I Really Don’t Like Chris Christie – Now LESS Than BEFORE


Chris Christie took what should have been a five to ten minute press conference to explain the GWB fiasco. Instead, and only because of his own PERSONAL ego, he stretched it into about two hours.

He said that he fired his Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, because “SHE LIED TO HIM”. That’s the wrong answer.

Who other than Christie would give a rat’s ass that his Deputy Chief of Staff lied to him, when what he really should have said was . . . I fired her because she violated a public trust and treated the people like crap.

But, as if just firing her on International TV wasn’t enough of a punishment and humiliation for his one time close confidant and LOYAL friend, Christie had to further rub her nose in it by calling her “STUPID” and “DECEITFUL”.


1 – When Christie was given the incredible HONOR, of being chosen to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Republican Convention, to launch the campaign for Candidate Mitt Romney, Christie made his rambling speech all about himself.

2 – Chris Christie thinks that some form of AMNESTY should be on the table to “reward” the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL Immigrants for cheating their way into the USA.

3 – One of Christie’s MOST important Judicial Appointees was his choice (Sohail Mohammad) of a Moslem Sharia Lawyer to the New Jersey Superior Court, which is hardly what America needs.

4 – When it comes to the SECOND AMENDMENT, Christie pushes hard for MORE Gun Control, even though gun control in New Jersey is considered to be amongst the TOP FOUR strictest in the country.

5 – And what about how Christie . . . all but performed a sexual act on Obama in front of the entire nation, as Obama visited Christie with smoke and mirrors in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, leading up to the 2012 election?

Obama came as usual . . . with nothing more than PLATITUDES. And in the final crunch, when the people of New Jersey really needed him MOST, it was the same old same old, with nothing coming to the people of Jersey Shore, who inevitably were on their own in spite of Obama’s empty words.

But . . . with Christie by his side, their song and dance was played to perfection, making it all but a guarantee for Obama to beat Romney and win four more years.

6 – And we can NEVER forget how according to Cuomo, the newly minted Leader of the Republican Governors’ Association Chris Christie, made a deal with New York DEMOCRATIC Governor Cuomo, that Christie would not endorse a FELLOW Republican Candidate, Bob Astorino, so as to help the LEFTIST Cuomo win the Gubernatorial race.

Now how screwed-up was that?

7 – But for me, the CAPPER for The Chris Christie SELF-LOVE-NEWS-MARATHON, was when he said that he is accused of being a BULLY, to which he responded that he was not.


Get over yourself, it’s not you who will decide whether you are or are not perceived to be a BULLY, it’s the people who will make that distinction. And as I see it, the distinction has long ago been made.

If Christie even has a prayer of winning the Republican Nomination for 2016, you might as well pack-in the Republican Party and start making plans for a whole new America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Howie, I know you and Sir George because I was there, with you! The thing about University is that it only gives you the opportunity, (to succeed).Even with a D grade, todays students feel that a job is owed to them. What did you learn at Sir George? You learned how to think,(fast). You Finagled court-side passes to the Harlem Globetrotters, got us into the locker room, and even an interview with Meadowlark Lemon,(you still have the picture?).

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