I’ve received a huge number of emails from visitors to this Web Site saying THANK YOU for my (our) participation in the 9/11 BIKERS event in Washington DC.


As much as I appreciate everyone’s gratitude, it is important for me to set the record straight, since there is no need to thank me or anyone else who rolled into Washington DC to make a statement that had to be made.

It was the least we could do. And just by being able to be a small part of this incredible event – was a privilege beyond description.


I am not aware of any grandiose speeches made by anyone associated with the Washington DC BIKER Ride. We (Pledge Riders) made no speeches. We didn’t even organize other than to decide to ride out at 6:30 am and set-up in DC where we knew we could best be seen.

The only public words we uttered, were words of prayer of remembrance for the victims’ of Islam’s attack on FREEDOM and for the safety and success of our brave warriors fighting in the name of FREEDOM.

This was as spontaneous an event as I have ever known. In all reality, there were no leaders, there was no game plan other than to let the government and the people outside of the government understand that there is unhappiness across the land, expressed by a very divergent group of people who have had enough.

Unlike politicians who blabber at will, using either their own empty words or the contrived words written for them by others, to BS their way into and throughout office, OUR WORDS WERE IN OUR DEED.

We didn’t need to say anything for our meaning to be understood.

Everything we had to say came from the rumble of our engines and our determination NOT to be PATSIES for Islamists and the RIDICULOUS Politically Correct Cowards, who by their own actions create a great PERIL to what used to be the GREATEST country ever . . . and could once again become that GREATEST country it once was . . . once the politicians are made to shut up as FREEDOM RIDES AGAIN.


No one could have ever convinced me just a few years ago, that I would find COMFORT hanging with honest to goodness BIKERS.

Or that I would find common values with men and women who live to RIDE FREE, unencumbered by the bureaucracy set-forth by pipsqueaks and politicians who’ve forgotten whom they serve the moment they take office.

But that’s what’s happened . . . When I’m riding with these BIKERS, I have the clear sensation that I’m with 21st Century Patriots.


Once our engines roar into life, and the asphalt under us becomes nothing more than a blur at open throttle, it makes no difference what we do or who we are in our other life, because all of a sudden, in this BIKER LIFE, we become brothers (and sisters) with one cohesion second to none. WE ARE FREE.

And that’s the commonality that brought as many as, and perhaps more than 800,000 BIKERS to Washington DC this 9/11/13.

We didn’t need speeches to understand why we were there. All we needed was to be fed-up with the way politicians and bureaucrats have stolen our countries (USA and Canada), and have abandoned our RIGHT to FREEDOM.

By our massive presence without the need of special permission (a permit), we sent a clear message to government and the Islamists who use a cultist religion as camouflage to destroy those FREEDOMS, which we cherish more than anything else . . . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The British weren’t defeated in America when war between the Empire and the Colonies was declared in 1775. The British were on their way out long before that, when a band of Patriots, diverse in every way decided that enough was enough.

On December 16, 1773 . . . a group known as the SONS OF LIBERTY, boarded ships in Boston Harbor . . . to dump overtaxed tea into the harbor water, in what was to become the catalyst of the most significant Revolution in modern history.

History has proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that the tiniest spark can ignite the most incredible inferno. And that the greatest movements on earth take root in the most unexpected places in the most curious of ways.

We saw this leading up to the 2010 Interim Election, where the Democrats were soundly trounced by the spontaneity of the Grass Root TEA PARTIES. We also saw this back in the 1950’s (December 1, 1955 – Montgomery Alabama), when a tired Black woman (Rosa Parks) refused to go to the BACK OF THE BUS.

We never know which spark will ignite the fiercest blaze. But what we do know; is that all it takes is one. And perhaps as many as, and possibly MORE than 800,000 leather clad BIKERS . . . after having the taste of power through numbers in a common cause (FREEDOM), we very well might be seeing the birth of a whole new movement to walk hand in hand with the TEA PARTY Groups.

And all it took to ignite this spark, was just one stupid Moslem who wanted to castigate America on a bogus charge of racism, on the very the Day of INFAMY (9/11/01) of Islam’s own making.

To all the people who read this Blog, who have sent me emails, I apologize if I did not respond, since I am overwhelmed with letters. But, as usual, I will always do my best to read what you send to me and respond as best as I can.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe Obama’s design is to feed such riots until they multiply & cover enough cities as to declare nationwide martial law. For him to remain president, it must occur prior to changeover in 2017. He couldn’t defeat NRA and 2nd Amendment advocates, so gov’t contracts to buy up all ammo possible. Reckon I’m something of a conspiracy theorist but mostly in push for One-World gov’t by whatever means possible. O may think he’s to be the new leader. Rude awakening that he’s only a pawn?

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