On the day (June 30th) before Canada Day (July 1st), I organized what I believed should have been a large RALLY of English people in Downtown Montreal to celebrate “I AM CANADIAN”.

Unfortunately, in spite of the expense of advertising on the radio, and through all other social media we could manage, including great articles in the Cornwall Free News, the Hudson Gazette, and the Montreal Suburban Newspaper, slightly more than two hundred people showed up on this gorgeous sunny Sunday at NOON. But, what lacked in numbers of people was certainly made-up for with their enthusiasm.

I will not list the RACIST government policies of Quebec, which are many and clearly established in Quebec’s language law Bill 101, which makes it a CRIME to display the unrestricted use of the English language, which was the principle reason to hold this rally.

But . . . before I get into the meat and potatoes of this editorial . . . first and foremost, the following people must be thanked, who took to the stage to stand and be counted.

In no particular order:

Jimmy Kay – English Rights Organizer.

Keith Henderson – Last Leader of the Equality Party of Quebec.

Brent Tyler – Constitutional Lawyer.

Peter Goldring – Conservative Member of Canada’s Parliament.

Chattar Singh – Secretary of the LaSalle Sikh Community.

Jim Duff, who is a former Montreal Radio Talk Show Host and current Editor in Chief of the Hudson/St Lazare/Vaudreuil Gazette, couldn’t make it because of a personal non-life threatening injury to his hand. But, whether he was at the Rally or not, he truly has to be thanked nonetheless for his great support.


I was very remiss in not thanking the CLF (Canadians for language Fairness) and their fearless and tireless leader Kim McConnell. I also should have thanked Chris and Debbie Cameron, the married Cornwall Ontario Nursing couple who will simply not stop fighting for their rights and the rights of others. And there was Don Smith also from Cornwall, who was there documenting the entire event.

I was very pleased and proud to have thanked the Hero Highway Riders led by Lou DeVuono, all of whom made a serious contribution in their time, effort and money to make the trip all the way from Toronto by motorcycle to stand with (Montreal) English Canadians, who are so much under the thumb of ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism, that having these “tough” guys in motorcycle leathers watching their backs made them feel real good.

And of course, a special thank you to my sister Robyne and her Husband Jeff of Californeon Signs, who provided the “I AM CANADIAN” signs at no cost. And to lawyer Harold Staviss, who handled all of the correspondence and arrangements with he Montreal police department at no cost.


When Jimmy Kay volunteered a young man to sing O Canada at this RALLY, and he decided unbeknownst to me to sing the anthem in the French language, I was stunned; not because of the French language in the anthem, since there are two renditions. But by how much French ass-kissing must the English and Ethnic Communities feel they must produce, just to prove that we are second class citizens in Quebec, EVEN AT OUR OWN RALLY.


Beryl Wajsman is the editor in chief of the Montreal Suburban Newspaper, who was invited to speak at the Rally. Not just once. Not just twice. But several times by me personally. Not because I thought he would have something significant to say. But rather out of respect for the newspaper for which he works.

He had told me that he was not comfortable to be standing on the same stage with this group of speakers because of the tone of the Rally. But even at that, I left the door open for Beryl to speak right up to the last minute.

Organizing 100% of this RALLY, even with the help of Jimmy Kay and Harold Staviss was incredibly stressful from every angle. But, I had made a commitment to give the English and Ethnic Communities a strong message, that no matter what Ethnocentric and Racist Quebec Nationalists think or have to say, it is meaningless as long as the English speaking people understand that they are Canadians first and foremost wherever they are in Canada or elsewhere on the planet.


The tone of the rally was simple. It was an in your face I AM CANADIAN message without any apologies. It wasn’t anti-French. Nor was it a call to arms. It was nothing more than a celebration of who we are.


Even though I never forgot that it was the English APPEASERS who were the most responsible for the misery of the English and Ethnic communities in Montreal and throughout the province, and the reason why I decided to say screw-it to Quebec . . .


