Nothing Is Too Big To Fail . . . No One Is Too Big To Fall


People can say all that they want to . . . that Obama and his TOADIES are like Political Teflon, where all the bad stuff just rolls off, as Obama and those around him go forward unperturbed.


Obama’s largest weakness, which is just one of many . . . is his NARCISSISM.

It is Obama’s unabashed belief that he is so much smarter than everyone else. That he is more deserving than everyone else. And that he is adored like NO ONE else . . . is what has already begun the process for his BIG FALL.

Obama surrounds himself with SYCOPHANTS, real bootlickers of the LOWEST order, most of whom, like their boss seem to think that they too are above everyone else.

And just like Obama, their day is coming at the speed of the Media. But unlike Obama, they will be the one’s that will be the first to be hung-out to dry, or feel the crunch of the wheels of the Obama Bus, just seconds after they’re thrown under.


It is true that there is no honor amongst thieves. And it is just as true, perhaps even MORE so, that there is even less honor amongst politicians and bureaucrats.

And the first people who will RAT-YOU-OUT, will be your TOADIES you’re about to throw under your bus to protect your own ass. And when one of them starts to sing . . . they’ll all sing.

And you Mr President will be all by yourself . . . trying to remember and explain the multitude of your own lies.


Contrary to all the “JAZZ” coming from the kiss-ass Obama Media, and Obama’s Marketing Team trying to make him out to be the smartest President EVER, he’s not all that smart.

Truth be told . . . at least in my most humble opinion, Obama is one gargantuan intellectual FRAUD, who like any decent actor knows how to deliver the lines others write for him.

But, when Obama is off-script, and there’s no director to tell him how to deliver his lines, the BRILLIANCE disappears.


Have you ever wondered how a name-brand actor could be brilliant in one movie, but suck in a different one? EASY . . . it’s the Script Writer and the Director.

Have you ever heard big name actors with lofty LEFTIST causes and opinions speak off-script . . . like Sean Penn and Sally Field to name just two?

They’re DUMBER than rocks . . . who without a script and director can’t put a sentence together with any coherence.

AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHO AND WHAT OBAMA IS . . . He’s an arrogant actor, who up till now has had a great script with a great director, and a fawning Media to keep the act going.

But sooner rather than later, the act becomes stale, the scripts become predictable, and the director wants to move-on to fresh talent. And when that happens, not only do the once TOADYING Media ignore you . . . you rapidly become yesterday’s news.

To actors . . . this is the way it always goes, they simply fade-off the big screen. But, to a President, especially an arrogant President like Obama, who used and abused the people’s trust to screw-up the country like never before, it doesn’t end as quietly as does the career of any regular actor.


In the case of Obama, I truly believe that it will INDEED end very badly for him as the history books will show. He won’t just leave office; he will be hounded, if not driven out of the White House once the damage he has done becomes evident, even to the those who’ve forgotten what it was – that once made America great.

We’re beginning to see it now . . . as we witness the rise of the Whistle Blowers.

We’re seeing the Mainstream Media starting to ask questions today . . . that they should have asked before 2008. But, the more questions they ask now, the more they will ask tomorrow, and the more they will keep on asking until the TRUTH comes out.

If you want to know which group in American society is the very best at investigating anything, don’t think of the CIA, NSA, FBI or any other Law Group, THINK MEDIA.

In the Final Analysis – the Media have no loyalty to anyone or anything except to themselves. And like sharks, when they smell blood, they’ll circle absolutely determined to get THEIRS.

And now that it seems that the smell of blood is in the political waters, the scriptwriters, the directors, and the TOADIES surrounding the President will become like Shark chum, unless they get out of the water and onto the few lifeboats that might be available before the FEEDING FRENZY really begins.

OBAMA IS DONE . . . I believe that he is as good as finished, because of his own incredible arrogance. And because he thinks that he’s so much smarter than everyone else . . . that he could keep the ACT going in perpetuity. But every act comes to an end.

And in the words of Shakespeare – Where “all the world’s a stage” . . . OBAMA WILL BE HOISTED BY HIS OWN PETARD.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is now Tuesday morning, after the GJ decision. Once again the Blacks are doing what they do best…loot, burn and pillage.
    Oh, I forgot, yes, it is all the fault of everyone but themselves. After all, they were slaves once.
    So the world watches as Blacks go on the rampage again because their feelings were hurt. Because they didn’t get their way, just like a two year old. Let it all burn down.

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