The Black Community’s Coming Horror


America is falling apart at the seams, even though the LEFT and RINOS say otherwise. BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS.

And after writing the preceding TRUTH, it must also be written which group in America is the single greatest disaster in a country now governed by people who relish and reward failure.

In spite of what the BLACK Community will say about this editorial, and in spite of what the LEFTIST and RINO good-for-nothing DO-GOODERS will say about this editorial, the TRUTH is undeniable.

Before I delve deeper into why America’s Black Community is on-track to a national cataclysmic failure, it must also be said that amongst the BIGGEST losers, are all those members of the Black Community who have played by all the rules:

They’ve studied, worked hard, created skills and raised decent families.

There are no shortages of outstanding Black Americans who’ve amounted to something, and became important contributors to the American society, not just to America’s White society, but rather, to the American society as a whole.

I’m not going to name names, because there are just too many REALLY successful Black people who’ve made it in life. These Black Americans include doctors, lawyers, scientists, businesspeople, public sector workers and regular folk who do the 9-5 routines, raising their FAMILIES really well with what they have.

I emphasized the word FAMILY . . . as in between married couples that want to have children whom they could nurture and raise, since that is a concept that seems to be entirely lost or foreign to an enormous number of Black Americans.

I didn’t include acting, singing and sports as part of my SUCCESS criteria for the Black Community, because it seems to me, that far too many, if not most Black actors, singers, and athletes don’t represent the best in their community, especially amongst many of the entertainers like Rappers.

The tragedy amongst the upstanding Black Community . . . is that their numbers don’t come close to the numbers of Black American failures, too often lumping them in with the majority.

The other problem . . . is that the VAST majority of successful Black Americans are not screaming from the rafters at those who empower or excuse BAD Black Behavior.

It also appears that many within the successful Black Community want very little to do with the Bad Black Actors, preferring to spend their lives as far away from them as they can be. And you can’t blame them.


The one word answer is ENTITLEMENTS. The not so complicated description is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. And the even less complex reason is very low expectations.

White Liberal Guilt has cursed the Black Community to fail in virtually every context one can imagine.


1 – Single parent families (72%).

2 – Highest number of prisoners (60%).

3 – Highest number of murders (Black on Black). In 2011, there were 2695 Blacks murdered by 2447 Black.

4 – Highest percentage of unemployed (more than 14% nationwide).

There are many more depressing statistics on Black failures available by searching reliable social and government sites on the Internet. But, the four that I’ve listed above are more than enough to establish the gravity of the TRUTH.


On March 6, 1961, by executive order, JFK passed into law the basis for full blown Affirmative Action, that once it met it’s stride became a Black American ENTITLEMENT that openly discriminated against White Americans, giving all Blacks a serious advantage over Whites; deserved or not . . . TOO OFTEN NOT.

ALSO . . . far too many Blacks focused their education on sports, for the shot at the Brass Ring, while ignoring basic learning skills. The schools made certain to help the most talented Black Athletes get in, whether they could read and write or add 1 plus 1 and come up with 2 or not.

As Anne and I traveled through the Midwest and Southern Heartland, most of the folk in the small towns and rural areas were White, who spoke well, seemed to work hard, kept their communities clean and organized, and were a testament to the concept of Southern Hospitality.

But, when we got into the bigger cities like Houston and Baton Rouge, it became an altogether different reality.

When entering Baton Rouge on the Bridge spanning the Mississippi River, there were two billboards facing opposite directions. Both of which had the same message:


I asked about this, and was told that since Katrina, a great number of Blacks moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, rendering it a particularly unsafe city. I was also told the same about Houston for the same reason.

Yet, on our way through Cleveland Ohio, in a semi-rural community, we were treated like royalty by members of a Black Revivalist Church, whose members showered us with kindness, refreshments, and food . . . all of which was an incredible contrast to the other much larger Black reality.

This in itself showed an incredible juxtaposition between people who believe in morality through their Church and lifestyle, to those whose moral belief is in the gutter.

But, in the cities, and at many restaurant and gas stops where we had the need to interact with locals, we found several unpleasant traits amongst far too many of the Black people who served us.

1 – The English they spoke was almost incoherent. To describe it best, it was abhorrent.

2 – Many of my friends have tattoos, but not so many that it is hard to see their skin. And not tattooed on their necks, their upper chest, and the side of their faces – MALES AND FEMALES ALIKE. But not so amongst MANY of the Black males and females we encountered.

Where is their future? And who’s going to hire them?

The extremely sad reality . . . is that none of the above is going to get better any time soon. As a matter of fact, with the LEFT showering minorities with FREE CRAP and excuses, it is only going to get markedly worse.


When the Black Community takes their cue from RACE BAITERS like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the RACIST Black Congressional Caucus, the NAACP, LEFTIST media and SHUCK AND JIVE entertainers, instead of extraordinary Black people like Herman Cain and Dr Ben Carson . . . THEIR FUTURE IS ALREADY CARVED IN STONE.

When a Half White Half Hispanic person like George Zimmerman, who was protecting his community shot and killed a 17-year-old Black THUG named Trayvon Martin, who was beating him senseless, the RACE-BAITERS had a field day demanding the worst punishment possible for Zimmerman.