After an enormous amount of work, cost and stress for me to put all of this together as best as I could, with nothing whatsoever in it for me, and against the wishes of my wife Anne, who made it perfectly clear that we had already paid enough of a price fighting Ethnocentric Nationalism in Quebec, Beryl, who refused to speak at the Rally, didn’t refuse to attend, and couldn’t wait to give an interview or number of interviews to the media, where in just a few words, he absolutely destroyed every positive aspect of this event.

When asked by CTV News, what he thought of the Rally, Beryl’s words were: “I can’t be part of a rally that says “I am Canadian but not a Quebecois.”

Then . . . according to CTV News, “He went on to describe how he declined to share the stage with Galganov, calling his angry message counter-productive.”


Why would anyone who cares about their FREEDOMS in the English/Ethnic communities come to an event such as this “I AM CANADIAN” Rally, organized on the day before Canada Day, want to make a statement that LITERALLY condemns the entire effort as being “ANGRY & COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE”?

Why didn’t Beryl Wajsman just stay home? Or if not staying away . . . why didn’t he just ignore the cameras?

But he didn’t. He couldn’t help himself, because Beryl has never met a camera he didn’t love, and he couldn’t wait to crap on a couple of hundred people who came out to feel good about themselves . . . to stand tall, even for only just one hour or so in a province where they and their rights are crushed day in and day out?


Montreal’s LEFTIST English Media has been the absolute cheerleader for appeasement. They have never found a person who is REALLY willing to fight it out with Quebec Racists who they didn’t go all out to demagogue, diminish and destroy.

And in Beryl Wajsman . . . they found the perfect counterweight to me.

Over the past two decades, I have literally stood on the street, often all by myself with fists clenched – ready, willing and able to take whatever the racists threw at me. I led demonstrations, boycotts, and massive ad campaigns against RACIST Quebec and Canadian policies that condoned this type of racism because of vote rich Quebec.

And on and off for several years, Anne and I lived with armed bodyguards for months at a stretch because of credible threats, all of it paid for out of our own pocket. And when we ran out of money, we slept with one eye open and a great deal of stress.

But I NEVER flinched. Anne NEVER asked me to quit. And I never let-up.

AND LET ME MAKE THIS POINT VERY CLEAR . . . I lived with constant fear for my wife, our horses, our property, our family business, and our overall well-being. I worried non-stop about going broke fighting everyone else’s fight, even though so many people slapped me on the back telling me how much they supported what I did and said, but never wrote a check.

So, when people stand up alone against the ODDS, I more than anyone know what it really feels like, and what the cost and sacrifice is really all about.

I shut down the Quebec Government’s Office of its Language Police. I opened a real retail store in Montreal with equally bilingual signs SPECIFICALLY to contravene Quebec’s language laws. And then I went to the offices of the Quebec Language Police and stuck a personalized invitation into the hands of one of their directors, as dozens of the media recorded the moment.

I went to Wall Street with two busloads of people to plead our case to the Bankers of Quebec’s economy, to show them who they were financing. With me on the trip was the famous Iroquois Indian Chief Billy Two Rivers and Montreal’s Irishman of the year Father Joseph Sullivan . . . both of whom were proud to stand up for FREEDOM.

And there were people of all walks of life from many cultures, colors, languages and religions on the busses. ALL OF WHOM MADE THE TRIP IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM AND EQUALITY.

I met in private session in Washington DC with Members of the US Congress to discuss Canada/US/Quebec relations, which later became full a blown press conference with one of the Congressman (Tom Campbell of Northern California), where the Canadian media were told that Quebec’s behavior was not acceptable, leaving many of the treaties open to new negotiations if Quebec ever decided to separate from Canada.

I purchased Sunday Morning News Television advertising all along the US/Canada (Quebec) border on the American side, telling the Americans that the unrestricted use of the English language in the Province of Quebec is against the law, and that visitors should govern themselves accordingly.

