let alone BEFORE the fighting even begins.


WE’VE GOT TO STOP FEELING SORRY FOR OURSELVES . . . I’m certain that I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I’ve lost at so many different things I’ve tried, BUT WHAT I DO KNOW FOR A FACT . . . is that I NEVER gave-up. I NEVER will give up. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’ve heard the word “impeachment”. Yes please! As a Canadian, I love The U.S.A.
    (our “Uncle Sam”) too much to watch it die.

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