It’s Time To Be A Patriot

The aggregate weight will be unsustainable.

With the whirlwind of horrible news coming at the White House from every direction, even a dishonest and complacent mainstream media must have a sliver of pride and honor, to at the very least acknowledge that the White House has problems.

I don’t know how much REAL trouble any of these horrific incidents could deliver individually, including the Benghazi cover-up, the Justice Department’s assault on the Associated Press, and the Internal revenue Service’s (IRS) crimes against FREEDOM of Association, but all of which TOGETHER . . . can take down this White House.

Because combined . . . the aggregate weight will be unsustainable.

I learned from the time I was a toddler, that it is far easier to tell the truth, than it is to remember a lie. And in the case of Obama’s White House, there are so many LIES being told by so many LIARS, that it has become impossible to remember them all, or for all of the LIARS to coordinate any semblance of spin and defense.


Obama has surrounded himself with people who have as much honor as the man who chose them, which is most probably why Obama chose them in the first place. But, as Obama will much sooner rather than later discover, people without honor are also people without loyalty.

And when it REALLY hits the fan, which is just on the horizon, these honorless Obama acolytes will turn on him as fast as a JUNK YARD DOG turns on anyone while defending his bone.

In this case, the bone worth fighting over for these dishonorable people is staying out of jail, by not having to lie to Congress, as the layers of the Obama Onion are exponentially peeled exposing how deep the LIES and the ROT run.


Now, more than ever, as the Obama Magic begins to fade, it is time to put the feet of the RINOS to the fire, so as not to allow one group of political Liars to replace another.

This great country belongs to the people, not to the politicians and special interests. It is either now that you do all you can, anyway that you can to take your country back . . . or kiss it goodbye.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama & company keep on about Keystone and “global warming’. Fact: Canada produces 1.5% of all man made “global warming gases”. Keystone will produce perhaps as much as a .05% increase of that 1.5%. Any reason to stop Keystone is based upon a lie. The choice is oil from Canada or oil from unfriendly dictatorships which can suspend shipments at their whim. At worse KXL will give the illegals good paying jobs.

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