The Real Racists Are The Ones Who Are Always Crying Racism


Donald Sterling, the eighty-year-old Los Angeles Clipper Basketball Team owner, REALLY stepped in it over his PRIVATE remarks he made to his former 31-year-old girlfriend V Stiviano . . . AKA THE SCRAG.

I emphasized PRIVATE, in terms of his conversation with the SCRAG, because it is extremely relevant to this whole sordid mess.

I do not know anyone, NOT ONE PERSON who does not have personal conversations they would NEVER, under any circumstances want to be made public in any forum.

So . . . even as the RACE-BAITERS like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama have their say, the LEFTIST Holier-Than-Thou’s, just LOVE this kind of crap, which they can peddle against a ONE PERCENTER like Donald Sterling.


When during the 2008 campaign, Obama talked about his “TYPICALLY WHITE GRANDMOTHER”, no one really said boo about it. How would the LEFT and other assorted RACE-BAITERS have reacted if Romney had said my Typical BLACK Grandmother, while describing a negative trait on her behalf?

When Obama ATTACKED the White Massachusetts Police Officer, Sgt. James Crowley, who arrested Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, who DESERVED to be arrested for amongst other things, his uppity-attitude to a decent cop just trying to do his job . . . NO ONE called Obama a RACIST for jumping to conclusions.

When Black preachers, entertainers and athletes of substantial profiles, OPENLY say horrible things about White people, there’s never an outrage. NOT A PEEP.

How about Jaime Foxx, who said on LIVE TV, how much he liked killing all the White people in his movie “Django Unchained”? Imagine if Russel Crowe had said in an interview, how good it made him feel to kill BLACK people in a movie? He would never work again.

If the Black Community wants to get into a war of words . . . that can easily escalate beyond words, about who are RACISTS in America TODAY, this is a war they would do very well to steer clear of.


If there is any culture in America that has been given a FREE-RIDE . . . above and beyond all other American cultures, it is the Black Community through White and Liberal GUILT.

ONLY THIRTEEN PERCENT of the Black American Community voted in the 2012 election, and that was a RECORD turnout for Black participation. So, how did a Black Obama win the elections in 2008 and 2012, if ONLY 13% of the Black Community turned-out, who voted more than NINETY-THREE PERCENT for Obama if it wasn’t for WHITE America?

And if you think perhaps, that the difference was made up by Hispanic voters who voted 73% for Obama, THINK AGAIN, because ONLY 10% of Hispanic voters bothered to show up to cast a ballot.

If it weren’t for the WHITE Vote, Obama would not be President of the United States of American – Not in 2008 and not in 2012 . . . HOW’S THAT FOR RACISM?

If I told you that 93% of White voters, voted for a White candidate, who had a very hidden past, who proved NOT to be up for the job, and ran on a campaign that smeared other candidates on matters of culture, color and gender, you would say that the Whites who voted in such gargantuan numbers for this White candidate were RACISTS?


So let’s reverse it . . . because that’s exactly what happened in the past two elections (2008/2012), where the Black candidate, Barack Obama, used all forms of cultural, color and gender SMEARS against his White opponent (Romney in 2012), who was infinitely MORE qualified to be the Commander-In-Chief . . . yet, 93% or more of the Black Community voted AGAINST Romney, because they wanted to vote for a BLACK President.


America has enough problems to face at home and abroad, without the Black Race-Baiters and their LEFTIST comrades focusing on every insult, real or imagined, as if the Klan was riding back to town.


As for Donald Sterling, who was secretly recorded in a PRIVATE conversation, saying things that would never be said in PUBLIC, by his GOLD DIGGING piece of work 31-year-old ex girlfriend . . . THAT IS – WHAT TO ME, WAS MOST REPREHENSIBLE.

I do not share Sterling’s opinion of Black People. But, if that’s the way he feels in private, who am I to say that he shouldn’t be entitled to his own PRIVATE opinions as detestable as they might be to me?

If anyone was actually guilty of anything, it would be the GOLD DIGGING loosey-goosy ex-girlfriend SCRAG, who ILLEGALLY taped or participated in the taping of a conversation of an unsuspecting 80-year-old who had been more than just generous to her.

By the way . . . should I mention that the SCRAG is part Black and part Hispanic, or will the . . . “you hurt my feelings police” come crashing through the door, because I pegged her for what and who she is?

PS – I really enjoy the comments. But, if you’re thinking of sending me a comment suggesting that I’m a RACIST for not piling-onto Donald Sterling . . . DON’T.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. AS FOR THE USA . . . You are SO right! The people have messed around for too long. It’s time for the “true” Americans to show up/sign up/hold up the “Good Old” American way to peace and prosperity!
    GOD Bless America!

    AS FOR CANADA . . . Prime Minister Stephen Harper is as close to being the ‘saviour’ to Canada, as any human being is allowed. He stepped up to the plate when we needed a “top notch Player” and turned us back around to being a flourishing “top-ranked” country!
    GOD bless Canad

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