Three Cheers For The Egyptian Military



On December 10, 2009 . . . the Nobel Committee awarded the newly minted US President Barack Hussein Obama with their PEACE PRIZE, not for anything he did, but for what they seemed to be certain of that he WILL DO in the future to promote World Peace.

It’s hard to imagine anything DUMBER than that. But then again – I am writing about the LEFT.

Before I cover the extent of Obama’s massive international failures, it should be noted that he is less than one year into his second four-year term, and his administration is absolutely out of ideas and gas domestically and abroad.

And in a world that is exploding all around us, if not for the President of the USA, who else is there to look upon for guidance, reassurance and stability?

In this editorial title, I write THREE CHEERS FOR THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY, because this Arab State seems to be the ONLY power in the region that is not succumbing to Obama’s IDIOCY, and is taking care of business the way business against the Moslem Brotherhood should be taken care of.


1 – Obama’s FIRST International PRESS INTERVIEW and COMMENTS as President of the United States of America were made on Al Arabiya Television to the Moslem World. No one ever explained why . . . any more than they explained why the Moslem Brotherhood had all but an open invitation to the White House. But I digress.

2 – Obama’s FIRST World Tour Speech (April 3, 2009) was in Strasbourg France, bordering Germany, where “coincidentally” Islam’s LARGEST Mosque in France is located . . . was where Obama apologized for all of America’s past sins, where he stated to his German/French Student Audience:

“Instead of (the US) celebrating your (European) dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

I guess Obama never gave much if any thought to the millions of Americans who fought on European soil . . . not just once, but TWICE, to save Europe from TOTALITARIANISM.

But . . . if Obama ever did think about it, he “might” be reminded of America’s “ARROGANCE, DISMISSIVENESS AND DERISIVENESS” in Europe and other places on the planet, by all the rows upon rows of American graves, where American “arrogant, dismissive and derisive” Patriots are buried, whose courage saved Europe.

3 – Obama’s other TOUR brought him to Turkey on April 6, 2009, where he expounded upon all of the GREAT contributions Islam has given to the world, and how Islam had played an important role in the history and development of the United States.

Obama also made a comparison in his Turkey speech . . . that the Palestinians are in some ways treated no differently by Israel, than were Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

As a personal note . . . Every Jew in America should have been repulsed by Obama’s Palestinian/Holocaust comparison, but were obviously not, since 70% of America’s Jewish Community voted for him in the his bid for a second term.

Also as a personal note . . . As hard as I tried through GOOGLE and all other sources to find where and how Islam was a part of the development of the United States I couldn’t. Perhaps GOOGLE should ask Obama to help them out with their search data.

4 – Obama went to Cairo (June 4, 2009), where he lit the fuse that overthrew America’s ONLY reliable Arab friend and ally, and Arab Ally to Israel (Mubarak), launching the vile Moslem Brotherhood from being a banned TERRORIST organization which MURDERED Anwar Sadat (October 6, 1981), because Sadat made PEACE with Israel, to becoming the “elected” government, which without hesitation embarked upon a mission to make Egypt an America/Israel/Christian-Hating Sharia State Nation.

5 – Obama . . . with his genius Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in tow, decided to PRESS THE RESET BUTTON with Russia on March 6, 2009, as if there was something wrong with Russian/American relations, which there wasn’t until they pressed the stupid reset button.

6 – On May 19, 2011, Obama told Israel that they must go back to the pre-1967 “borders”, which were actually the 1948-ceasefire lines, which were NEVER recognized by the UN or any Arab/Moslem country as the final borders.

In June of 1967, Israel fought a DEFENSIVE War against the combined Arab armies of the region, defeating all of them in just 6-Days, capturing the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Gaza Strip and Sinai Desert from Egypt, which by ALL INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS would give LEGAL possession of those lands to Israel as LEGITIMATE SPOILS OF WAR.

But, when it comes to Israel, there is no such thing as International FAIRNESS.

PLEASE NOTE . . . There was no mention in the second preceding paragraph of Israel capturing these lands from Palestine or Palestinian people, because neither of the aforementioned existed until they were “CREATED” by a pandering Israel-Hating World.

When it comes to Obama, who can’t say often enough about how he is Israel’s BEST FRIEND EVER – it is totally ignored that he is the ONLY American President to DEMAND that Israel must give back the land Israel won on the West Bank, only to return to the “SUICIDE” ceasefire lines of 1948, which were not recognized by anyone.

Not even the anti-Israel UN has ever made such a demand, as is reflected in UN Resolution 242 that calls this land DISPUTED . . . NOT OCCUPIED.


This editorial is meant to shine a light on how a NOBODY became President of the USA and leader of the FREE WORLD . . . without any QUALIFICATIONS whatsoever, yet, he owned the accolades of the Global LEFT, because he was the FIRST President to SCUM-OUT his own country wherever he could.

And now . . . using the words of Obama’s “former” Jew-hating, White-Hating, Israel-Hating, America-Hating Black Liberationist Pastor Jeremiah Wright:


Since Obama’s World Apology Tours and change in America’s foreign policies, the Arab/Moslem World has exploded, and will continue to explode for some time to come.

1 – Turkey . . . one time ally to Israel is now a tacit enemy to Israel, and is on a path to becoming a Sharia State.

2 – Iraq is in the early throes of a Sectarian Civil War, where much of the booty will go to Iran. It’s also almost certain that Iraq will split apart between the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

3 – Iran is closer than ever to becoming a Nuclear State.

4 – Syria is in a full-throat Civil War with more than 100,000 killed, perhaps a hundred thousand or more wounded, with thousands of women and girls who’ve been raped by both sides, and a million or more people who are now refugees fleeing to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and troubled Iraq.

5 – Lebanon will probably be dragged into the Syrian Civil War by Hezbollah, which will conceivably lead to Lebanon’s destruction.

6 – Christians in all of the aforementioned countries are being beaten, burned-out and murdered. Yet not a word about that from Obama or his White House.

7 – Yemen has become the World HEADQUARTERS for Islamic TERRORISM.

8 – Afghanistan is a mess, just waiting for America to pull its troops out before Al Qaeda and the Taliban return to power, rendering the TRILLION dollar war that has sacrificed HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of American, Canadian and some British soldiers to long term separation from loved-ones, family and friends, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), lost limbs, and death . . . to nothing but a MASSIVE waste of Treasure and life.

9 – Because of Obama’s FECKLESS policies, Pakistan is more of an adversary than an ally.

10 – The GULF States . . . like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Untied Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman have less than ZERO confidence in the USA, and have turned to Egypt’s military, and very quietly to Israel for protection from the Iranian Shiites.

11 – Jordan . . . the quiet almost secular Arab State that has shared a very long and peaceful border with Israel (since 1973), is one step away from its own civil war and challenge to Israel.


If you want to see the PERFECT example of what best represents Obama’s foreign policies: It is fully encompassed in just one word . . . BENGHAZI.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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