Talking The Talk . . . NOT WALKING THE WALK


If TALKING-THE-TALK . . . better than everyone else can, displays a level of extreme competency, Barack Obama is without question the MOST competent President and World Leader we have ever seen.

Regrettably though . . . TALKING-THE-TALK is trash by any other name.

I won’t bore you with the litany of Obama Failures and outright LIES, because if you’re reading this BLOG, you already know most of them, and perhaps more than I do, but I will focus on just one incident that has just happened.


Sunday May 25, 2014 . . . to celebrate and commemorate MEMORIAL DAY, Obama flew to Afghanistan to be seen standing with his troops, where he made yet another patented YES WE CAN Obama PLATITUDE.

The fact that Obama took such valuable time away from schmoozing with the Stars, fundraising, appearing on LEFTIST television shows and playing golf, says that his SPIN DOCTORS think he needs to start acting a little Presidential for the cameras.

I really don’t know why Obama made this very long and expensive trip on Air Force One, since he really had no message for anyone, that he couldn’t have made from wherever in the USA, other than perhaps wanting to feel a little Presidential, and wear the cool leather military jacket in front of the handpicked Obama supporter troops, which were used as his backdrop yelling HOORAH on cue to emphasize specific scripted talking points.


All the lies and distortions that have come from Obama’s White House, are finally coming back to bite this BS’er-In-Chief in the ass . . . BIG TIME. And he’s too STUPID to understand the consequences.

Because he’s the epitome of being a NARCISSIST, Obama is literally incapable of understanding that he’s become transparent, and that his lies and contradictions are exposed for everyone to see.

In his manic EGOTISM, Obama still believes that America is BLESSED to have him as America’s Commander-In-Chief, and it is as much YES WE CAN today, as it was in 2008, and if the crowds aren’t fawning all over him, it’s simply because they’ve become used to his greatness.


When I saw and heard Obama speaking in front of the troops in Afghanistan, I didn’t see a President or a Commander-In-Chief. What and who I saw was a pretender telling the men and woman who have sworn to fight for him, suffer for him, kill for him and DIE for him . . . that his LEADERSHIP of the TROOPS is his NUMBER ONE commitment as President, while at the same time, the men and women he professes to LOVE so much are dying at home in the USA through government medical NEGLECT THAT HE HAS IGNORED FOR SIX LONG YEARS.

Here’s a man so devoid of truth and reality, that he could stand in front of America’s BRAVE and TRUE, telling them that they are his NUMBER ONE concern as President, while he does NOTHING, and did NOTHING to help them in their hour of NEED.

Only a mentally sick piece-of-work like Obama, could possibly do and say such a thing, and probably mean it for the second while the words were coming out of his mouth, while LITERALLY, all Americans from whichever Party loyalty are AGHAST with the horrors that are coming to light from the Veteran’s Affairs Department.


With every passing day, the people are awakening to the nightmare they elected in 2008 and then again in 2012. And with every passing day, the people who fought tooth and nail to keep Obama from being elected are becoming more and more energized to rid America of the influence and power of this Presidential CANCER.

And by the time the 2014 Mid-Term elections take place in November (just 6 moths away), the DEMOCRATS will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, because, it’s only going to get worse for them as more details of lies and failed leadership come to the surface, that NONE amongst the political LEFT will be able to escape.

I’m happy that Obama made that speech on Sunday May 25, 2014, so everyone who saw it, who had half a brain, could see for themselves just how disconnected this Pretender in the White House really is, and by extension, the people in government who have given him the support and cover he needed to do so much harm to America.

The MORE Obama is seen and heard . . . The BETTER it will be for the future of America.

THE FIRST STEP TO RECOVERY . . . is admitting that you have a problem. Perhaps America’s somewhat Liberal Thinkers, are about to take the first step.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m so disgusted with his meaningless, hypocritical speeches, I jump for my mute button whenever he appears on TV. Ironically, in typical dictatorship fashion, he sugar coats his public words, while secretly planning attacks on his critics.

  2. Right on…& Carl from Quebec you need to do a little more research..the VA problem goes back to the 1970’s

  3. Howard I couldn’t help but comment on this editorial–it hit me right in the face when you said that police (down the road) will not stop black drivers, will not arrive for black on black crime!!! I just told my Husband a few days ago this very same thing. This is part of how I would solve this impossible problem. Believe me, as you already know, the blacks will suffer in the long run, however, they have asked for this. I am still amazed at how much alike we think. Great editorial as usual

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