Never Forget - Never Forgive

Three of us left Canada on September 9, 2013, crossing into the USA at the 1000 Island (New York/Ontario) border entry, for our 1200 mile return RIDE to Washington DC, where we were to meet-up with Pastor Gary Burd and his M-25 Riders.

We met at the La Quinta Hotel in Manassas Virginia on September 10th, from where on the ELEVENTH we rode to Washington DC early in the morning (6:30), to guarantee that we would be in place before the plane highjacked by Moslems struck the FIRST Tower at 8:45 twelve years ago.

Even though the ambient temperatures reached 100 degrees, it didn’t deter those of us who were standing with our Flags and Banner on Constitution Avenue, just to the side of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, than it did for the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of other RIDERS who were roaring in from all directions.


Standing with us as PLEDGE RIDERS were Riders from all parts of the USA, plus a JAG Lieutenant Colonel who saw multiple Tours of Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, who is still on Active Duty, and more than prepared to serve wherever her country sends her.

Sargent Rock was with us too, who has a Patriotic Artificial Arm, adorned with the Red, White and Blue images of the country he had so dutifully served in Vietnam. Sargent Rock lost his arm after being hit several times while carrying a severely wounded buddy to safety. NOW THAT’S A HERO worth standing with.

Pastor Gary Burd, the Founder and Director of the M-25 (Mission of Hope) Riders, who along with me is a key organizer of our Pledge Riders, led us in prayers as we stood in respectful silence to the tune of TAPS, while our flags fluttered in the wind at half mast remembering each time America was attacked on Islam’s Day of Infamy on 9/11/01.

As we stood on the street in our BIKER leathers, displaying our fabulous 2 foot by 4 foot vinyl banner that showed the PLEDGE RIDER Logo in the left corner, with the underneath caption that read God Bless America, with the US Flag to it’s right, showing the date of the infamous attack (9/11/01) and our Pledge of NEVER AGAIN under the date . . . THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of cars and service vehicles of all description (Fire Trucks, Ambulances and Police) honked, wailed their sirens and gave us their thumbs-up.

We could see their appreciation and gratitude in their faces for what we were doing as they drove by.

It is hard for me to imagine a prouder few hours from 7:30 in the morning when we arrived on the scene, till about 11:00 o’clock when we left.

As fate would have it, just prior to our fourth and last Tribute (Shanksville), the Police, Secret Service and who knows who else began to clear Constitution Avenue.

A special video and sensor equipped helicopter buzzed our position several times, getting a good look at us.

And then at a distance from where we stood, the first police BIKES with flashers flashing, followed by Black SUV’s, then what appeared to be an armored Black Truck and quite a few Black Limousines sped towards us.

It was Obama coming back from his “visit” to the Pentagon. And since there was no one else on the Avenue beside us PLEDGE RIDERS holding our Banner and flags, he would have had to have his eyes closed not to have seen us.

It was a strange feeling, during that very moment when Obama passed us by, that not one person in our group made a supportive comment about the President becoming an unintended participant, even in the smallest way possible to our Tribute to the Victims of 9/11.

It was no less a feeling that Obama was as much a problem for America and Freedom, as were the TERRORISTS who on just one day delivered a crippling blow to the USA.

In Obama’s regard, he has been crippling America every day from the moment he took his oath of office till today.


The time, cost and effort to making this Pledge Ride was worth every minute we spent in the saddle, every dollar we spent on hotels, meals and otherwise, and all the uncomfortable hours in the heat.

The fact that the mainstream media . . . even FOX News didn’t make a much bigger deal than they did out of all the BIKERS who paid a real price to be there to stand with America, says an awful lot about the mainstream media . . . even FOX News.

But, with the NEW MEDIA represented by the Internet, BLOGS like this one, Facebook and YouTube . . . who needs the mainstream media? Because with every passing day and every passing event, the mainstream media becomes that much more irrelevant, while the NEW MEDIA becomes the TRUE voice of the people.

To See The Video Of The Pledge Riders Delivering Our Tribute, Please Visit YouTube:

Or go to http://www.PledgeRiders.com and click on the Pledge Rider Facebook Logo just below the image at the top of the Mission Page to see and hear how we paid Tribute to the Victims of Islam on American soil.


Tonight at sundown is the beginning of the HOLIEST of HOLY Days in the Jewish calendar. This is the Day of Repentance . . . called Yom Kippur, when Jews from around the world confess their sins before God, praying for forgiveness and redemption . . . taking a measurement of one’s worth to humanity.

While this cleansing of the soul has great merit, for me, it is not enough to simply confess one’s sins and ask for forgiveness, if in the future you’ll simply return to the sins of yesterday doing nothing to make tomorrow a better day.

If you really want to be redeemed . . . Get involved. Be informed. Be Visible. Stand up for what is right and for what is truly just.


To all the people who help support Galganov.com and/or Pledge Riders. You make all that we do possible. THANK YOU.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard,

    I have heard that pro-Palestinian groups have sought to usurp the events in Mo. The rage blinds the people and they do not know what they are doing other than being violent for its own sake. G-d gave the world the Noahide Code. Amongst the codes are: respect and maintain a legal system, respect for private property and respect for life and other rules. Re the Barbarian hordes coming to destroy the culture of the West?

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