Crossing The Rubicon


In 49 BC (January), Julius Caesar led one of his Legions across the Rubicon River from Gaul into Rome, where he challenged the Senate and Pompey to an all-out confrontation, and since the crossing of the Rubicon by a General, especially with his army, was nothing less than an ACT OF WAR, with death being the only punishment to be rendered for the General and his army, Caesar knew that there would be no going back.

As Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his Legion, he uttered these most famous words known to all of us . . . “THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST.”

I feel that America has also crossed its own RUBICON by the actions of the LEFT, the IGNORANCE of the majority . . . and perhaps most succinctly of all . . . by the inactions of the majority of sitting Republicans.


I saw our Family Doctor the other day. He has ordered a CT-Scan and Doppler Ultrasound to see how much damage I’ve experienced, and to understand why I suffered what the doctors are calling a TIA, which is an acronym for a mini-stroke.

The REALLY good news is that there seems to be no permanent damage, and the medication he’s placed me on is correcting my Blood Pressure, albeit slowly, but as surely as it is supposed to happen.

At the writing of this editorial, my Blood Pressure was 173/79, which isn’t great, but sure beats the hell out of 225/115.

I can’t even begin to properly thank the HUNDREDS of really supportive and heartfelt emails I’ve received from the people who read my BLOG, especially amongst the people who’ve been likewise challenged.

And even though I am extremely appreciative for everyone’s good wishes, I am more grateful than just somewhat to the Pharmacist (from Huntsville Alabama) whose name I won’t mention because I do not have his permission to do so, who suggested that I double the dose of the medication that was prescribed for me, saying more can help, but cannot hurt.

I checked out what he had suggested, by going to the Drug Manufacturer’s Website (Ramipril), and then to the Mayo Clinic’s Website, and then took the Pharmacist’s advice. And as it turned out, by the next morning, I felt incredibly better, my Blood Pressure had come down measurably, and upon speaking with my family Doctor, he concurred with Pharmacist’s advice.

EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT . . . I’ll make certain to never take you for granted:

I never really gave that much consideration to the type of people who log-on to my BLOG, and to what, if any effect I have on them, but I will from now on, because you’ve given me reason to have a certain pride in what I write and say . . . that I never before imagined.

I have recovered most of those abilities I lost in the first week or so of the attack. I can once again type quite efficiently on the keyboard. And I have a much-restored grasp of words. So, now that I am being treated, and will soon enough discover what really happened and why it happened through the soon-to-be tests, I will know enough to make the effort to keep it from happening again.

Because of my beautiful wife Anne, some very good medical work, and HUNDREDS of you who gave me moral strength through your information, kind words, and prayers, I am sufficiently recovered to leave this chapter behind me, and write about things other than my health.

And just to mention this again . . . Even though I was overwhelmed with all the emails I received (HUNDREDS), I read EVERY letter that was sent to me. THANK YOU.


In every sense of the word, once the people opted to vote for the most ANTI-AMERICAN and incompetent person to ever hold office in the White House, and the most ineffectual Party that has ever sat in opposition (current Republicans), the DIE HAD BEEN CAST for the end of America as we’ve known it.

The American Constitution which created the American DREAM was CRAFTED as we know it with the culmination in the study of thousands of years of history, as is born witness by the CRAFTERS’ reliance and reference to the Bible, as is instructed throughout the Constitution by the many references to Judeo/Christianity.

In other words, the United States of America is not just a fluke of Humankind, thrown together by a group of people who just “IMAGINED” a Constitution of Human Rights, where none even remotely similar had ever existed before, where the people governed the government, opposed to being governed by the government, based upon nothing more than happenstance.


In essence, the American Dream of government BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE was a carefully crafted CHARTER, created through the experiences garnered through thousands of years of recorded history, with the knowledge of the Founding Fathers . . . that without careful safeguards, its own brilliance would become its own undoing.

THIS IS THE RUBICON AMERICA HAS CROSSED . . . America has DESTROYED the guarantee given to itself by surrendering the very concept . . . that the Government should answer exclusively and entirely to the people, opposed to the contrary.

And when the Opposition (Republicans) refuses to stand up for the Constitution, which is the BEDROCK of American FREEDOM, they are just as culpable as is the government in power, which is stripping the core of that very FREEDOM, which is the foundation of American GREATNESS.


And when you add the Judiciary into the mix of UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES, which has decided that the Constitution is not an INDELIBLE promise, but more a list of suggestions, you have the PERFECT STORM for self-destruction.


Growing up, like the vast majority of people from my generation, I believed that the role of the media was nothing less than sacred. The media was FREEDOM’S FIRST line of defense. They were the men and women who ate integrity sprinkled with courage and honesty for breakfast. And we never saw them as the enemy from within.

But, with the exception of very few today . . . the media have become the problem, not by a small measure, but by a very wide margin.

So . . . outside of Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts and BLOGGERS like me . . . who is there to stand for FREEDOM? Who is there to restore the promises made back in 1776, as were emulated in most of the FREE WORLD . . . signed in BLOOD?

CAN WE DEPEND UPON THESE BAD ACTORS? . . . Lawyers, Judges, Bureaucrats, virtually ALL Politicians, Big Business, Big Banks, Big Labor, the Media, LEFTIST Intellectuals, Teachers, and the Hollywood/Entertainment World of Writers, Directors, Producers and Actors?


In 1967 . . . Herbert Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian media intellectual wrote a book that coined the expression . . . the MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE, which sounded great as a title, especially to the LEFT, but made no sense then, and in most ways today, still makes no sense, at least not the way McLuhan might have intended it.


In reality, the media . . . through the medium of national and international NEWS, which is controlled by powerful groups and institutions, virtually all of whom who are totally in bed with the power structures of government, has in fact become the tool by which the MESSAGE of those who control the dissemination of information, control what they want people to know.

SO FAR – THE GOOD NEWS IS THE INTERNET . . . where people who want to learn and know the truth, and want to disseminate information can find sanctuary, but that will not last forever, especially as long as governments contrive to create reasons to control the flow of FREEDOM through thought and words through the Internet.

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . By means of Big Media – BIG GOVERNMENT, and politicians who are anything BUT Patriots on both sides of the small political divide, HAVE INDEED CROSSED THE RUBICON.

And as Julius Caesar had so famously said a couple of thousand years ago about his crossing of the Rubicon, that “THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST” . . . one can say the same about where America stands today, as the American people at large have indeed abandoned the wisdom and promises of the Constitution.


Today (January 27, 2014) is the SIXTY-NINTH Anniversary of the Liberation of the Nazi Death Camps memorialized by the United Nations . . . as Holocaust Memorial Day, which was in itself one the most scurrilous truths ever held from humanity.

The world might willingly cross the Rubicon . . . BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO CROSS WITH IT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, your words are frighteningly true and to the point. What I find so discouraging – and almost unbelievable – is that the Black community seems more adrift and violence-prone than ever. Where are their TRUE spiritual leaders? Where are their TRUE community leaders that will speak the truth and insist on NOT excusing violent and illegal behavior? As for the reaction among the rest of the various USA communities, it was more than disgusting to see copycat riots in other cities as well.

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