On The Road But Still In Touch


Anne, Stryker and I are minutes away from leaving on our incredible Motorcycle/Car Pledge Ride Adventure (PledgeRide.com).

We are heading to Toronto where we will meet other Pledge Riders. And first thing tomorrow morning (Wednesday July 16th), we will leave for Erie Pennsylvania, where a Pledge Rider Contingent from New York City and Northern New York State will join us.

Once on the road from Erie, hundreds of Bikers will be joining us along the route on our Ride to Dallas and the Pledge of NEVER AGAIN. With our only dutiful stop, being in Cleveland Ohio, where we will do an Interview with a Christian TV Station.


Getting out of the house and off the property is no easy trick, since this is our FIRST vacation in FIFTEEN years, lacking the get-out-out-of-the-house clear your mind vacation experience others have.

We needed to make all the arrangements and cover all the bases with the people who will be staying on the property taking care of the horses while we will be away.

We also had to bring in our hay. Yesterday . . . and the day before, in almost 100 degree heat, we had to bale and take in the hay, which was a challenge and a half.

Less than a week ago, our car was broken into in a seedy area of Montreal, with all of Anne’s documents, credit cards, iPad . . . etcetera stolen. Cancelling everything, and getting replacements was a TASK that took up till yesterday to finish. I can’t even begin to describe the stress.


The aftermath of the robbery is behind us. The hay is in. The acres of lawn have been cut. And the house sitters are briefed. So, the only thing left for us is to realize, is that for the first time in so many years, our only job other than officiating at the Pledge events in Oklahoma City and Dallas is to relax and have FUN.


There is not one thing about this trip that we are not looking forward to. But, if I had to choose the one thing that I can’t wait to see and do, it is our visit to the Alamo in San Antonio, which became one of the greatest American Icons in my mind after reading all about it when I was a very little boy.

The other thing or things we are looking forward to, are visits to Civil War Battle Sites on our return trip, since what happened in the 1860’s seems not to be nearly as far removed today, than they were before 2008.

We will be on the road for slightly more than two weeks, taking in all the great sights, sounds and flavors of grass roots America, and I will be writing editorials along the way.

But, because of some limitations, I will not be able to send out email advisories. So, if you want to read anything new that I’ve written along this trip, you will have to visit Galganov.com on your own to see if anything new has been published.

I WILL STILL BE READING YOUR EMAILS. But I can’t promise to respond.

So, before I send you my Best Regards, what’s an editorial without a political comment?

What Holder and Obama are doing to George Zimmerman and the judicial process, which after exhaustive attempts to find Zimmerman guilty of a crime he didn’t commit . . . WHICH THEY COULD NOT, is nothing short of REPREHENSIBLE and UN-AMERICAN.

I wrote back in 2008 that things like this would happen if America voted in Obama. It didn’t take a crystal ball to this this future. All it took was someone whose eyes and ears were tuned to reality and truth.

And now that the final chapter of Obama and the LEFT is closing in fast on the USA because of extraordinarily bad American Voter Judgment, the day of reckoning is upon the American Dream.

There have been many bad Presidents . . . But there has only been one President who has been a traitor to the DREAM and the CONSTITUTION that made America the once upon-a-time Greatest Nation that has ever been.

Sooner rather than later, we will once again see the rise of the Patriots. And sooner rather than later, America will once again pay the ultimate price for FREEDOM at home.

This is what happens when people take their FREEDOMS for granted and trust the future of their country in the hands of incompetent and corrupt politicians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard….that great big ‘BANG’ I just heard was you ‘hitting the nail’ directly on the head very hard and the responses above make me want to say to anyone who asks what I think the truth is about the whole Ferguson issue and the racial social problems in the USofA…….”What they said here”!!!!!! Excellent analysis…thank you for sharing.

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