YET – ABOUT A WEEK AGO . . . three BIG 15-year-old Black kids got on a school bus which they weren’t supposed to be on, and for what seemed to be an eternity, these three Black THUGS beat the HOLY Crap out of 13-year-old White kid, because the White kid reported them for trying to sell him drugs.


1 – Unlike the Zimmerman/Martin incident, there was a WITNESS up close and personal to the beating, who is the cowardly Black Bus Driver who literally did nothing to help the 13-year-old White kid from being savagely beaten, except near the end of the brutality, when the Black Bus Driver finally yelled at the three Black THUGS to stop.

2 – There is a clear VIDEO that captured all of the beating.


a – Not a blessed word from the Black Community.

b – Not much from the mainstream media with the exception of FOX News.

c – There was a court decision that was less than a slap on the wrist for the Black THUGS.


Even though I am 100% CERTAIN of your answer, I’m going to ask the question anyway:

What would have been the reaction from all the Black RACE-BAITING Groups, the LEFTIST mainstream media and Oprah Winfrey if it were three BIG 15-year-old White THUGS beating the crap put of a 13-year-old Black kid, while a White Bus Driver stood-by doing nothing to stop the beating until it was just about over?


I sincerely believe that the situation for the Black Community, especially amongst the youth is going to get much worse on a day by day basis, since there is NOTHING being done by anyone . . . specifically in the Black Community and amongst the LEFT to change things around.

I don’t see Black kids learning how to speak English even semi-articulately. I don’t see them doing any better in school. I don’t see them shunning the violent, sexist, racist music that helps them shape their lives. And I don’t see them becoming responsible parents.

I don’t see any reduction in crime and Black on Black violence. I don’t see Black kids all of a sudden developing worthwhile work skills. Nor do I see Blacks tattooing themselves less and dressing like the mainstream in order to get jobs.


I see White folks quietly moving away from as much interaction with Blacks as possible; meaning fewer jobs and opportunities for Blacks. I see the LEFT pouring more welfare dollars into the Black Community. But, I also see the riots when the money runs out.

I also see responsible Black people moving even further away from the mess than they already are.

I see a big chunk of America, where the Black City Communities are becoming a mirror image of Detroit, where everything I’ve just written about has already happened. Chicago is next.


I am Jewish. I was born and raised in Montreal, as were my parents. My grandparents on both sides were immigrants from Eastern Europe (Russia), who came to Canada to be FREE and raise their children without discrimination.

Both my MOM and DAD, in spite of being dirt poor lived right, served in Canada’s Military during WWII; my dad with incredible courage and distinction. And sacrificed to the maximum to raise their three children.

I am old enough (63 – born in 1950) to remember seeing and hearing actual incidents of anti-Semitism. At the age of eighteen (1968), I joined the Montreal JDL (Jewish Defense League) because the French Montreal Police would not protect Jewish kids who were being beaten up by French gangs on what was a near daily occurrence.

So – I do know from first hand experience of what I write.


There has NEVER been a people . . . culture, religion, or nationality that has been MORE discriminated against than the Jewish people, all the way back to King David and beyond.

For us, there has NEVER been anything less than continuing Genocides at the hands of the LIKES of the Romans, Crusaders, Inquisitionists (Spanish and French), Pogroms (Eastern Europe) and the Holocaust.

YET . . . we as a people, numbering ONLY Thirteen MILLION worldwide do not stand with our palms-up looking for HANDOUTS. We do not BLAME the world for our own inadequacies. And we do not ask for SPECIAL treatment because of the way we were treated in the past.

For us, the Jewish people . . . there has never been AFFIRMATIVE Action, not even after the Holocaust. To the contrary . . . even after the world knew the full extent of the Holocaust, we still had to fight for every scrap we could EARN.

So, as a member of this particular CULTURE AND FAITH, knowing first hand how hard it is to be a targeted community, where much of the world still despises us for who we are, with much of the rest of the world trying to destroy us in our religious and historical Homeland, WE STILL PUSH FORWARD WITH PRIDE, DIGNITY, AND SUCCESSES THAT FAR EXCEEDS OUR NUMBERS.

So, if we can do it without Affirmative Action, without the handouts, and without the Guilt Industry blocking for us, especially coming out of the GATES OF HOLOCAUST HELL . . . WHY CAN’T AMERICA’S BLACKS DO THE SAME?

And that’s why I have little to no sympathy for a people who prefer to play the Role of VICTIM, while refusing to help themselves when they have all he tools, advantages, and goodwill served to them on a platter.

Quite a few years ago, there was a television special that showed the incredible number of Black University Students who PREFERRED and INSISTED on having all Black Dormitories for themselves. Cornell University being one of them.

What would Martin Luther King say to that if he was alive today, to see what HIS OWN PEOPLE have done with the sacrifice he gave of his own life to end Segregation?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What this does show: 1) at this time, it is easier for the black community to strike out and take by physical force from others, those things they need to sustain life. 2) Education comes by way of communication, and they do not see how this can bring forth the healing process. Truth is truth Howard and your observations are right on target.

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