A Conservative Olympic Lesson


I watched the Gold Medal Hockey Round between the US and Canadian Women’s Teams. And if you’re an American visitor to this Website, please forgive me, because I CHEERED heartily for the Canadian Women who literally stole Victory from Defeat.

LET IT BE KNOWN . . . Both Teams deserved Gold. It was simply fabulous hockey all around. But, unlike LEFTIST philosophy that preaches otherwise, there can ONLY be ONE Champion.

Unlike LEFTISTS who want our children to learn that they are all winners no matter what, the lesson in this game was simple. THAT’S NOT TRUE.

The passion during this game was so intense for both Teams . . . but more so for the American Women who all but had the Gold Medals hung around their necks with a TWO to ZERO Score over the Canadians with just THREE minutes left to play, was overpowering.

And as much as the Gold was the Americans for the finishing, that’s not the way it worked out, which is a PERFECT reflection of what life in the REAL world is all about.

The LEFTISTS can preach their “WE’RE ALL EQUAL” drivel all they want, but the results of this competition are irrefutably to the contrary.

When the game ended, the American Women cried without end. Fifteen minutes after the game, when the medals were given-out, the American women continued to cry, for which I have no criticism, because the loss was devastating given the circumstances of how well they played and how close they came.


Like CAPITALISM, which allows people to risk it all and LOSE everything in a competitive environment, sport in the FREE World likewise allows Individuals and Teams to do the same.

And just like CAPITALISM in a Free Enterprise World, competitors in sport can come back and try it again.

The American Women will stop crying and start rebuilding. They will use the loss to GIN-UP their future games, and will come out even more determined and even more aggressive the next time, because they know that the winner of GOLD belongs to the Team or Person which and whom wants it MOST.


Unlike LEFTIST CRAPPOLA, these women understand, that in the most effective and productive environment, success goes to the people who work the hardest to get it. And in the REAL World, there isn’t room for TWO Champions.

The LEFT won’t do it, because it goes against all of their PROPAGANDA. But, if they were honest and really cared about the future of the children they teach, which they are not, this one bitter LOSS to the American Women’s Hockey Team would become their TEACHING Experience.

THIS PAINFUL LOSS teaches that we are not all created equal. That not everyone wins. And that victory and success comes to those who want it the most. And sometimes, even though you do all things right, and you give it everything you’ve got, the result isn’t always in your favor.


By the way . . . I really am not a fan of the Olympics, where the elitist and UPPITY European Pseudo Sport Royals get the whole world to pay for their enterprise, while MILLIONS of athletes train for the chance to perform for FREE to make these European SNOBS rich on everyone else’s sweat and tears.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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