I Haven’t Given-UP


It’s been a while since my last editorial (this sounds like the beginning of a dialogue in a Confessional), but I’ve been very preoccupied.

Anne and I are in the process of selling the farm, and it’s hay season, which means that my hands are covered in grease far more than they are not. And I am far more often under haymaking equipment adjusting and fixing, than I am in front of the KEYBOARD.

And anyone who knows anything about MAKING hay . . . knows that you do it when the sun shines, in spite of anything else you might have to do. And now, at least for a few days, the sun is shining.

One of my neighbors gave me a huge break on Thursday (June 19, 2014), and cut about 10 acres of hay in our fields with his very large DISCBINE, which took him about three hours, opposed to me doing it with a HAYBINE, that generally takes me TWELVE.

On Friday (June 20, 2014), I TEDDED the field. This Saturday (June 21, 2014), in about two hours from now (11:00 am) I will RAKE the field into neat WINDROWS. And on Sunday, we will start BALING just before noon with the help of THREE strong young men, and ONE really strong young woman, all of whom know what it is to do hay.

And by Sunday night or Monday noon, it will all be done (about 600 bales) and stored away for a year’s worth of hay for our two big horses and one pony.


I’m not going to rehash all the incredible things that have happened in the past few weeks; from Ukraine to Iraq, Iran, Syria, porous Southern American borders, and GOD only knows wherever else Obama has so screwed-up anywhere his influence has spread. BUT . . .


1 – I don’t care about all the crap Hillary Clinton and her acolytes spew, because it’s all just a load of BS . . . EXCEPT for her one comment that more than anything else makes her ABSOLUTELY wrong to ever be the President of the USA . . . AND REFLECTS WHAT’S WRONG WITH MOST PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT.

In a recent interview . . . Hillary Clinton made the POINT that when she and Bill Clinton left the White House, they were “DEAD BROKE”.

I’ve been DEAD BROKE in my life. Many of my friends at one time or another while trying to establish themselves . . . had also been DEAD BROKE. And it pains me to say this, but many of the people who are reading this BLOG might be DEAD BROKE or close to it.

And many of the people who lived comfortable lives until people in government LIKE HER got their hands on the Public Cookie Jar, and went wild with layers upon layers of REGULATIONS, are also as a result DEAD BROKE too, especially people who have become retired who DON’T have Public Sector Pensions.

When the Clintons left the White House, they left with enormous salaries, perks, pensions and a Presidential Library that places no restrictions or tax implications whatsoever on how the former President decides to play with the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of unrestricted and unaccountable dollars, which comes in from all of the Presidents former “friends” . . . like Saudi Arabia.

ALSO . . . PEOPLE WHO ARE DEAD BROKE don’t leave a job with enough money to buy not just one luxury property, but TWO properties worth more than a MILLION dollars each.


Anyone who can make such a claim in light of all the facts IS NOT FIT TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in spite of all the supposed qualifications she professes to have.

So . . . FORGET about Benghazi. FORGET about the ludicrous Russian Reset Button. FORGET about how she screwed-over Israel. And FORGET about how neither she nor anyone else in Obama’s government or amongst her most ardent fans can point to just one diplomatic success Hillary Clinton can hang her hat on. NOT ONE.

SO . . . FORGET ALL ABOUT THAT STUFF, and just focus on how out-of-touch she is with the American people. And how out of whack she is with the reality that most people face everyday. And that is all anyone needs to know why NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton.

But . . . it’s not just Hillary Clinton, even though she is the poster-girl for arrogance, deceit, cold heartedness, immoral ambition, GREED, lies and incompetence, she is ONLY reflective of most people serving in government at all levels, which is the scariest reality of all.


The above headline is not sensationalism. It is true.

By not accepting the XL Pipeline, Canada has had no choice whatsoever but to start the final process of building a massive pipeline from the Province of Alberta across (through) the Canadian Rockies to the Province of British Columbia, to be loaded with Oil Sands Crude onto SUPER-TANKERS for export to China.

Not only is this insanity on behalf of Obama, it borders on a direct attack from the White House on the NATIONAL SECURITY of the USA, as the oil producing nations throughout the Middle East and within Moslem Asia TEETER on collapse.


Obama has decided to enforce a USA First Doctrine . . . AGAINST Canada, which if not outright violates the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiated and agreed upon with every President from Ronald Reagan to George W Bush, it certainly demolishes the goodwill and spirit of it.

Canada is America’s SINGLE LARGEST TRADING PARTNER. Our purchases from the USA are greater than any other country including CHINA.


Canada sells just under THREE HUNDRED BILLION dollars to the USA each year.

America sells just under THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE BILLION dollars to Canada each year . . . for a TRADE surplus of MORE than TWENTY-FIVE BILLION dollars to the benefit of the USA.

Is business that good in the USA . . . that Obama feels he can tell America’s BEST Friend and trading partner to piss-up-a-rope?

Once this America FIRST Doctrine goes into effect, Canada will suffer enormously at the hands of a LEFTIST regime that dislikes two things about my country:

1 – Canada is governed by a Conservative Prime Minister (Stephen harper) who is not an Obama Butt-Kisser . . . who also might be Israel’s best friend in the entire world.

2 – Canada is not playing Obama’s suicidal game, of let’s starve and freeze the people, so we can be the greenest place on earth.


Ontario, Canada’s largest Province with approximately THIRTEEN million people just reelected (June 12, 2014) the most incompetent, corrupt and egregious political party (LIBERALS) in perhaps all of Canada’s political history . . . in spite of massive debts, deficits, tax increases, energy costs through the roof, police investigations for corruption and huge job losses.

NINE million people were on the voters list . . . but just about half voted. Thirty-Eight percent of the half who voted, voted for the Liberals, which meant that more than SIXTY PERCENT in a three Party race voted AGAINST the Liberals.


If only HALF of the eligible Voters voted, than it really means, ONLY about TWENTY PERCENT of the eligible Voters in Ontario actually voted for this TRAIN WRECK.

I am absolutely convinced that in Ontario, as well as the USA, and the rest of Canada, the LEFT will crush themselves once the MAKERS have finally had enough, and the BABY BOOMERS inevitably run out of enough money to live on.

And that day is approaching much sooner rather than later.

Even though I personally thank everyone by email or printed letter who sends in financial support, I still want to PUBLICLY thank all the people who are helping to support this BLOG and the things we try to do . . . SO THANK YOU.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. All of this and not to mention that the Clintons moved into the White House with one moving van from Arkansas and left with four. Those extra three were loaded with her choice pieces from OUR White House. They are stealing our money and furnishings.

  2. You missed “Hilieree’s”real handy work….Vincent Foster. I should think Canada should wait on the pipe line, if the GOP
    gets both houses, the pipe line to Texas will happen. Impeachment is not worth the effort, it was done to Willie, so
    what, his occupancy in the Castle lived on to the end of his term. The GOP needs to flood BHO2 with Bills and let him
    veto away for all America to see. Good luck with the Farm.

  3. Hillary was probably dodging bullets when she made the “dead broke” comment! Never, ever give up. OK?

  4. You always hit the nail on the head with your editorials. We all hope that you are right and we can have a much more conservative government soon enough that a recognizable U.S. will survive. I’m so pleased that ya’ll like Texas. Out here in East Texas we think of Austin as the San Fransisco of Texas so it really doesn’t represent most of us.

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