When The Myth Becomes The Reality


With the help of the LEFT, Obama has so weakened America at home and abroad, that the only country he can push around . . . is America’s best friend.

I won’t bother to list all the countries Obama has turned his back on, or has broken promises to, which were made in the name of the USA by his predecessors. But, to say the least, there are many.

With all the crap that is happening around the world . . . where’s Obama?

1 – There is mass genocide in Syria that seems to be invisible to Obama and everyone else. What gives with that?

2 – Russia is once again flexing its muscles against Ukraine and other former Satellite Soviet Countries, while Ukrainians demonstrate by the hundreds of thousands against being pushed back into the Russian sphere, without so much as a peep from Obama.

3 – China is ARBITRARILY creating a massive NO-FLY zone around Islands claimed by Japan and North Korea, to the point that the North Koreans and Japanese have told China where to get off, while Obama accepts China’s arbitrary demand and threats.

4 – Iran has eaten America’s breakfast in their NOT really non-nuclear proliferation talks, and is now in the process of coming back for America’s lunch.

5 – Afghanistan has just told Obama in no uncertain terms to shove-off.

6 – Iraq is on a rapid journey to becoming a full-fledged partner in crime with Iran.

7 – And Egypt is now looking for love in Russia.


EASY . . . the only country on the planet that is 100% loyal to America, and an uncompromising strategic partner like none other . . . is Israel.

And not only is Israel America’s BEST friend, but Israel’s enemies are the same nations that want to see America harmed. So, why does Obama and all his sycophants spend all of their VITRIOL against Israel, when unlike the above mentioned VERY-BAD-ACTOR nations, Israel is a threat to no one . . . ?


No one with a semblance of a brain would ever believe that Israel’s relationship with the so-called Palestinian Arabs has anything to do with how Middle Eastern Countries govern themselves and relate to each other. But that’s what the Israel-Haters want the world to believe.

These Jew-Haters and Israel-Haters want the world to believe that everything will become hunky-dory once Israel succumbs to Arab and world demands. In other words, Once Israel SUCCUMBS, peace will breakout everywhere on the planet.

THE INCONTROVERTIBLE REALITY . . . is that the ONLY country Obama can kick around without having to worry about blowback, is from the Jewish State of Israel.

AND NOT ONLY THAT . . . for Obama, beating-up on Israel is a WIN-WIN, because he also gets to be onside with all the UN and European Israel-Haters, as he puts INCREDIBLE pressure on the Jewish State to SURRENDER land and security, while he pretends to be Israel’s great defender.


It has been said and written by others, most accurately, that Mandela the man was a rank Communist and supporter of TERROR, while the entire planet is paying massive tribute to Mandela the MYTH, of which I totally AGREE.


One of the things, which my mother felt to be so important, that she was continuously at me about, was . . . who were my friends? She relentlessly drilled into me, that my friends were a reflection of who I was. And she was right.

So . . . who were some of Mandela’s BEST and closest friends?

If you answered Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro and Muammar Khadafy . . . you would be 100% right.


Margaret Thatcher died this year on April 8, 2013. Not only was Margaret Thatcher an incredible hero in her own right at home in England for saving the British economy, for pushing back Socialism, and for dealing with the IRA (Irish Republican Army), she was also a GLOBAL Hero in her partnership with President Ronald Reagan in defeating Soviet Communism.

So, when Margaret Thatcher died, not only did Barack Obama NOT attend her funeral, but also, no one of consequence who was tied to his White House was in attendance either.

Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were prominent by their absence. Yet, for Mandela, this Communist leader of South Africa, who was imprisoned NOT for his political views, but for TERRORIST violence against the State . . . America is sending out its “A” TEAM in FULL FORCE.

Mandela did NOTHING to change the world. In fact, after he became President, South Africa moved rapidly towards financial and social decline. White Farmers were driven off their land. White Business Owners sold out and checked-out of South Africa, while the South African Jewish Community left in huge numbers for greener pastures where they knew they would be safe.

AIDS became a South African Black Epidemic. Corruption almost immediately embraced all of the government. Crime is rampant through most of South Africa. And some of the most fertile land was left to go to seed and reclaimed by nature.

On the other hand, the REAL World Leader who also died in 2013, Margaret Thatcher, who dragged her country into the Twenty-First Century, and changed the whole world for the better by working with President Ronald Reagan to FREE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people from the yoke of Communism, was SNUBBED by Obama.

JUST AS AN ASIDE . . . When Arafat died, the IDIOTS of the world including the LEFTIST Media struggled to outline his “incredible” life. And that’s kind of the equivalence I am seeing between Mandela and Arafat. The difference being . . . is that Arafat died like the dog that he was, while Mandela has become the GREAT MYTH of FREEDOM.

To the credit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . . . he won’t attend Mandela’s funeral. Good for him.

This world is indeed very much upside down and inside out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are dead on. Hears where I’m coming from: Orphaned at 8; raised by strangers in the poorest region of Canada (Manitoba); no future; heard about education when a friend went to college; last year of high school by correspondence ($49 loan); parlayed $200 on a construction gang into an eventual Ph.D in physics at the U of Toronto; founded a Hi-Tech company in lasers; got screwed by the law profession; and now retired. Sound familiar? Publish if you want to.
    A. Crane Beaconsfield, que.

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