I DIDN’T KNOW – That’s My Story And I’m Sticking To It.


I said that I would write my next editorial, which should have been this one, about a LEFT versus RIGHT feud Anne and I are having with a couple of neighbors, but I was kind of inspired by what is currently happening that is finally showing some of the truths about Barak Hussein Obama.

So, I’ll try to publish the LEFT versus RIGHT feud shortly.

IN A FICTIONAL INTERVIEW . . . but one that what would otherwise be an accurate conversation that I would have with Obama . . . here is what he would have ACTUALLY said in answers to my questions, based on how he has ALREADY answered them in piecemeal since 2008.

SO – HERE ARE OBAMA’S SUPPOSED ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS . . . you have to guess the questions. And that won’t be too hard.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that I couldn’t register as a FOREIGN student if I was indeed “born” in America, even though I claimed I was from Indonesian as Barry Soetoro.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that I really needed a bona-fide BIRTH Certificate to prove my birthright citizenship. I can’t seem to find it. But I know that it’s somewhere.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that it’s really kind of sick for a guy like me to bury all or most of my school records. But whose business is it anyways?

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that I wasn’t really a professor, if all I’ve ever done in academia is to have given some lectures. But I kind of like being called professor.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the US Constitution is the BEDROCK of American FREEDOM, and not a living document subject to arbitrary opinion, even though I promote myself as a Constitutional Professor and Expert.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the division between the Congress and the Executive was actually REAL, and not just a suggestion. Thank Allah for Executive Orders.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that there would be footage (video) of me hosting Israel-Haters and Pro Palestinian Extremists before I became President. Or of anti-American speeches I gave while in university. But, since no one seems to care: “WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?” Sorry, I stole that line from Hillary.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that after sitting for 20 years in the pews of the Chicago Black Liberationist Church, that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright actually preached hatred of Jews, Israel and White America. So that’s what he was saying.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Reverend Wright was a Moslem convert to Christianity. But I’m not sure if that describes me too.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that Syrian born financier and slumlord Tony Rezko, who was my Chicago campaign bundler, who also sold me a next-door property to his own at a ridiculously low price was involved in wire fraud, bribery, money laundering and attempted extortion. But he was nice to Michelle and me.

(As of 2011 . . . Rezko is currently serving a ten and a half year prison term.)

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that Bill Ayers who babysat my children, sat on the same committees as me, and volunteered his house for the launch of my political career was a self admitted American TERRORIST (Weather Underground Co-Organizer), who was a wanted man, who managed to evade arrest until the Statute of Limitations expired, who to this day publicly states that he “didn’t do enough” to attack America, and is enamored by Communism.

But, when I found out, and was told that Ayers’ past could hurt my future, I threw him under the bus with Jeremiah Wright.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that America is really a Christian country by population (85%), when I told the Moslem World that America was not a Christian country. This religion stuff is far too complicated.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that Islam has given the world nothing in the last millennia other then death, destruction, suffering, and failure, even though it sounded great for me to speak about Islam’s great Global contributions, including those to the United States. I’m sure they landed on Plymouth Rock with the Pilgrims but decided to keep that to themselves.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that most thinking Americans would not be happy that their President refused to call TERRORISM what it really is. Or that there was no Islamic war on the West. Or that Jihad meant something other than what it really means. But then again, most Americans who voted for someone like me are not really all that “thinking”.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the war being waged AGAINST America, Israel, and the FREEDOMS of Western Democracy is really waged by Moslems. GO FIGURE?

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Nobel Committee really expected me to do something for Peace after accepting their Peace Prize, other than to show up and make a speech.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that murdering people by drone attacks on the sovereign territory of others was not conducive to Peace, in keeping with the Nobel Peace Prize. The Generals made me do it.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that killing Osama Bin Laden wouldn’t end the Moslem War on America, Israel, Jews, Christians, Hindus and the Freedoms of Democracy. But then again, I didn’t know that there was such a war (see above).

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Arab Spring I helped kick-start would become an Arab Winter NIGHTMARE . . . but I’ve moved on.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood would do everything they could to destroy Egyptian FREEDOMS by making SHARIA the law of the land. Maybe we should give his Sharia thing a closer look.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Egyptian Generals would tell me to screw-off and turn to the Russians after I abandoned them. So who needs the Egyptians anyways?

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that Israel would be pissed-off by being told by me that they had to go back to the 1949 demarcation lines contrary to UN Resolution 242, surrendering all that they had built and achieved through tremendous suffering, blood, financial costs, and labor. Not to mention the return to indefensible borders. But you know the Jews; they always complain.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that our Embassy’s Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens begged America for help during the TERRORIST attack in Benghazi, that took his life and the lives of three others. No one told me. Anyways, I was kind of busy planning my trip to Vegas.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the NSA Spy Program would be found out by our German and French Allies, especially the part about us listening into the private cellphone conversations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. People keep everything from me.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that Chancellor Merkel would be so upset that we spied on her, to the point that she says that Germany’s trust in America must be rebuilt again. I wouldn’t have imagined her to be so sensitive. Maybe it’s just PMS.

And that French President Francois Hollande wants this outrage discussed in the European Parliament. But you know the French; they get insulted over everything.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Iranians invented the game of chess, and that I am nothing but a Dumb Pawn in their Global Game. Maybe they invented chess, but I’m really good at checkers?

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that forcing Israel (Netanyahu) to apologize to the Turkish leader Erdogan, for Israel’s RIGHT to defend it’s Gaza Blockade would do nothing other than embarrass Israel and empower the Turkish Islamists. I love Turkish Delights, but they get caught in my teeth.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that I so outraged the Saudis in my acquiescence to Iran and my lack of courage and conviction in what’s happening in Syria, that they would be the first nation to ever refuse a Seat on the United Nations Security Council (because they didn’t trust me). Now I’m sorry that I bowed to the King.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that I increased the NATIONAL DEBT more in my first term than all Presidents did before me – COMBINED. Isn’t that an accomplishment?

In fact, I didn’t know that I more than doubled it. And I’m still doing it. Well that’s what printing presses are for.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Attorney General’s Office (Eric Holder) sold all manner of guns to the worst of the Mexican Cartels under a program called Fast and Furious. Boy, we better double down on gun control and the end of the Second Amendment before someone gets wise.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the FBI and justice Department were targeting American Journalists. Well, someone has to.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the IRS was punishing and singling out Conservative requests for non-profit corporate status. Go figure that they did what I told them to do.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the NSA was spying on Americans in all manner possible. I didn’t know what the NSA really did in that very big building.

I DIDN’T KNOW . . . that the Affordable Healthcare (Obamacare) Website was a piece of crap. So what? I’ll never have to use it.


And his response, if it were to be honest and forthright . . . would be:

WHAT I DO KNOW . . . IS THAT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS SO STUPID, that not only would they elect a charlatan like me with a covered up past that they didn’t know, but a checkered past that they did know, simply because it made them feel self-liberated by voting for a Black Man – NOT JUST ONCE . . . BUT TWICE, even after seeing how toxic I was to their American Dream and Shining City On The Hill the first time around.

WHAT I ALSO KNOW . . . is that people this STUPID, will not survive in a very tough world where only the fittest get to fight another day.

Not only would that be what he would have said if he was asked and was really truthful in his answers . . . it would also have been as accurate an assessment of the American people as accurate can get.

He also could have said . . . that he never even needed to defend his lies, distortions, ignorance and the truths he withheld, since he had an army of LEFTIST useful IDIOTS and a compliant media to do it all for him.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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