More than a half dozen years ago, I formed a TAX EXEMPT Federally Chartered (Canadian) Non-Profit Corporation . . . Registered as Galganov Dot Com Inc.

The stated purpose in our Articles of Incorporation – is for Galganov Dot Com Inc to be a Social and Political Activist Organization.

Nothing could be more honest, simpler, clearer, or more to the point than that.

The process from start to end . . . to receive our Non Profit Status took several weeks. There were no questions about our political or social bent, since that was of no business to Canada’s Revenue Service.

The rules to have a Non Profit Corporation in Canada are simple:

1 – There must be at a minimum – three Directors.

2 – Money cannot be used to support political Parties.

3 – Directors have no ownership in the Corporation.

4 – There is no such thing as a dividend.

5 – All monies in and out must be accounted for.

6 – At the end of the fiscal year, all funds within the Non-Profit Corporation must be declared, but are NOT SUBJECT TO TAXES.

7 – The NON-PROFIT must be used for the purpose under which it was incorporated.

In 2013 . . . the Federal Government decided to review all of Canada’s NON-PROFIT Corporations, doing a virtual audit to verify their legitimacy.

From what I understand, many NON-PROFITS didn’t meet the criteria and lost their status, while many others folded on their own, rather than send in reports that could have been less than exemplary.

But . . . After a great deal of government forms to fill-out with information, none of which were even close to what the IRS subjected American Conservative groups to, Galganov Dot Com Inc passed with flying colors.


Non-Profit (Tax Exempt) Corporations in Canada are very similar to Non-Profit Corporations in the USA, with several insignificant differences. So, when I see what the IRS has been doing to Conservative Groups applying for Tax Exempt Non-Profit Status, it sends an honest to goodness shudder up and down my spine.

A TAX EXEMPT NON-PROFIT Corporation really gives voice to those who would otherwise be voiceless. It also levels the playing field by allowing Special Interest Groups such as Galganov Dot Com Inc, to raise money from people who are GUARANTEED their ANONYMITY.

And at the end of the year, the Non-Profit Corporation gets to keep all of its accumulated revenue, enabling the Corporation to carry-on their activities.


When people in the USA “donate” to a 501 (C) (4) (same as in Canada), they DO NOT benefit from being able to claim a TAX FREE BENEFIT. The money they donate to a NON-PROFIT is with AFTER-TAX DOLLARS, which says a great deal about the donors’ commitment.

The TAX EXEMPT part of the 501 (C) (4) relates ONLY to the Corporation, in as much as the Corporation does not pay taxes on its surplus revenue at the end of the year.

So, when I heard a Democratic Congresswoman, who was as ignorant as it gets, speak at the Commission on Wednesday (May 22, 2013), DEMANDING the following:

1 – That the names of all donors to NON-PROFITS be made public if the NON-PROFIT somehow violates its Charter . . .

2 – That donors to a NON-PROFIT be forced to pay taxes on the money they donated if the NON-PROFIT somehow violates its Charter . . .

. . . shows to what extent STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE reigns SUPREME in government, since the money donated to the NON-PROFIT Corporation has already been FULLY taxed. And the NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE purpose of the NON-PROFIT is to allow donors to support their cause(s) without fear of government retribution, or reprisal from others if their names were to become public.


For those of you who routinely read, of which there are many THOUSANDS, you can see that I hold nothing back. That I don’t hesitate to say exactly what I think. And when able . . . I am more than willing to take action.

I couldn’t do this without financial support from some of the people who visit my Web Site. And even though I receive very limited financial support in comparison to the number of people who visit and comment, so far – there’s enough for me to keep on doing what I do.

I take no salary – and never have . . . as a matter of fact. NO ONE gets paid a salary at Galganov Dot Com Inc. Here’s where the money goes:

1 – We pay for the hosting and maintenance of this web site and any other collateral costs.

2 – We pay for Constitutional Legal Challenges, much of which comes out of my own pocket.

3 – We pay to cover travel expenses, whenever there is some extra money in the account, which is generally never.

4 – We pay for printing, mailings, artwork, production, patches, caps, T-shirts etc, some of which we try to recover through sales . . . But not much.

5 – We pay for guest speakers, such as the cost for our speakers who will address all the participants in Oklahoma City and Dallas for the Pledge Ride.

6 – We pay for services needed when we host or sponsor events, which include sound-systems, rentals of staging, permits – Etc.

7 – And when people want to participate but don’t have sufficient funds, we help to subsidize where we can.

THIS GRASS ROOTS ACTIVISM IS ONLY POSSIBLE BY WAY OF NON-PROFIT CORPORATIONS, and that’s why THUGS like Obama and his HENCHMEN are determined to get in their (our) way, to either SHUT-THEM-UP or SHUT-THEM-DOWN if they can.

Obama was a so-called Community Organizer. I have no idea what that was or is. But, what I do know, is that he didn’t operate a 501 (C) (4), since all the money people like him play with almost always comes DIRECTLY from the taxpayers.

So, LEFTISTS like Obama, who’ve never had to really work for their money, can’t for the life of themselves ever understand the passion for FREEDOM that makes people who REALLY care for their Community, State (Province) and Country DONATE their After-Tax dollars to make the difference.


To LEFTISTS . . . people (Conservatives) who SELFLESSLY take this kind of personal responsibility and sacrifice apart from the government are to feared, since this is the INDEPENDENT-MINDED spirit that created the American Dream above and beyond the REACH of government, that Obama and all like him so desperately and passionately want to change.

And CONSERVATIVES who work from NON-PROFITS are in his and their way.

IN MY NEXT EDITORIAL . . . I will be making an APPEAL for financial support. BUT, before you decide to send anything if that is your mindset, please wait for the editorial to read and HEAR what I’m going to be asking for and why.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A question for everyone. If the Officer shooting Michael Brown was Black, how would the race baiter react?

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