They’re Nothing Like Us


Anne and I stood facing the final temporal resting place of my parents (November 11, 2013), as we remembered them for being great parents, and for their service to country and FREEDOM during World War Two.

On my iPhone, we played TAPS (The Last Post as it is known in Canada) precisely at ELEVEN AM, followed by a beautiful rendition of KADDISH (the ancient Jewish prayer for the dead), recorded years ago by the incredible and incomparable Ofra Haza, the deceased Yemenite Israeli Beauty who possessed the voice of an Angel.

Surprisingly, neither of us wept, but we did feel the heavy weight of loss for the CHARACTER of those who saved the world from pure and unadulterated EVIL, less than just seventy years ago.

Their sacrifice, along with the same sacrifice of MILLIONS of others is barely remembered today by this generation, and not even that much from my own generation from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

BUT WORSE THAN THAT . . . Not remembering the sacrifice of the GREATEST GENERATION, is not remembering what it was that they saved us from, and how just seven and a half decades ago (1938/39), our leaders . . . through cowardice and elitist belief in their own brilliance brought us to the gates of PERDITION.


Just like our elitist and cowardly leaders thought at that time, that they could make deals with NAZIS, because, other than for minor social, political and cultural differences, they were more or less like us . . . and we were more or less like them; TODAY, even with a wealth of historical experience, our elitists and cowardly leaders perceive the same about Islamists.



Not ONLY has the American LEFT been responsible for destroying most of what was the American DREAM, they have also placed the entire world in great peril by disavowing American EXCEPTIONALISM, while stupidly assuming that the new NAZIS of the 21st Century are just like us, with minor cultural differences.

How can anyone in the civilized world who claims the mantle of leadership in an EGALITARIAN society accept as normal and comparable in any way, a society that is based on a CULTIST Religion that basks in death through murder?

How can the so-called FEMINIST movement be so utterly silent about the greatest DISCRIMINATION in World History, where in Moslem societies women from the age of pre-puberty are treated like CHATTEL?

How can the pretend defenders of Democratic RIGHTS turn such a blind eye to the TYRANNY of Islam?

And how can Obama with the support of the LEFT make a DEAL with the likes of Iran, the Moslem FATHERLAND of hate, murder and GLOBAL Jihad?


In my last editorial about Remembrance/Veterans’ Day, the headline read: “THERE USED TO BE HEROES”. One the American readers of this editorial reminded me that there are plenty of HEROES, who have served and are still serving all over the world, including in Afghanistan, facing danger 24/7.

HE COULD NOT BE MORE CORRECT . . . but those were not the Heroes I was referring to. Make no mistake about it. I hold our men and women in uniform in the highest regard possible.

I wear several patches on my motorcycle leathers: One of them is the Heroes Highway Patch that pays tribute to Canada’s Fallen Soldiers who gave it all in Afghanistan. And on the first Saturday of every June, I am honored to ride the Heroes Highway from CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Trenton, where our FALLEN HEROES are brought for their final destination.

One of the other patches I am honored to wear on my leathers, is the National Memorial Patch, where on the First Sunday of June, immediately following the Heroes Highway Ride, I am given the great privilege of laying a wreath on behalf of Jewish Motorcyclists, in the name of The Pledge Riders, at Canada’s National Memorial Cemetery where so many of our fallen HEROES are laid to rest.

THE LACK OF HEROES I was referring to . . . don’t wear a uniform. Do not carry a weapon. And will NEVER face an enemy sworn to kill them. I was referring to the Politicians, Elitists and Bureaucrats who send the sons and daughters of others into harms way of their own making.

I was referring in my last editorial to political cowards who use the lives and limbs of our young men and women for their own political purposes, who welcome our enemies within our camp, just to show how welcoming and “open” they are to those they don’t understand and pretend to know.

Islam is at war with everyone who craves SECULAR political FREEDOM. And will not rest until Islam crushes the last remnants of our Judeo/Christian beliefs and morality.

CONTRARY TO THE PROPAGANDA . . . ISLAMOFASCISTS ARE NOTHING LIKE US. And like the NAZIS who preceded them, the only answer to their challenge must come from us to them, from the SHARP END OF OUR SPEAR.


HORRIBLY . . . we don’t have the men and women of courage who are in power who have what it takes. We have Obama. Kerry (Secretary of State), Clinton (both of them), Susan Rice (National Security Advisor), Samantha Power (Ambassador to the UN), Chuck Hagel (Secretary of Defense), and John Brennan (CIA).

If ever here was a B-TEAM in a world of A-TEAM Enemies . . . this is it.

To all of our HEROES who served and are currently serving, you all deserve so much better. We all do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I feel fortunate to have been raised in the Midwest and was a teen in the mid fifties when we were taught values and the universities had conservative standards. At 21 I moved to Texas and would not go back. I have lived at the highest point our civilization has reached thru good values, hard work, achievement, respect and the lowest number of parasites. ( the 50’s and 60s). It all seemed to start down hill after that. I pray for those who are left and will never know the difference!

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