Will Someone Tell Them That They’re Winning?


PLEASE . . . before it’s too late, someone has to tell the RINOS that they’re winning in spite of what the Mainstream LEFTIST Media has to say. In spite of what the so-called Fair and Balanced Media has to say. And especially what the Lilly-Livered Republican Bad Actors (RINOS) have to say.

When I hear FOX News’ political analysts like Charles Krauthammer, or worse, the great political prostitute Karl Rove saying . . . that because of the Tea Party’s Congressional Members (House and Senate), the nightmare that is Obamacare on Day One is not in the news because of the Republican caused government shutdown . . . THEY COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG IF THEY TRIED.

Do these Media EXPERTS and political scaredy-cats really think that the American people are so utterly stupid, that they need the Media to tell them that they are getting HOSED by the single greatest BOONDOGGLE (Obamacare) in modern world history?

Do they need the Media to tell the MILLIONS of people who’ve tried to register online for the Obamacare debacle that the system doesn’t work?

And what would make any of these RINOS and Insider “Fair and Balanced” Media “Experts” think for a second, that the LEFTIST Mainstream Media would criticize any part of Obamacare if they weren’t focused on the Shut-Down?

The truth about the Mainstream Media is that they would find no shortage of reasons to spin the Obamacare screw-ups from the registration nightmare to the outlandish costs and all other lies they believed to be true in spite of any inconvenient truth.

So . . . to quote that “paragon of virtue, honesty and integrity” . . . Hillary Clinton, about how the Mainstream Media, the Leftist Politicians, and the RINOS have to say . . . “WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?”


1 – There are no Conservatives with whom I’m communicating who fault the Conservative Republicans for the Shut-Down.

2 – All the Conservatives with whom I am communicating are 100% behind Ted Cruz and the other Tea Party Republicans in this endeavor.

3 – All the Conservatives who’ve written to me are PLEASED with the Shut-Down, and are more than willing to see it extended for as long as it takes to move America in the RIGHT direction.

4 – The LEFT, who rely far more than the RIGHT does on government services, are the ones doing all the complaining . . . SO WHO CARES?

5 – Most Americans will not really be affected by the Shut-Down, other than the people who work for the government and have been furloughed. But, since most government employees tend to be Democrats . . . WHO CARES?

6 – But the REAL BIG SHOCKER to the arrogant LEFTIST Congress and Obama is that most of the American people don’t really care. They’re just into their own lives in their own little worlds. And that’s very bad news for the LEFT.

7 – And then there’s the reality of Obamacare as it’s starting to reveal itself.


So . . . As Obamacare continues to be the mess that it is, and people are finally getting to know what is in it as Nancy Pelosi so famously said . . . the people “DON’T NEED NO STINKING MEDIA” to tell them how they’ve been SCREWED on STEROIDS by Obama’s Battle Cry for Hope and Change.

In the final analysis – Ted Cruz and “company” did the Constitution and Founding Fathers PROUD. They also gave people a reason to support and eventually vote for Republicans. Since finally, after years of political claptrap, the Republicans are actually standing for something, ONLY because it is simply the right thing to do.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even people who are stupid and wrong. But, under that same vein, everyone who is a Conservative is also entitled to punish at the forthcoming primaries, the RINOS who want to “SNATCH DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY”.

If for whatever reason, the Republicans decide to cave and back down on their principled stand against Obamacare and the size and power of the government, the Party will have no reason to exist, other than to send political parasites to Washington.

If ever there was a watershed moment in the future of the Republican Party and the American Dream . . . THIS MIGHT BE IT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I wonder, since the general impression of the locals interviewed, seem to distrust their law enforcement offers and don’t want to have anything to do with them, if that was the reaction of the family who called Officer Wilson to that location in the first place? He was there initially in response to an emergency call of a child with breathing difficulty. When that “White Cop” showed up at their door, did they refuse to allow him into their home?
    The media have not said anything about that.

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