Whether to RUN or NOT has been an extremely difficult decision for me to make. And even at this point, while I’m writing this editorial, I’m still not 100% certain that I’ve made the right decision. But certain enough to have made it.

Anne (my wife of 41-years) has stuck with me through thick and thin. She stayed by my side as our financial world collapsed near the beginning of our marriage, because of poorly made business decisions on my part.

Anne never deserted me, not even as I led the fight against Ethnocentric Nationalism in Quebec, that openly denied FREEDOM of Expression to the people, where the French Quebecois Government, which was aided and abetted by Quebec (Montreal) Quisling Anglos, even though the French openly advocated against Quebec’s English Minority (AND STILL DOES).

Anne didn’t say BOO, when the police came to our home to take her out, for her own safety, because of kidnap threats against her, because of my unrelenting stand against the Quebecois Government and their STREET-THUG supporters.

And when it came to paying for 24-hour armed security over a period of years, with money we didn’t have . . . to protect her, the farm and the animals from violent threats, she stood stoically by me.

And even though her absolute private wish was for me to leave the fighting and activism to others. SHE NEVER SAID A DISPARAGING WORD.


Even now, at 64-years old, I can’t help myself. I can’t sit or stand-idly-by watching government BULLIES and minority THUGS in the guise of Liberalism run roughshod over the people, only to feather their own privileged nests by taking away from others to give to themselves.

So . . . I took a personal inventory over the past few weeks about my life, the life of my wife, and how a run for OFFICE will impact upon everything.

I weighed all of the COMMENTS, including the ones no one saw, which were sent directly and privately to me through Email.

Some of the COMMENTS were very disappointing . . . especially the ones that said NOT to run because it wouldn’t make a difference. And others that said NOT to run because it would split the vote. Those are NOT reasons NOT to run.

In general however, the vast majority of COMMENTS and Emails were extremely helpful, uplifting and encouraging. And in a great measure, did contribute to influence my final decision.


1 – If I run, there is barely a chance that I could win. So, do I really want to spend all that time, energy and money just to be in the game?

2 – If I were to win, what could I do in Office that I can’t do out of Office?

3 – Would becoming a Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament really give me a bigger voice than that which I have now or can develop as I reach more people through Galganov.com and the Pledge Ride?

4 – Do I have the stomach to go door to door, literally BEGGING people to give me their support above and beyond the other candidates, who will give them nothing other than a story to win an election . . . far more for themselves than for the people?

5 – Do I really want to be locked in a month of never ending debates with people I disdain, only to see the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch carry the day because there are more of them, than there are of us?

6 – FINALLY . . . What about Anne? Haven’t I put her through enough?

Anne made it abundantly clear to me, when I first broached the subject with her about the possibility of me running in this campaign, that she will support me as always. That she would take care of all the mountains of Election Regulations Paperwork, and the very difficult, aggravating, and complicated Election Accounting Finance Reporting.




After writing my last editorial (May 9, 2014), that had to do with FRIENDSHIP and VALUES, especially after writing the last line . . . But – that which brings us together . . . MAKES US INSEPARABLE – I realized something that I’ve been preaching for quite a while, but have lost sight of for myself . . .

I realized that our strength is not in playing the POLITICAL-GAME. But rather, it is in living our lives in OPPOSITION to the political status-quo.

It is in STRENGTHENING our Conservative RELATIONSHIPS with people who share our VALUES, in spite of our differences in Race, Religion, Gender, Financial Status, Geography . . . etcetera – that will give us the inevitable and ultimate strength to march to victory.

No matter who gets into power . . . he, she, they – will always be obliged to serve the LEFT, until the weight of the LEFT crashes our societies upon themselves.

And as I watch the debates unfolding throughout North America, all that I see, is little more than a society that has learned nothing, and is learning nothing, as all Parties continue to play the Political Game on their road to PERDITION.

I don’t want to be on that road. And I don’t want to be on any part of their journey. What I do want . . . is what I already have now, amongst people whose VALUES I treasure and share.

On Thursday (May 8, 2014), because the fields were finally dry enough after this wretched winter, it was the first day that I could get out on our hay fields to Chain Harrow the grassy debris left-over after the spring thaw left the ground surface, which is a boring task that takes hours, listening primarily to the engine of the tractor, and the rattle of the Chain Harrow being pulled behind, giving me plenty of time with my thoughts.

So, as frustrating as it is for me to be on the outside looking in at the political process, that’s how ENCOURAGING it is for me to know that I’m standing on the RIGHT side of the Conservative Fence.

And that’s why I’ve decided to be SELFISH and NOT to run. I don’t have to sacrifice, even more of myself and Anne for the LEFT, to do and say the things that must and should be said and done for the people whose VALUES I care most about.

ONCE AGAIN . . . THANK YOU for your COMMENTS, Emails, Concerns and Advice.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you for the candid look into your self examination.
    Your value as a writee in “opposition” and ‘advocate’ is highly valued by more than myself.
    Please keep on…J

  2. I understand One against the establishment, no matter from where it comes, is a voice of freedom and rarely heard, It must be heard. Perhaps the most cost and emotionally effective route is to attack the system from outside. You know best because you are there. No matter what your decision, we are with you. Just lead us and tell us what we must do.

  3. I am not religious, but I pray that the American Conservatives use to their fullest the powers which have been endowed to them last November by the US electorate. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening if the grotesque impostor in the White House does not get impeached (deposed would be a more appropriate term). Unfortunately again, the victors seem to be afraid of taking the bull by the horns. Happy Hannukah, dear Howard.

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