We’re Coming To The End Of The Road


Just as a reminder . . . I read all the COMMENTS and appreciate the opinions, and thank the people who take the time to so eloquently express themselves.


As I wrote in a preceding editorial, the Province of Ontario, where Anne and I live is going to the Polls on June 12, 2014 for a general election. The choices facing all Ontario residents are stark:

The LEFT in Ontario (Liberals and NDP) has doomed the Province to DEBT by charging OBSCENE rates for province-controlled electricity, gargantuan public sector salaries, perks, retirement pensions and all sorts of entitlements.

The LEFT has stripped away virtually all-entrepreneurial incentives as they simultaneously create MOUNTAINS of regulations and high taxes for operating a business. Predominantly a small to medium size business.

The Conservatives have PLEDGED in writing to eliminate 100,000 Public Sector jobs, and to bring Public Sector salaries, perks and retirement in line with the Private Sector. They have promised NOT to finance private enterprises, and to subcontract as much of public sector work as possible so as not to grow the already BLOATED bureaucracy.

They have also promised NOT to grow the debt or the cost of government.


Ontario’s Principal Police Force (OPP), whose task it is to police all of Ontario’s highways, small communities that don’t have local police, and to investigate serious crimes ranging from murder, racism, terrorism, fraud and suspected provincial government corruption is a force to be reckoned with.

As far as the OPP goes, they are very important players in the overall culture of Ontario. So, what does it say when this powerful government agency responsible for delivering JUSTICE in Ontario takes out ads AGAINST a political Party, because they don’t like that Party’s platform of COST CUTTING measures?

Not ONLY is the OPP a powerful agent of the Ontario government, they are also one of the BEST paid amongst the Public Sector, with an average salary including perks, overtime, paid days off and MORE . . . that exceeds $100,000 per year per officer.

I won’t even touch on their obscene RETIREMENT benefits.

And in their contract . . . it is written that they MUST be the HIGHEST paid police force in Ontario. Not that they should be paid for performance, competence . . . etcetera – Just that they should be paid the MOST.

This is what happens when the LEFT takes control and the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch gets to pick successive governments.


I have written many times that I don’t think every Canadian should vote. And that goes for America as well.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think people who are living off welfare should vote, since they are living off a system they have every reason to want to perpetuate.

I don’t think convicts should vote. I think when people are taken out of society, who have lost their FREEDOM for committing criminal acts, voting should not be one of their RIGHTS.

And . . . I also don’t think people who can’t pass a simple LITMUS test, such as being able to name the THREE main political Parties . . . and in which city the House of Commons is located should be allowed to vote. Or for this election, where Queen’s Park is located.

In the case of America, the test could be as simple as naming three consecutive past Presidents, and in which City is the Capital Building located.

Our countries are already suffering under an enormous weight of political ignorance and apathy from the people. So, why do we expect to elect good people to government when amongst the electorate, there are so many stupid and uninformed individuals who feed off the system rather than contribute to it?


Anne and I voted in the early Polls the other day, and to be able to vote, we had to have our names on the Voters’ List and PRESENT proper ID.

So, when I hear this BOGUS argument from the LEFT in America, that forcing VOTER ID to be able to vote is DISCRIMINATORY and racist against Blacks, Hispanics and the Poor, I have to shake my head in disgust.

If anyone is DISCRIMINATORY . . . it is the LEFT, who believes that Black Americans, Latinos and Poor people are too STUPID or incapable of registering themselves to vote.

And if the LEFT is right about Blacks, Hispanics and Poor people being incapable of registering themselves to vote in order to prevent FRAUD, then they really shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because they are either too LAZY or too STUPID to be trusted to decide on the future of society.


I am absolutely convinced that our societies have crossed the line of no return. We have become far too indebted financially and morally to save ourselves through the normal election process.

The future for our societies will be decided after the collapse, when the weight of bad government, businesses, banks and labor that are deemed to be TOO BIG TO FAIL, and unsupportable entitlements bring it all crashing upon our heads.

And once we reach this point, it will be a whole different dynamic.


Anne and I are in the process of selling our farm, it’s just too much work for us to maintain, since we are not getting any younger. And as magnificent as our farm is, we’ve decided to make a wholesale change to our lifestyle.

AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION . . . anyone who is worried about what will happen to our horses once we sell, DON’T.

The horses are family. And we’ve already made arrangements with very good friends of ours to board them at their incredible stable. The horses will continue to live in the pampered lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. Besides, they’re Anne’s horses and she would have it no other way.

Our preference is to stay in the same rural area where we currently live in Ontario, but, if the LEFT wins the June 12, 2014 election, it is quite likely that we will not only leave Ontario, but possibly leave Canada for the USA, to live in a Conservative State where the sun shines and the temperature is warm year round.

I’m always willing to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT and put it on the line for people who deserve a champion, but not when the majority is very much on the wrong side, and most people just don’t care enough to get involved.

I will end this editorial with a quote from my good friend Pastor Gary Burd of the M25 Mission of Hope Riders, who said in his COMMENT on the last editorial:

“I will not choose the road of safety, comfort and ease, even if all around me do! Keep writing!! It is not about what they do but what I do that matters to me.”

Words we should all think about.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You and Anne owe it to yourselves to check out Sedona, AZ. Not as stifling hot as Phoenix is in the summer, Sedona is ideal for folks who love a rural lifestyle along with the benefits of small city living.

  2. I am disturbed with what is happening in the USA these days. The the mobs and the leftists do not accept or honor courts decisions that do not favor blacks’ sentiments and wild wishes. Has democracy failed us, each is doing his own thing or runs out arm twisting a whole nation. May be we are not mature enough to abide by the rules of democracy. May be an iron hand that would establish law and order for all would be next!

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