The BIGGER The American Disaster The Better For Obama


What has happened . . . and is still ongoing in Oklahoma, because of the Tornados is a DISASTER nearly beyond description. One cannot look at the images on television and possibly imagine what is going through the minds, the hearts and the souls of the people who have lost so much in less than an hour.


But, regardless to the extent of misery that this Act of Nature has heaped upon the innocent people of Oklahoma, there is someone who will benefit.


As the Presidential Election in 2008 was being waged, with no certainty of who would win, a FISCAL Disaster out of all proportions struck the USA with the near collapse of America’s Financial Institutions.

The result of this money disaster put Obama over the top, as McCain paid the price for what the voters perceived to have been the result of Bush’s FOLLY.


In 2012, as Mitt Romney was not just holding his own over Obama, but was actually doing well, Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and Long Island, leaving a wake of devastation at an extremely critical time during the election.

WHAT HAPPENED? . . . Obama showed-up with all the GLITZ of a sitting President, made extraordinary promises of help to the people, of which few to none of his promises were kept, Chris Christie, the JERK and a half Governor of New Jersey praised him to the High Heavens, and the momentum was shifted from Romney to Obama.


In the space of just one month, the real TRUTH about Obama’s Administration began to see the light of day.

1 . . . There is the Benghazi Cover-Up. And it’s no small matter.

2 . . . There is the unprecedented Targeting of Conservatives by the IRS, which was a DIRECT Attack on the FREEDOMS of all American people, that by every measure crossed the line to SEDITION.

3 . . . There is the surreptitious Attack on the AP (Associated Press).

4 . . . And then, all of a sudden, it is revealed that James Rosen of FOX News was declared an Enemy of the State for doing his job as an Investigative Journalist. And as a result, he was investigated, to the point where his movements, conversations, and email communications were MONITORED by the STATE.


Between ITEMS 3 and 4, Obama’s Administration attacked the FREEDOM of the PRESS, sending a chill of FEAR down the spines of Journalists, and upon all the people who communicate with Journalists.

I won’t even include Fast and Furious into this mix, since it seems that Obama has already ducked that bullet.

But, just one of the FOUR aforementioned EXCESSES by the Obama government should be more than enough to sink his Presidency, have many of his people arrested, and guarantee that 2014 will be an electoral benchmark year for the Republicans.


A Tornado measuring as much as TWO-Miles wide and TWENTY-Miles long, traveling on the ground for Forty-Five Minutes DEVASTATED Oklahoma City, changing the News from IMPEACHABLE Offences for Obama, to yet another Photo-Op for Obama.


The mess caused by this horrific Tornado will be cleaned-up. The people will one way or another put their lives back together. And the Congress will continue with their investigations, because the CRIMES committed by the Obama Presidency are so EGREGIOUS, that they cannot be lost in the News Cycles.

And this time, Obama targeted the Media. If the AP as a News Organization, which is generally Pro-Obama isn’t safe, which News Organization is?

And if a Journalist with the STELLAR credentials and reputation of James Rosen of FOX News is open to a Government WITCH HUNT, which Journalist isn’t?

As bad as this Tornado Disaster is, and as much as Obama has been saved by disasters in the past, this is one that will only give him a respite. Even Obama’s “luck” is not infinite.

I will be in Oklahoma City with the Pledge Ride on July 21st, by then, I can only hope and pray that the pain will have by some measure subsided.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. How many white people, disgusted by the acquittal by a black jury of a black man who obviously committed two gruesome murders of white people, expressed their anger by breaking into a liquor store and stealing booze after the OJ trial? There is something very very sick in black America. They have become America’s Palestinians. That’s why we treasure decent, honest, black success stories like Bill Cosby. OOPS!

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