The REAL America


I hope this editorial casts a light upon what I think is the future for American CARPETBAGGERS.

I have been to and through the United States of America more times in my 63-year lifetime than I can count. And more times than I can remember.

I have been to the Gulf Coast, the East Coast and the West Coast. And I have been along the Northern Border with Canada . . . all the way to Chicago and beyond.

But I’ve never seen America the way that I did . . . from this July (2013) to the first week in August (2013), because of the Pledge Ride to and from Dallas.

The close to 5000-mile (8000 km) round-trip Ride on my motorcycle, followed by Anne and our German Shepherd Stryker by car, took us right through the American Heartland, where I had never “REALLY” been before. I’ve been to cities in the Heartland for business, but never to absorb the culture, or genuinely meet the people.

We started in Pennsylvania after we crossed the Canada/US border at Niagara, and traveled through to Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and New York, covering FOURTEEN States in eighteen days.

And what makes the States we covered, INCLUDING Northern New York State more interesting than just somewhat, is that we stayed away, or simply traveled through all of the major cities, focusing ONLY on the countryside including smallish cities and towns where the REAL people live.

The more we traveled, the more we began to develop a very different and definite feeling and appreciation about where America came from, where America is today, and where America will be tomorrow.

AND MORE THAN THAT . . . the more we traveled and saw, the more convinced I am that my belief in America’s future, as I’ve been writing for years, is very much on target.


THE REAL AMERICA cannot be found in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami . . . ETC. The REAL America is in the HEARTLAND.

The REAL America is where people don’t wait for Uncle Sam to make things better for themselves in times of need; it’s where they roll up their own sleeves and take care of themselves and each other.

The REAL America is where people don’t want or expect FREE crap like cell phones, birth control pills, subsidized day care, and food stamps. They want JOBS. They want to be independent of government, and dependent only upon themselves.

The REAL America wants as little government as possible, they want the RIGHT to do what they want as long as that RIGHT does not infringe upon the RIGHTS of others. And they don’t want the government telling them what they can eat, or drink, or how to raise their children.

That’s the America Anne and I lived in for EIGHTEEN Days.


I’ve often thought, that had I been in the South at the time of the American Civil War, the Slave Trade aside, I very well might have fought for the South. But, now, after having been in the Confederate States for more than two weeks, and having visited FOUR critical Civil War Battlefields (Fredericksburg, Chickamauga, Harper’s Ferry, and Antietam), there is no question in my mind on which side I would have fought.


Before signing his Emancipation Proclamation by Executive Order, freeing the Slaves, Lincoln was only too happy to negotiate with the South, to what extent they could own Black People if they agreed not to secede.

And if the Civil War was really all about Slavery, or the end thereof, why was the Proclamation to end Slavery put into law TWO YEARS AFTER THE WAR BEGAN?

The REAL reason why the North went to war against the South one hundred and fifty-two years ago from the writing of this editorial, isn’t all that different why there is a better than good chance that history will repeat itself,

Just like 152 years ago, the North did whatever it could to impose its will upon the South, especially in areas that had nothing whatsoever to do with Slavery.

The North did what it could to force laws upon the South, that the South had no interest in having shoved down their throat. Also, Northern Industrialists saw great opportunities in the agrarian South by using their power of the purse and the Federal Legislature to take every manner of advantage over a people whose values (with the exception of Slavery) were light years away from their own.

Even today, while touring the South and Midwest, the obvious differences between the Southern/Midwest Conservative States and the North/West Coast Liberal States are literally Black and White (no pun intended).

For years, I’ve written with a degree of confidence in my assessment about the Great American Divide, but this road trip, more than anything else has convinced me that I am right.

When one looks at a voting map, and sees that the vast territorial geography is painted in Conservative Red, while there is just a tiny territory painted in Blue representing the Liberals (Democrats and RHINOS) LEFTIST CONCENTRATION, mostly in huge city populations, it confirms what I and Anne witnessed first hand, that there is a divide between the LEFT and RIGHT that cannot be bridged.


The North/West Coast is still represented by Big Government, Big Cities, Big Banks, Big Unions, Big Businesses, and LEFTIST Social Industries that are supported by Intellectuals and the Make-Believe world of Hollywood and Academia . . . all of whose great purpose is to tell others how to live their lives, while the American Heartland wants personal independence from all of the aforementioned.

As American fiscal and social Liberalism collapses upon its own weight, bringing down the American economy along with their entitlement groups, the Heartland will not go down quietly as it is happening. As a matter of FACT, the Heartland will not go down at all, nor will it allow itself to be pulled-down by the LEFT.

The Heartland will not buy into saving unsalvageable cities and cultures represented by cities like Detroit . . . with many more to follow, Chicago being one of them, which is leading the pack of LEFTIST LOSER entitled cities.

And whether the LEFT, the Stupid Center, and Ignorant Masses want to believe it or not, America is already witnessing the RESURRECTION of the South/Midwest as the North/West Coast consumes itself.

It is obvious in the South/Midwest’s dedication to RIGHT TO WORK laws, their near unanimity in opposing Obamacare, and their absolute support for the SECOND Amendment, that they are no less very different from the West Coast/Northern mentality than they were 152 years ago.

And this time, unlike 152 years ago, there will not be the excuse of Slavery, which the North can use to demean the values of the people of the South, whose values are based upon the belief and concept of individual rights, freedoms, and moral decency, all of which personifies the TRUE American Dream, that has been all but shunned and abandoned by the LEFT.

In 1861, the impoverished South was outmanned, outgunned and out-financed by the North; yet, the South came very close to realizing their dream of independence from the North. Fast forward to the 21st century . . . and it’s a whole different reality.


In my next editorial . . . I will write about the absolute failure and collapse of America’s Black Community at the hands of corrupt Black RACIST leaders and LEFTIST White Do-Gooders, all of whom have done very little good at all.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I taught Sped. English in a high school in the Houston area. When I started, it was about 33% black. When I finished and moved away, the black population had grown to close to 50%. I remember the pure celebration that blacks went into when the verdict for OJ was announced. They were in the halls yelling and making all sorts of noise. The school let it happen. I believe to this day, that the school dist. was in constant fear of a civil rights law suit from some disgruntled parent.

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