I absolutely LOVE the COMMENTS Section of the Website, not because it gives people access to voice their opinions to me, since that access has always been there through emails.

But rather, because it gives the THOUSANDS of people who read this Website access to the opinions of people just like them.

Even though dozens of people from all across the United States, Canada, and from other places around the world publish their opinions openly in the COMMENT Section, far more still send emails directly to me for whatever reason.

I guess there are some people who want me to know what they are thinking, but don’t want to share their thoughts on the World Wide Web, and that’s OK, since I still read just about everything that’s sent to me. AND I DO READ ALL THE COMMENTS.

BEFORE I CONTINUE . . . A great many people have sent emails asking where they can send their check for me to run. DON’T. ONLY Canadian Citizens who reside in Ontario can legally contribute to an Ontario election.

And the ONLY time I can receive political donations, is once I declare, register, and set-up a campaign bank account. But first . . . I have to make that decision on whether or not I will run.


The vast majority of COMMENTS and emails encourage me to run as an Independent, which I will attempt to explain why at the end of this editorial. But, what is fascinating, are the opinions of the people who don’t want me to run.


1 – The oldest political CANARD that has all but guaranteed the reelection of BAD ACTORS, incompetent, corrupt and condescending politicians – is . . . WE CAN’T AFFORD TO SPLIT THE VOTE:

If that were really the case, then don’t even bother voting. Because, if the ONLY reason you will vote AGAINST a REAL Candidate, who will REALLY fight for you and your values, just to support a decrepit PARTY, is because they might win the majority of seats, you’ve already LOST, because you’ve surrendered your values.

TO PARAPHRASE . . . One COMMENTER wrote that we already have three elected people in the Progressive Conservative PARTY who stand for “our” values. BUT THAT’S NOT TRUE. They ran on our values. They were elected on our values. But their silence is DEAFENING.

Even if they really wanted to shake the trees and turn the political world of Ontario upside down, the Party wouldn’t let them. SO ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION . . . Now that these three have been elected, who are they representing; the people or the Party?

2 – Another extraordinary CANARD . . . is that elected INDEPENDENT Politicians have no say. They have no authority. And they have no clout. THAT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING TRUE.

The REAL truth, is that Party Politicians have no say, no authority, and no clout whatsoever, unless the Party deems to give them the amount of say, authority and clout that benefits the Party-Line, which does not necessarily mirror the people’s expectations and values.

3 – An INDEPENDENT Candidate can’t win. That’s only true if the people buy into the previous two CANARDS.

4 – Some of the people who COMMENTED against me running, were concerned about my health, and if I could take the rigors of a campaign and possible victory?

If the very worst were to happen to me because of the stress of campaigning, which could happen to anyone, I would have at least paid the ultimate price standing-up for something.

Besides . . . If I choose to run, I would be the one dishing-out the stress.

5 – Several COMMENTERS wrote that I shouldn’t run, because if I do, I would stop writing and they would lose a voice. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE, because, if I were to run, and if I was to win . . . not only would the people who read this BLOG still have a voice, they would have a voice on STEROIDS, which I will explain in greater detail at the conclusion of this editorial.

6 – A couple of COMMENTERS made this extremely defeatist remark, running and even winning won’t make a difference, and that I should sell what I have, and move to a place where I would pay less taxes and care less about the government.

My conscience and VALUES would never allow me to do that.


Yesterday (May 6, 2014) was the SIXTY-SIXTH Anniversary of the REBIRTH of Israel. And every year . . . since I’ve been riding a BIKE, whether it was in rain or shine, I’ve participated with my Montreal Motorcycle Club (Montreal Maccabees), in escorting the Israel Independence Day Parade from Montreal’s Downtown Phillip’s Square to Place du Canada, which are several blocks apart.

There were about TEN THOUSAND people who showed-up to celebrate, which might have been a record crowd, but what was really impressive, was the average age of the celebrants, most of whom were in the their teens to early twenties, virtually all of whom were unapologetic supporters of Israel.


AND NOT TO BE LEFT OUT . . . The anti-Israel LUNATICS, just like the inexcusable Wetboro Baptists, who are self-hating Christians . . . were there as well.

But these weren’t Arabs, Moslems, or more specifically Palestinians. These are INBRED FREAKS, who are part of ultra orthodox CHASIDIM, known as the SATMARS, who wish DEATH to Israel, because, according to them, Jews should not govern the ancestral HOMELAND of the Jewish people until the MESSIAH comes.

HOW NUTS ARE THESE PEOPLE? . . . These are the same ABHORRENT Bastards, who cheer when Israelis are murdered . . . who have lovingly embraced Iran’s Ahmadinejad’s quest to wipe Israel off the map.

The SATMARS were perhaps a dozen, we were about TEN THOUSAND . . . WE WIN.


1 – The reason so many people from across North America and other parts of the world want me to run, is because through my voice, they get to express themselves. And whether I win or not, they want to have a DOG IN THIS FIGHT, even if the FIGHT is far removed from where they live.

2 – As for being an INDEPENDENT Candidate, there should ONLY be INDEPENDENT Candidates and no Party system at all. As a matter of fact, when you register to run as a Candidate in Canada, you NEVER register as a Party Candidate, you ALWAYS register as an Independent, and then you carry the Party banner if the Party has chosen you before the election.

3 – The answer to the CANARD that INDEPENDENT Members of any government has no say or clout isn’t true at all. Every elected Member of government gets the same benefits in terms of office, staff and budget. And every Member gets just ONE Vote.

And DIFFERENT from a Party Member . . . the INDEPENDENT Member can say whatever he or she wishes, without any FEAR from the party Leader or the Party Whip. That’s the way it really should be if we are to thrive in a FREE Society.


4 – If I were to run and win . . . not only would I have a much stronger and credible platform, I would use it with a VENGEANCE. I would do exactly what I do now, but with the financing of government. Which would mean that the people would finally get a voice they paid for.

I would stage RALLIES, BOYCOTTS and DEMONSTRATIONS of all kinds against EVERY government abuse we all see as being abhorrent. AND WHO WOULD THERE BE TO STOP ME? And it wouldn’t just be in Ontario or Canada.


Instead of running “quietly” in support of the CONSTITUENTS’ values, only to toe the Party Line after a successful, campaign, I would SERVE exactly as I ran, as loudly as I could, and as effectively as possible. AND I WOULD TAKE NO PRISONERS.

5 – In a nutshell, TO ALL PARTY CANDIDATES, becoming an elected Member of government is the PRIMARY goal, only to be replaced by the new PRIMARY goal . . . GETTING REELECTED.

In my case . . . being elected is the opportunity to use that office for everything that it’s worth . . . TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE.

6 – AS FOR MY HEALTH . . . Doing the RIGHT thing, no matter how tough it is to do the RIGHT thing, is good for anyone’s health.

I thank everyone who has offered a COMMENT and an Opinion. But I still haven’t decided on whether or not to run. I think I will make that decision over this coming weekend.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I am a supporter as you know. I would like to see you editorialize again about Jewish supporters of Obama. His anti-semitic position is so well known that it mystifies me how Eastern USA Jews can support him. Please, in the editorial, skip the obvious.

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