They’ll hate you whether you win or lose. So you might as well win.

When you ask . . . from President Obama on down, how many undocumented (ILLEGAL) Immigrants are really in the USA. He and they don’t know. Or pretend they don’t know. Or say that there are no ILLEGAL Immigrants, just Undocumented Immigrants. Or they will just outright lie about it.

If you were to ask anyone in authority in the President’s (Obama) Office how many undocumented (ILLEGAL) Immigrant children are crossing the border every day, or have already crossed the border. They don’t know. Or will lie about it.

When you ask the President (Obama) or anyone from his Office what exactly they will do with the $3.7 BILLION they say they need to deal with the explosion of undocumented (ILLEGAL) Immigrant children. They don’t know. Or at least they can’t pinpoint any of it. Or will lie about it.

If you were to ask the President (Obama) or any of his sycophants how many Americans are REALLY unemployed or underemployed, he and they can’t give you a straight answer. Well actually they can. But they won’t.

If you were to ask the President (Obama) and all of his National Security People to give you the full details of the MURDER of some 300 Passengers on the shot-down Malaysian Passenger Plane over Ukraine . . . as in: Who did it? And who’s going to be held responsible?

They can’t answer that either, since there must be a detailed and thorough investigation before they can come to “proper” conclusions.

If you were to ask the President (Obama), his national Security People, the State Department, the UN and all of Europe exactly how many people in Syria have been murdered on either side, how many millions have been wounded, how many hundreds of thousands or even millions of girls and women who have been raped on either side, they won’t even guess.

If you were to ask the President (Obama) and all of the President’s Men how many Christians were just driven out of the new Islamic State carved-out of Iraq and Syria at the threat of instant conversion to Islam or absolute DEATH, they don’t seem to have a clue, much less an interest.

If you were to ask the President (Obama) for a serious answer on how far the Iranians have gone towards their goal of becoming a NUCLEAR BOMB Nation, in SPITE of Obama and Kerry’s Keystone Cop routine . . . it would be like, DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY.

MILLIONS of men women and CHILDREN are mercilessly being beaten, raped and murdered throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa . . . and hardly anyone cares or whispers a peep.

A CIVILIAN Passenger Plane is shot out of the sky with almost 300 (298) men, women and children on board, and the WORLD knows WHO DID IT, but they need more investigations to say the obvious.

America is under siege on her OWN Southern Border . . . and the BEST Obama and his government can do is blame the Conservatives for not kneeling to Obama’s WILL on Immigration Reforms.

IN ALL REALITY . . . The world is cascading towards PERDITION, while Obama plays golf, gives speeches at Democrat Fund Raisers, and the rest of the world holds USELESS self gratifying meetings pretending that they’re really doing something to keep it all together.

BUT . . . ASK OBAMA – OR ANY OF THE OTHER BAD ACTORS about any of the REALLY serious atrocities being perpetrated upon humanity which I’ve listed above, and all you will get, will be KERRY-STYLE VERBAL DRIVEL.

NOW . . . ASK THEM ABOUT PALESTINIAN CASUALTIES, and they’ll tell you the numbers to the person. They’ll tell you how many children were injured and or killed. They’ll tell you how many Palestinian civilians were injured and/or killed, AND WHY ISRAEL IS RESPONSIBLE.

They’ll tell you all about how Palestinians are suffering because of Israel. Where the children and civilians were harmed. They’ll show you no shortage of HEINOUS photos and videos, the MORE grotesque the better of mangled Palestinian Children, whether they are true or not is unimportant, just to DRIVE home what kind of MONSTERS the Israelis really are.

But they couldn’t tell you SQUAT about murdered Christians at the hands of Islamists. They couldn’t tell you about the millions of wounded and displaced Syrians, or how many Syrian children have been murdered or orphaned, or how many Syrian girls and women have been RAPED.


Here’s TINY Israel, which has made more contributions to the condition of the entire world on a per capita basis, MORE than any country on the PLANET, including the USA, which is FIGHTING for its EXISTENCE . . . which is the focus of a world cascading towards the gates of HELL being held to a standard no country on earth would ever have to achieve.

Welcome to the NEW 1930’s, where the word Israel is the twenty-first century replacement for the word Jew.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen I say. I agree with everything you have written. And, aren’t a good many people who come from middle-eastern countries doing the same thing here in Canada?

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