Buried In BS Up To Our Necks


I haven’t written anything about the Malaysian Plane Shot Down over Ukraine. Nor have I written about the Israeli incursion into Gaza, since it is all like a bad dream that simply repeats.

We see, read and hear the usual crap all over the Media, especially on the LEFTIST Media where it’s nothing more and nothing less than full regurgitation,

Israel must show RESTRAINT. And with every report on the violence in Gaza, comes the prerequisite photos and stories of killed or wounded Palestinian children.

And as far as the downed Malaysian plane and all the murdered passengers . . . NOTHING!

Think about this for a second. Putin and Russia murdered nearly 300 people, even though it was not Putin who pushed the missile launch button himself HE IS NO LESS CULPABLE.

SO WHAT’S OBAMA’S GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Obama’s demanding an investigation. Now isn’t that going to scare the crap- out of Putin?

Yet . . . let one Palestinian child get killed because he or she was PLACED in the line of FIRE by Palestinian fighters (cowards), or were used as human shields, AND THAT’S THE BIG STORY. Not that the children were INTENTIONALLY placed in HARM’S way, but that Israel KILLED them.

I read as much of the mainstream media as I can stomach, so I know what the majority are reading, and whether it’s the AP, Reuters, Washington Post etc, you would believe that IT’S ALL ISRAEL’S FAULT.

There isn’t a story that doesn’t lead with the suffering caused to the “POOR” Palestinians by the Israel juggernaut. And how Israel must TEMPER their aggression. And how this is overkill by Israel. And how Israel is Goliath taking on the little DAVID Palestinians.


Here’s the bottom line as I see it.

If the Palestinians want a fight, start a fight, and indiscriminately target civilians, THEN THEY SHOULD GET WHAT THEY DESERVE. And if Israel does anything less than CRUSH the Palestinian TERRORISTS no matter what, then Israel will inevitably get what they deserve.


I have recently received emails from people who are thrilled that famed Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has come out SCREAMING in favor of Israel against Hamas.

So in a word – this is my take on Dershowitz . . . SCREW HIM!

While it is true that Dershowitz has always been in his mind a defender of Israel’s RIGHT to exist, he has also been a RANK LEFTIST, supporting all the JERKS who wanted to be nice to people whose only intention was to MURDER as many Jews as they could.

If Dershowitz was indeed so smart, and really thought with his head opposed to his oversized EGO, why in the world would he have so enthusiastically SUPPORTED a piece of work like Barack Obama, not just in 2008 . . . BUT ALSO in 2012?

Here’s a verbatim quote of a Dershowitz article that was published in the Jerusalem Post on November 1, 2012:

“The case for the reelection of Barack Obama is a compelling one, based not only on his past record but on the specific policies he has proposed for the next four years.”

“President Obama has earned my vote on the basis of his excellent judicial appointments, his consensus building foreign policy and the improvements he has brought about in the disastrous economy he inherited.”

Does this opinion of Dershowitz about Obama, in an Israeli Newspaper no less, make you feel good about anything he might have to say?


1 – Surround yourself with people of Conservative LIKE-MINDEDNESS.

2 – Close out the NOISE from the LEFT. It will just make you nuts.

3 – Go with your GUT, because that’s probably the most reliable sense we all have.

4 – And as uncomfortable as this might be . . . HOPE for the BEST. But PREPARE for the WORST.

Watching the world unfold as we are doing now, is so surreal, that it’s hard to believe that we’re not living a dream, from which we will wake up and everything will be better.

DON’T FORGET THIS . . . Together – surrounded by Like-Minded Conservative Friends with REAL values, there is no reason why we should not persevere.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Maybe it is time to revisit Texas VS White??
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