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A visitor to Galganov (Victor Redlick) from Toronto, wrote to me a short while ago describing John Kerry as a Dilettante, in comparison to men and women of real stature, when it comes to international affairs, diplomacy and competence.


I clearly remember when John Kerry met with America’s enemy in Paris (1970), which by all measures was an act of treason, which put him in wonderful company with Hanoi Jane (Jane Fonda).

On April 22, 1971, John Kerry went before Congress as the Vietnam War was beginning to wind down, to tell the Members in no uncertain terms how American soldiers were murdering and raping Vietnamese civilians with impunity, giving the impression that just about all the Americans in Vietnam were nothing more than Nazi-Like War Criminals.

I also remember how the majority of Americans who served with Kerry on his gunboat in Vietnam (four month stint), came out in HUGE numbers to discredit Kerry as a fraud, BS-ER, and terrible leader, at the time when he made his run for the White House against George W Bush.

Not only couldn’t Kerry’s former comrades-in-arms say anything good about him . . . they couldn’t say enough bad about him – and that’s who Obama wants Israel to bow to.

If the past FIVE years of Obama in the White House says anything at all, it is that Barack Hussein Obama has been the WORST President in American history, and has caused more damage to the United States and America’s Allies in his first FIVE years, than any and all past Presidents have caused combined.

And if Israel was to listen to this HORRIBLE President and his equally HORRIBLE Secretary of State . . . then Israel will have no one to blame for the end of the Jewish State, other than their own leaders who will have succumbed.


1 – Obama has spent a lifetime associating with White-HATERS, America-HATERS, Israel-HATERS, Jew-HATERS and Free Enterprise-HATERS.

2 – Kerry has been a pompous self-hating American Limousine style LIBERAL his entire life.

3 – All of Obama’s Foreign Affairs Representatives . . . from Samantha Power (American Ambassador To The UN), Susan Rice (National Security Advisor), Chuck Hagel (Secretary Of Defense), to John Brennan (Director of CIA) and so on . . . all of whom, who have made their anti-Israel sentiments well very well known.

4 – The Arabs, Persians (Iranians), and other assorted Moslems make no secret about their absolute DESIRE to drive every last Jew out of Israel, if not to outright murder as many Jews as they can in the process.

5 – Europe is as anti-Jewish today as Europe has ever been, but this time with a very powerful friend in Washington, who will do whatever it takes to do Israel-In, so that no matter what . . . when this obscene SHAM of a peace treaty falls flat on its face, Obama can make certain that everyone will know that it’s Israel’s fault.

6 – Then there’s the American Judenrat, the LEFTIST American Jewish ELITISTS, who much like the Jewish HOLOCAUST Elitists are the perfect useful IDIOTS who will stand by this Israel/Jew Hating Colossus, giving them a sick form of legitimacy from within.


As far as a country can be, Israel is perfect with every right to exist, at the very least to the same standards as every other FREE and Democratic country . . . but not according to a very anti-Semitic world.

Israel owes no one anything. And the FACT that the Israelis haven’t pounded the crap out of those so-called Palestinians and other regional Arabs for their constant attacks and threats against the Jewish State and the Jewish people . . . is nothing short of a testament to the good nature of the Israeli people.


THE ONLY REASON FOR OBAMA’S MIDDLE EAST POLICY, and the people he has surrounded himself with . . . can be summed-up in these few words:

Obama is no less an Israel-HATER than all the others. And if he can get away with it, Obama will create the circumstance that will oversee the annihilation of the Jewish State.


No one with a brain in Israel (LEFT EXCLUDED) really believes that any concession or number of concessions that Israel is prepared to make will be enough to satisfy the Moslems and the rest of the world’s Jew-Haters.

There is nothing Israel can possibly say, do, or surrender that will satisfy Israel-Haters, other than Israel’s complete destruction. And anyone who thinks that a SECOND HOLOCAUST isn’t a real possibility, shares the same LEFTIST mindset Europe’s Jews had in the 1940’s . . . even as their family, friends and neighbors were being forced onto the DEATH Trains.

It’s time for Israel, for Netanyahu, and Israel’s Conservative Members of the Knesset (Parliament) to end the game now . . . to stop playing Obama’s and Kerry’s sick game of HOW DO WE STICK IT TO THE JEWS?

In my opinion, it is far better for Israel to stand pat, endure the storm, and wait out the end of this abominable Obama Presidency as best Israel can, than to make any deals that can’t be undone, which will start the process that will finish off the Jewish State once and for all.


Within the next few weeks, I amongst others will start a focused campaign to promote our THIRD annual Pledge Ride, to take a group-oath to NEVER stand by, allowing a Second Holocaust.

We are Motorcycle Riders . . . JEWS AND CHRISTIANS from across North America, who are neither shy nor quiet about where we stand with Israel, and the right of Jews to live in PEACE and SECURITY anywhere and everywhere.

We are men and women from every walk of life who will not be silent. We are from the religious to the secular. And our VALUES are Conservative for which we make no apologies.

Between now and the PLEDGE RIDE, we need to raise close to $20,000 to make everything happen, which we will. But we can’t do it without help.

Please CLICK on the PLEDGE RIDER icon on the home page, or go to to see what we’re all about, and how you can participate and help.

We are not LEFTIST Jews and INDIFFERENT Christians standing by waiting for events to move us. It is us who will do all we can to move events in spite of the likes of . . . Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Rice, Power, Hagel, Brennan and all the others.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Holy Writ essentially says we bite the dust & collapse as a nation, regardless of what we may try…just as Israel was sacked in 722 BCE & 586 BCE for similar reasons! Soon, all citizens will face decisions to resist peacefully or be arrested for noncompliance with Executive Orders. I believe Scripture over what we might “wish” or want. Like/believe it or not, character or will has nothing to do with that which Yahweh has promised/ordained. Your future cell mate…war vet who never gives up.

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