But I didn’t stop there. I also bought Backlit Billboards in most of the International Departure Lounges in America’s largest and busiest Airports, which carried the same message of BEWARE.

I organized far too many rallies and demonstrations over the years to count them all, but, several attracted far more than 10,000 people, especially the June 9, 1996 demonstration where I rented hundreds of school busses that carried THOUSANDS of people from Montreal for the 150 mile drive to Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, where some SIXTEEN THOUSAND people came to RALLY for FREEDOM and Equal Rights.


Where was Beryl Wajsman and appeasers like him when I was doing all of that?

Where’s he today? How’s he putting anything of himself and his own personal security and well-being on the line defending what should be the ABSOLUTE and UNCONDITIONAL RIGHT for everyone to live FREE and Equal in any part of Canada?

Beryl and others like him will tell you that they are BRIDGE builders and TENT makers. That they are CONCILIATORS, who strive to bring people together, rather than drive them further apart.

As a matter of fact, people like Beryl hold meetings, lots of meetings where they speak in lofty and energetic terms. Where they impress each other and the media in just how diplomatically brilliant they are.

And in these meetings, they raise money to hold more meetings, so they could impress each other and the media once again, so they could raise more money to hold more meetings and more meetings and more meetings ad nauseam.


The only thing these groups do other than to impress themselves, each other, and make themselves feel important, as if they were real players, is to detract from the real fight, while the VICTIMS . . . in this case, the English/Ethnic Victims, continue to sink even further into the QUAGMIRE of Ethnocentric Nationalism in Quebec.


Just Seventy-Eight Years Ago (1935), the Nazis established the Nuremberg Laws that effectively and legally DISENFRANCHISED all German Jews. And instead of RALLYING AGGRESSIVELY AGAINST this act of gross DISCRIMINATION, there were no shortage of Jewish Elites who I’m sure held meetings to discuss amongst themselves how bad the situation was, and how they can find common ground with the Nazis.

I KNOW that during the reign of Nazi Germany and Europe, there was no dearth of Jewish LEFTISTS who proudly proclaimed themselves to be BRIDGE builders, TENT makers and CONCILIATORS, who could make things better as long as the HOT HEADS just kept quiet.


Out of the 200 PLUS people who took to the streets with Canadian flags, posters, and “I AM CANADIAN” placards, perhaps there were as few as a half dozen English KOOKS who came to be critical.

So, why did the media seek out JUST two people, Beryl and this crazy Russian Broad for comment, who were there to suck out all the wind from the two hundred?


I will NEVER let up in my battle against the LEFT. I will do everything that I can to get the RACIST Province of Quebec out of Canada, and to end the French Ethnocentric AFFIRMATIVE action policy within Canada that denies the 97% English Canadian MAJORITY (excluding Quebec) fair access to work in their own civil service, and hold senior ranks in Canada’s military and the RCMP (National Police Force).

And I will continue to focus on our CONTINENT WIDE (USA/Canada) WAR against all those who never stop working at destroying our FREEDOMS on the altar of Socialism.

Beryl Wajsman reminded me that those who cloak themselves in elitist MODERATION are the ones we must fear the most. He RE-REMINDED me that history is the roadmap to tomorrow . . . and that unless we are truly prepared to fight for what we have, we don’t deserve to have any of it.

Because ONLY about 200 people showed up on this glorious sunny Sunday afternoon to standup for themselves, their rights and for Canada, it tells me that the vast majority have learned nothing from history, and when it all hits the fan, the majority should look towards the Beryl types within their society for the leadership they deserve.

For the rest . . . I will never desert them.

To all my American visitors . . . When you celebrate July the FOURTH this year, just remember the BLOOD and TREASURE that it took to give you the now fading American Dream. And remember just how fragile your FREEDOMS really are.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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    This continues as long as Blacks pay no price for their wanton destruction and mayhem.
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