Why I Write Incessantly About The USA



Many people, especially Canadians who read this Blog, wonder why I spend so much time writing about the USA, when there are so many issues and problems in Canada, which I should be paying more attention to since I am a Canadian.


Hillary Clinton used to regurgitate this same dishonest mantra over and over again about the “VAST INTERNATIONAL RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY”.


It’s the kind of stuff that would have made Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels proud, who was infamous for many things, but mostly for his belief that if you tell the lie often enough and make the lie big enough, it will become the truth.

There is no proof whatsoever that a Right Wing Conspiracy of any dimension has ever existed. But, to the contrary, there is every PROOF that there is indeed a VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY starting with the Unions, all the way to a global institution called SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL with more than 150 Nation Members.

And if you don’t believe me – GOOGLE it . . . socialistinternational.org.

I write about the United States of America, because America is the last line in the sand that cannot be crossed, if we in the rest of the world wish to maintain our FREEDOMS.

Let me give you a Canadian example of how all of our supposedly “FREE” Democracies face the same challenges from the LEFT throughout the world:

There was a Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the late 1960’s through the very early 1980’s, who had an absolute disdain for the self-made working middle class, who had a visceral dislike for America and Israel, who spent Canada into unconscionable debt, and who created linguistic social problems that plague Canada to this very day, almost FOUR decades since his years as Prime Minister.

Trudeau was a French Canadian (Quebecer) who was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He was an academic . . . a university professor who also held a law degree.

During WWII, while a million Canadians served, out of population of just over eleven million at that time, meaning that ONE out of every FIVE Canadian men was at war fighting the Nazis and other Fascists, the privileged Trudeau was riding his motorcycle along the Quebec countryside wearing Nazi Regalia.


In the 1960’s . . . Trudeau was so cool, that the media coined TRUDEAU-MANIA to describe the fawning crowds of Liberals who cheered and fainted all about him when he spoke, especially young people and women. His message was a “JUST SOCIETY”, as if Canada wasn’t a Just Society, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

But even though Trudeau’s mantra of a “Just Society” was nothing more than meaningless empty words, his rhetoric caught-on like wildfire, just like Obama’s “Hope and Change”.


Canada’s Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) is Conservative, who goes about his job very quietly. In his Party, under his leadership, there is no drama. And when there is a hint of scandal or Party discord, the Canadian media is on it like flies to manure.

Yesterday, October 16, 2013, Canada’s Governor General delivered what is known in Canada as the Speech from the Throne, which is somewhat akin to the President’s State of the Union Address, where the future direction of the country’s governance is laid out.

Prior to the Speech from the Throne, where the Prime Minister does not speak, but has his agenda presented for him by the Governor General, Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a PRE-THRONE SPEECH dissertation on where the country has been under his Conservative Government Leadership, to where his Conservatives intend to direct Canada into the future.


The important Canadian Media didn’t even bother to cover it. Many didn’t even show up. But, they did run to cover a speech by the SOCIALIST New Democratic Party, where the media received a great ovation for being with the LEFT opposed to covering what the Prime Minister had to say.


Pierre Elliott Trudeau had three sons. Michel Trudeau died in a skiing accident, Sacha Trudeau is relatively obscure, and Justin Trudeau has become the leader of the LEFTIST Canadian Liberal Party.

Other than being a high school drama teacher, ski instructor, and camp councilor, Trudeau has never had a real job other than getting elected a few years ago as a Member of Parliament; yet, he could very well become Canada’s next Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau is a good-looking youngish guy who enjoys showing his chest off with open-buttoned shirts. He’s married to a hot looking wife also born into privilege. And they have two young children making them the darling couple of Canada.

Trudeau is dumber than a rock. After winning his Parliamentary Seat, he took pleasure in letting everyone know that he celebrated his victory by smoking a JOINT.

Trudeau thinks that Quebec should be entirely French with laws that forbid the unrestricted use of the English language, while the rest of Canada should be bilingual, pandering to the French language of Quebec, even through Canada is more than NINETY-SEVEN PERCENT English outside of Separatist Quebec.


Trudeau has no business experience whatsoever. He also has no economic training. And his knowledge of the world comes from being a pampered LEFTIST Tourist. Yet, the vast majority of the Canadian population will never know or care to know that Trudeau is nothing more than a dumb empty-suit. And MANY will vote for him because his name is Trudeau. Also because he is young, hip and sexy. And because he panders to the self-defeating socialist tendencies that make people feel good about themselves.

And the LEFTIST media, of which Canada is replete, will make certain to play up Trudeau’s image while hiding his truth.


In Prime Minister Harper’s Throne Speech delivered by the Governor General, he spoke about holding down spending, reducing the size and cost of government. He spoke about reeling in communication telecoms and Cable and Satellite TV Oligopolies.

He spoke about Free-Trade agreements that will extend Canada’s markets to the European Union and Asia, both of which are well into the works. He spoke about moving Canada to be 100% energy self-sufficient, and profitable for the nation.

He also spoke about modernizing and better equipping Canada’s military on land, air and sea, which is also well into the works.

The Prime Minister pointed out that with the downsizing of government, there will also be downsizing of suffocating regulations that hinder growth, job-creation and prosperity.

And in International Affairs, Stephen Harper pointed out that nations throughout the world have never doubted Canada’s resolve, and know that Canada is a TRUSTED Partner to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that Israel can depend on Canada as a reliable FRIEND, in a region where FREEDOM and Democracy does not otherwise exist. He didn’t single-out any other country beside Israel . . . yet, Canadian Jews much like American Jews who vote LEFT, will vote in large numbers for the LEFTIST Trudeau who has recently and publicly pledged his support for Islam.


They said that it was boring and unimaginative. And that it had no real substance other than to satisfy the Conservative Base. But . . . I bet there would be MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Americans who would hunger to hear a State of the Union Address like Harper’s Throne Speech.

As I wrote in the first line of this editorial . . . Canada cannot change the world, but America can, is the reason why I focus most of my opinions on the USA. If America goes down, as it is looking more likely with every passing day, the whole world goes down with her.

And that’s why I spend so much time writing about the USA.

PS – A word of advice to Ted Cruz and other Tea Party Republicans:

Never apologize for doing the right thing, no matter how many people castigate you for doing so.

Never apologize for standing up against that which is wrong. And never surrender.

And don’t believe the polls or buy into the media BS. People support those who are sufficiently BRAVE to stand by their principles in a world where a principle is a nonexistent political word.

As for last night’s Congressional votes (October 16, 2013) – there are only LOSERS. The people won nothing other than more government misery. But you and the other Tea Party dissenters can hold your heads high in the knowledge that of all the Republican sell-outs who voted for this un-American disaster, you few stood firm.

America and the rest of the world needs more like you.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So true. I have always said that for someone to become a citizen, three years is too little. Minimum seven (ten better), a working knowledge of the national language, know OUR culture and limits, and don’t expect your homeland’s laws and traditions to apply here. If in that time you can’t support yourself, there is the door. The test for citizenship is not in the foreign language of your choice. One criminal act before becoming a citizen and you have 24 hours to pack and leave (at your expense).

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