The Leftist Courts, Leftist Media, and Black Racist Activists LOST

The Blacks are their own worst enemy.

This is not what you will read, see or hear anywhere within the mainstream media. But then again, it’s much easier for the sanctimonious LEFT and the cowardly media to pretend, ignore, and lie – than to simply tell the truth.

Not only is the Zimmerman acquittal the right thing for the jury to have done. This case should have never come to court.

Here is a six-foot PLUS Black guy with his head covered by a HOOD, walking around in a community in the darkness of night in a drizzling rain, that has had its share of crime.

What would you have done under these circumstances if you were a resident of this community? How would you feel walking down a dark street under a drizzle of rain, seeing this tall BLACK guy with his head and face covered by a HOOD, who doesn’t seem to belong in your community walking against you?

The Prosecutor LIED by withholding evidence from the Defense and the people, that would have shown a true picture of Trayvon Martin, opposed to the fabrication. For this, the Prosecutor should be prosecuted.

This “kid” munching Skittles, as he was depicted, was nothing like he was portrayed.

He was always in trouble in school, including being suspended at the time of the incident. He was a street fighter who by his own admission liked to hurt people. He was a drug user. And he was into the GANGSTA gun culture.

That’s not quite the same picture of this Black “ANGEL” the media and LEFT painted.

And according to Black Florida Democrat Representative Frederica Wilson:

“Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog and shot in the street. He was racially profiled.” And that’s before she even knew squat about what happened.

And then there was Obama, who too couldn’t wait to weigh-in on Trayvon Martin’s side because Martin was Black. And that too was before Obama knew anything about the circumstances.

I won’t even go into what the usual BLACK RACE-BAITERS like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had to say. Nor will I discuss what the BLACK and LEFTIST entertainers and athletes had to say either, because I don’t care what any of them think or say, beyond what their words can do to create real harm.


THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS . . . America’s Black community, in spite of the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars, or more likely a TRILLION dollars or more given to them in one way or another, and Affirmative Action they’ve received since the 1960’s . . . they are the MOST FAILED culture in America.


Checkout . . . by all standards, which group is the most incarcerated? Which group has the least education and the highest scholastic dropout rate? Which group has the most single and unwed mothers? Which group is the largest recipient of food stamps and welfare? Which group has the highest murder rate? Which group glorifies murder, rape, misogyny, race-hate and cop killing in their music?

And what does it say about the Black Community, when everyone is relieved that they didn’t RIOT after the verdict finding an innocent man to be innocent?


Not only is the Black community its own worst enemy, they are aided and abetted by the LEFT, to the point that all of their enormous failings are blamed on the White community, INCLUDING a young Black Guy who decided to punch out . . . in his own words “A CREEPY-ASS CRACKER.”

And for those of you who might not know what a CRACKER is . . . it is the equivalent of a White person calling a Black person a Nigger.


If you lived in an area where there were skulking young BLACK people wearing HOODS, walking around your community in the darkness of a drizzling night, you would beg for an ARMED George Zimmerman willing to keep you safe.

And if you say no to this . . . you are either an IDIOT or a LIAR.

Sorry if this editorial offends you. But, that’s the way it is with the truth.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It certainly appears to me that the rioting, burning, and looting will continue until the owners decide to stop that kind of behavior by themselves. Like the Korean shop keepers in the Watts riots, who stood guard in front of their properties with shotguns at the ready; like the few shop owners in Ferguson during the first rioting who also stood guard with small arms; we must stand our ground and not allow this behavior continue. We must resist nationwide rioting as well as we are able.TO ARMS

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