The LEFT Just Love To Elect And Support LIARS


Paraphrased from Obama’s sort of MIA CULPA he delivered on Thursday November 14, 2013: “As I promised right from the beginning . . . I am not a perfect man, and I will not be a perfect President.”


Obama NEVER said that he was “NOT A PERFECT MAN and WOULD NOT BE A PERFECT PRESIDENT. He didn’t say it before the Democratic Presidential nomination campaign in 2007/2008. He didn’t say it during the actual Presidential campaign in 2008. And to the very best of my knowledge, he never said it since.

There is no question in my mind, NONE WHATSOEVER, that this pathological LIAR had never said that he was not “A Perfect Man” and “Would not be a perfect President” . . . At least, not ‘til his MIA CULPA Press Conference on Thursday November 14, 2013.

I strongly believe that this man (Obama) is such a NARCISSIST, that in his own mind, he is indeed perfect.

He has so little regard for the people and the Media, that he makes-it-up as he goes along, knowing that MOST of the people and the media are so stupid, and have bought so deeply into his BS, that they wouldn’t challenge anything he says.

The media and most Pundits are so morally corrupt in MOST cases, that with the exception of a few real Conservative Commentators (mostly on radio and on the Blogs), NONE will even call the President the LIAR that he really is.

I watched Geraldo Rivera on a Sean Hannity FOX News Panel (Friday November 16), where Hannity made public that Rivera had voted for Obama not just once, but TWICE, and that Rivera was the biggest Liberal in the room, which made Rivera visibly uncomfortable.

That Geraldo Rivera voted for Obama twice, and is a huge Liberal is no big deal.

But, what is a REALLY big deal is that I have personally heard Rivera refer to himself as a Republican . . . not just once, but repeatedly. Is it possible for a Liberal NOT TO LIE?


RICHARD BLUMENTHAL . . . who is a LEFTIST Connecticut Senator, was PROVEN to be a massive LIAR when he declared over and over again during his entire political career, how he served in Vietnam as a US soldier, WHICH WASN’T EVEN A LITTLE BIT TRUE.

His defense for being a LIAR when he was finally found-out . . . was that he misspoke. HE MISSPOKE? How the hell do you misspeak about something like that?

And how did the media deal with this lying SOB? They didn’t, and this LIAR won the Connecticut Senate Seat in 2010.

ELIZABETH WARREN . . . who is a LEFTIST Massachusetts Senator not only LIED through her teeth about being a Native American, but she used this big LIE to get ahead by cheating the system.

Her LIE was so egregious, that Indian Bands actually challenged her to PROVE that she had even one scintilla of Indian blood coursing through her veins, which of course she couldn’t, because she is an out and out LIAR.

And how did the media deal with this LIAR, they didn’t, allowing her to win the Massachusetts’ Senate Seat against Scott Brown in 2012.

And besides winning the Massachusetts Senate Seat, what else is in store for this LIAR? How about a shot at winning the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary against Hillary Clinton . . . another superlative LIAR?

SPEAKING OF HILLARY CLINTON . . . Her list of LIES has no end, from Whitewater from before and when she was the First Lady, to Benghazi on September 11, 2012 that caused the death of four Americans, including the American Ambassador to Libya.

All of Hillary Clinton’s LIES have been quite professionally buried, even though she is known for being an accomplished LIAR, just like her IMPEACHED husband, who swore under oath that: “I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN” . . . has one huge LIE she cannot walk away from.

Hillary Clinton claimed that she and her sixteen year old daughter Chelsea (Liar-In-Training), came under Sniper Fire as they landed and ran across the runway DODGING BULLETS at the Tuzla Airport in Bosnia in 1996.

Hillary Clinton’s version of events . . . “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

In absolute TRUTH, as recorded on the following YouTube Video and others, you can be the judge and wonder how someone who can so willfully LIE should be trusted with anything.

And how did the media deal with this gargantuan LIE? At first some of them they gently spanked her, and then they simply decided to forget about it as if it never happened.

Personally, I would never vote for a LIAR . . . no matter who he or she was, since whatever he or she would have to say about anything, it would always be suspect.

THIS BRINGS US BACK TO BARACK OBAMA . . . where his telling the TRUTH is the exception, considering that everything about him is a LIE, so much so, that the useful IDIOTS on the LEFT (media especially) twist reality out of recognizable shape, just to spin the Obama LIES out of existence.

And now, Obama’s LIES are destroying America and threatening Global peace, but nowhere more-so than in the Middle East, where Israel is facing the greatest threat the Jewish State has faced since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

EVERY TIME OBAMA SAID – and continues to say to Israel . . . “We’ve got your back”, and “Everything is on the table” considering what it will take to stop Iran from getting the BOMB . . . he is LYING.


Forget about the empty political words . . . and focus only on Obama’s deeds, and you cannot believe in anything . . . other than Obama HATES Israel . . . and would be thrilled to see the Jewish State SLAPPED-DOWN TO SIZE, if not diminished to nothing . . . OR WORSE.


Even though Obama has THREE full years left in his Presidency, his Signature Legislation has not only made him into an absolute LAME-DUCK President, it has eviscerated the Democrats and all but destroyed the American LEFT.

And more than that on the International Level, it has given the Israelis the opportunity to do NOT what an Israel-Hater like Obama wants to force them to do, but for Israel to do what has to be done with the so-called Palestinians and Iran.


Because Obama and those about him cannot be trusted, an unintended consequence of his dishonesty, incompetence and lack of loyalty, Obama has driven Saudi Arabia and Israel into an alliance no one could have perceived not that long ago.


In the meantime . . . as America continues to fall apart at the seams, things will get worse before they get better, but they will get better. And when they do, REAL Fiscal and Constitutional Conservative Patriots will finally deal with the RINOS.

As I have written repeatedly . . . DON’T BLAME OBAMA for being the creature that he is. Blame the people who elected him, especially the ones who elected him TWICE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. US politics is solely driven by funding. With $4 billion invested in the 2016 elections, very few wealthy participants on both sides (.O5%), control the funding. 3O to 70% of a politician’s time is dedicated to fund raising. This small group of special interests, ultimately decides the winners. There is no way for tax, health care and health care reform, unless we change the way we fund elections. This clearly cannot help but corrupt our well intended democracy. Review Larry Lessig in Wikipedia

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