Republicans NEVER Cease To Disappoint

It's time for a new Conservative Party in America.

When the entire House voted to pay the Furloughed Federal Workers all of their back pay, once the government Shut Down comes to an end, it was OVER-THE-TOP for me.

Because of this ludicrous policy supported by Republicans . . . ALL OF THEM, the Shut Down has morphed into nothing more than a forced PAID Vacation. If I were a Federal Civil Servant, I would be praying for the Shut Down to go on forever. Why not?

When we read and hear that more than EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND furloughed federal workers are NOT ESSENTIAL, the question that comes to my mind is this:

If they’re NOT ESSENTIAL, why are they even employed by the government?


We are hearing and reading how America will DEFAULT if the Debt Ceiling Limit is not raised. That is not only untrue and inaccurate . . . IT IS A BALD FACED LIE.

If the Debt Ceiling is raised, it only means that the government will be able to burrow MORE money that it will never be able to pay back, to grow an already bloated government and add more entitlements the country cannot afford.

If the Debt Ceiling is NOT raised, it means that the obligations will still be paid to the lenders, but the government will have to cut from its “non-existent” budget, reducing the size or closing down useless projects and government agencies. Where’s the downside in that?


It is not only disgusting and painful to see a great deal of Republicans playing the game of Democrats, as they shake their weak knees at the prospect of actually doing something right, opposed to doing something politically expedient, that I truly believe Tea Party Conservatives should consider breaking from the Republican Party if the Party crumbles . . . crumbles even a little bit on the Continuing Resolution and the Debt Ceiling.

Bankrupting America, which is what’s on the Democratic Table, is not a solution for the fiscal and social nightmare wrought upon the country by LEFTIST Democrats and big spending Republicans over decades of incompetent run-a-way governments. But that’s what they are indeed doing.


As most of you know, I am a Canadian. I am not in love with Canada’s Conservative led government, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything represented by the JOKE that Congress and the White House have become.

Our Prime Minister (Stephen Harper), his cabinet, and Conservative Back-Benchers stay far away from the media, unlike the media hounds in Congress and the White House who race towards the cameras and microphones in search of celebrity.

Our Prime Minister quietly goes along his way to develop every drop of Canadian energy he can, in the quest of making Canada 100% energy self sufficient and wealthy as an energy exporter.


Our Conservative government, after many decades and generations of escalating government growth and costs at the hands of Liberals and small C Conservatives is finally doing what they can to reverse that by bringing the size, costs and efficiency of Public Sector Jobs in line with the Private Sector.

They’re just not doing it fast enough for my taste.

Even on the International scene, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear during the last federal election, that his unequivocal support for Israel and Israel’s RIGHT to exist in peace and security WITHOUT preconditions is something he supports and will continue to support, even if it costs him his Leadership, his Parliamentary Seat, and the Party the Election.

Even with this statement of support for Israel, in a country that has been all but hostile to Israel at the UN, he won a majority government.

And on the environment too . . . our Conservatives are weighing many things into GREEN decisions, beginning with the well being of the people and Canada’s economy. And in spite of the usual GREEN criticisms and vitriol, Harper will not be deterred.


We’ve had publicly financed healthcare for several generations (since 1984), and until recently, it has worked well enough. But, as time goes on, and more demands are placed on what has already become a severely overburdened system, where things like hip replacements can take more than a year to have done, Canada’s Single Payer System is becoming more and more TWO-TIER, where private healthcare is becoming an option for those who can afford it.


In essence, where the USA is hurtling itself towards a Socialist Society, where Canada has already been since the 1960’s, Canada is heading in the opposite direction towards where the USA is coming from. Unfortunately though, we won’t go far enough.

Don’t get me wrong . . . as I wrote in the preceding: “I am not in love with Canada’s Conservative led government . . .” because Canada is still too far to the LEFT. But, at the very least, we’re heading in the right direction.

Our politicians are still too controlling, especially at the grass roots level where pissant mayors and councilors feel empowered to pass bylaws that severely trample upon individual and property rights because our Constitution (Charter of Rights and Freedoms) is nothing more than a list of suggestions controlled by the courts.

Our provincial politicians are for the most part incompetent, who spend the people’s money as if the government won it in a lottery, severely driving up deficits and debts . . . making things in the Great White North less than great.

But, Canada is not the USA. Canada does not set the standard for the rest of the world to follow. And we do not carry international influence over everything from currency values to peace and war.

We are a really nice country with a massive landmass that is home to only Thirty Three Million People, making us a player of sorts, but not really all that significant.

As history has shown repeatedly . . . Canada can just about always be relied upon by all of our friends and allies, and will just about always do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, but we are not world leaders.

So . . . as a Canadian who always looked South for inspiration, it gives me and other Conservative Canadians enormous sadness to see what has become of the American Dream. And how the lights of that Shining City On The Hill are dimming before our very eyes.

And as an outside observer, I cannot blame the LEFT for what is happening to America, anymore than I could blame a rattlesnake for biting someone who knowingly put his or her hand in its mouth.

But . . . I do BLAME with 100% conviction, the Republicans for not only allowing all of this to happen, but for being an active part of it, for either being big spenders, big regulators, and/or political cowards.

Let me repeat this in case you missed it at the beginning.

If the Republicans cave on the Continuing Resolution and/or the Debt Ceiling in spite of the Chicken Little Rhetoric coming from the LEFT, the Media and RINO Republicans, Tea Party Conservatives should split from the RINOS and go on their own.

Not only that . . . if the Party caves – the Conservatives should run their own candidate for President, because at this point, it doesn’t matter if the LEFT wins again or not, since so much damage has been done because of the RINOS, that anything less than a political/social revolution to the RIGHT will be irrelevant.

And when it all hits the fan as it will, that’s exactly what is going to happen, since a TWENTY-FIRST Century Revolution because of the cowards and appeasers of the Republican Party, will have all but made this America’s new DESTINY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. If I remember correctly, since Texas was a sovereign, independent nation when it entered into the treaty of annexation with the United States, the treaty’s wording provides for the right of Texas to withdraw from the Union, should it so desire. I don’t believe any other state enjoys this privilege. I own property in Texas and have always been impressed with that State and its citizens. God Bless Texas!

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