If FREEDOM Isn’t Worth Fighting For – What Is?


To the LEFT, normal means . . . give us what we want or we’ll make your life miserable by any government measure we can; where the sense and direction of FREEDOM to these people is a One-Way Street.

My DISDAIN for the LEFT is unhealthy. It has morphed beyond contempt in a way that I really cannot properly define, since it’s an emotion that has until recently been foreign to my psyche.

And it’s disturbing . . . so disturbing, that I have no use for people of the LEFT no matter what the circumstance. I really want nothing to do with them. Or with people who define themselves as “open-minded moderates”.


To the LEFT, Freedom of Expression from people with whom they don’t agree is either HATE-SPEECH or speech that simply cannot be allowed for whatever reason they deem. AND IT’S KILLING OUR SOCIETIES.


On June 30, 2013, the day before Canada Day (July the 1st), which in Quebec is the OFFICIAL Provincial moving-day, designed as a slap in the face to Canada’s Birthday, I will take to the street (McGill College between Sherbrooke and President Kennedy) in front of the office of Quebec’s SEPARATIST ultra LEFTIST Premier Pauline Marois, whose RACIST disdain for any culture that is not French Ethnocentric Quebecois is no secret.


I left Quebec in the year 2000 to get away . . . NOT from French Ethnocentric Nationalists, but rather from the English/Ethnic Communities who not ONLY wouldn’t stand-up against this extreme racism, but attacked people such as myself who did.

And on Sunday the 30th, more than thirteen years after leaving Quebec, I will return to speak at a RALLY of my making . . . but not to deliver a FEEL GOOD MESSAGE telling English speakers how good it is and how much better it will get, because that is just not true.


My speech will be all about letting people know that FREEDOM belongs ONLY to those people who are willing to FIGHT for it, and at the very least, to people who will support the people willing to fight for them.

From 1996 to the year 2000, Anne and I lived with armed bodyguards 24/7 for periods of weeks and months at a time, depending on the things I said and did, because unlike APPEASERS and other assorted cowards, I would neither bend a knee nor surrender my FREEDOMS to anyone in spite of the threats.

For my efforts, I had the active support of tens of thousands of English speaking people, the APATHY of hundreds of thousands of other English speaking people, and the derision of millions of Ethnocentric French Quebecois Nationalists.

But . . . in addition to the Haters from the French side, were the LEFTIST English media, elitists, and academics who hated me all the more, for doing and saying what none of them would ever have the courage to do or say.

They would rather build bridges and erect big tents to accommodate people who hate them and take away their FREEDOMS than stand up and FIGHT.

My message will be clear to the set-upon English community, to the English Quislings, and to the French Quebecois.

1 – The vast out-of-proportion per capita tax base for Quebec is generated not from Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalists, but rather from the politically disenfranchised English community that today represents just six hundred thousand people (less than 8%) out of eight million. It used to be more than one million people.

NOTE: Since the 1970’s, almost 500,000 English people left Quebec because of French Ethnocentric Nationalism, making it the largest peacetime exodus in history.

CONCLUSION: The French need the English far more than the English need the French.

2 – Quebec CANNOT survive financially without the annual $10 BILLION PLUS largesse this racist LEFTIST province receives from ENGLISH Canada.

CONCLUSION: Quebec needs Canada far more than Canada needs Quebec.

SO SCREW THEM . . . The English and Ethnic Communities should just stop begging for their RIGHTS Quebec had no right to take away, AND STOP PANDERING.

They should Standup for themselves – knowing that they are CANADIAN . . . NOT QUEBECOIS.

And no matter what French Ethnocentric Nationalists want the English to believe, “ANGLOS” will always be Canadian wherever they live in Canada or anywhere else on this planet.


And as for the STUPID people who are ignorant of their own loss of FREEDOM, and the English Quislings who aid and abet the RACISTS, shun them as if they are a disease, because that’s how much FREEDOM should mean to EVERYONE.

The DEMAGOGUERY, insults and veiled threats have already begun. But that won’t stop me, since NO ONE IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN MY SPEECH, because FREEDOM is worth whatever price one must pay to OWN it.

I will be on the podium at HIGH NOON on Sunday June 30th with some other hardline Canadians (Brent Tyler, Keith Henderson, Jimmy Kay, Jim Duff, and Conservative Member of Parliament Peter Goldring), all of whom have already gone to the mat in the FIGHT for FREEDOM.

I suspect that there will be a large number of people coming to hear us. Just as there might be a large number to disrupt. The police have been informed. The street will be blocked off. And the hard truth will be told.

If FREEDOM Isn’t Worth Fighting For – What Is?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, your assessment of these people ‘not being able to blame others’ but only themselves and their leaders for their misery, and the self serving media and politicians who fuel the violence on, is true also for the Palestinians. It is much easier to blame Israel and the Jews for a ton of imagined transgressions, than to face the harsh realities of their own failures, inabilities and unwillingness for betterment.

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