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It’s truly possible that the disappearance of the Malaysian Plane might portend some very nefarious and dangerous scheme, of that I have no doubt.

This editorial will be short and sweet . . . STOP WITH THE MALAYSIAN PLANE!

This isn’t news. And until people who are REALLY In-The-Know . . . REALLY figure out what happened to that plane, if they ever do, then please fill us in. But, until you REALLY know something REAL . . . JUST SHUT UP!

There is so much happening in the world . . . that has – and will have an epic effect on all of us, that to see this crap over and over again on an issue that has no meaning to our greater, individual or global well-being borders on the asinine.


Every time I hear the newsy music, or the words BREAKING NEWS or NEWS ALERT, I cringe and want to turn off the television. How stupid does the media think we are, by featuring these never-ending TALKING HEADS who really know no more about what happened to that plane, than any of us do?


If they really want to talk about REAL issues that are . . . and must be a concern to all of us, let them talk about the severe DROUGHT in California that’s going to push the cost of fruit and vegetables through the roof, and leave California farmers, farm supply companies, and all the collateral jobs reliant on farming shut down.

Let them speak about this severe never-ending winter that still won’t let go, that has cost most people on the continent more money in energy than the vast majority can afford.

Let them talk about the shortened growing season in the North East, including Canada and the Central USA, because the weather prediction seems to be a colder than usual spring right up to and through the month of May.

I . . . like everyone else needs to have a longer growing period. I depend on being able to take my first cut of hay off the fields by late May to early June to feed my horses, and to give the crop enough growing time to generate the very important SECOND CUT.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . If we don’t get a good hay harvest, there will not be enough to feed our cattle, which will lead to herd slaughters with much higher meat and dairy prices. AND THAT AFFECTS ALL OF US.

Then there are the nightmare challenges throughout the world from the Middle East, to Africa, to Eastern Europe and RIGHT HERE AT HOME, where we are facing a monolithic economic MELTDOWN:


It’s because, unlike the media HACKS who broadcast ad nauseam the loss of a plane NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT, we focus on single important issues that are REAL to everyone.

I couldn’t give a RAT’S-ASS about gossip stories like Casey Anthony, Pistorious or any of the other NON NEWS STORIES that are nothing more than VOYEURISM and intellectual depravity. So, you won’t read or hear any of that on my BLOG.

I-O-U who support this website . . . who read what I write and listen to what I say, far more respect for your intelligence, than to be feeding you nonsense by pretending that it’s relevant.

The mainstream media should do no less.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you Howard for always telling it like it is — keep up the good work.
    In addition to what you have already stated, so little of the race-baiting would ever see the light of day were it not for the very leftist media in America (and here).
    I have long said that the media is the biggest curse that America has — and unfortunately that holds true for Canada as well. With few exceptions, the media needs to shoulder a lot of the blame for what’s happening.

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