Hey Obama – It’s Put Up Or Shut Up Time – And More About The Library


I read the other day in an Israeli Newspaper, that Chuck Hagel and the White House are furious with Israel, because an Israeli Brigadier General in charge of special weapons assessments said in an interview that Syria used Sarin Gas in it’s Civil War.

What has the White House and the JOKE passing himself off as the US Secretary of Defense (Chuck Hagel) all bent out of joint, is that the knowledge of such an event puts Obama in a very uncomfortable position.

At first, Hagel said it wasn’t true. Then he started stuttering about how America needs more facts. Then he went on further to say that he needs to hear it from American sources, even though this Israeli General is as professional and reliable as it gets. And then he finished off with more unintelligible drivel than I can write.

And now that this news has hit the President’s desk . . . WHAT’S OBAMA GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Here’s the reality:

Obama, who famously said that “WORDS HAVE CONSEQUENCES” during his election campaign; said not that long ago in his best TOUGH GUY voice that any use of chemical or biological weapons used in the Syrian War is a RED LINE that can’t be crossed.

Obama went on further to say that there would be GRAVE CONSEQUENCES if Syria was to use such weapons, FULLY IMPLYING that America would become engaged in the war against Syria.

So . . . Now that the Israeli General’s assertion has been proven to be true, everyone in Obama’s White House is tripping over their tongues trying to find the words to take back Obama’s threat.

When I was a teenager, playing hockey on an outside rink in the freezing cold, as just about every Canadian teenage boy did, I was bullied into a fight with a really tough guy that I didn’t want any part of.

So, as he shoved me as the precursor to dropping our gloves and sticks, and going at it mano-a-mano, the last thing I wanted to do was fight this guy. But, if I ever wanted to play hockey again, and not be picked on by the goons, there was only one option.

So, I dropped my stick and gloves and punched with everything I had. By the time the fight was over, there was plenty of blood on the ice, all of it mine. And even though I got a few good licks in, it wasn’t even close.

After that fight though, NO ONE ever challenged me on the ice. Not even the tough guy who punched me out.


If Obama does not follow through on his PROMISE to punish Syria in a meaningful and direct way . . . MUCH SOONER RATHER THAN LATER, what does that say to the Iranians who keep hearing the Obama dribble about how America would use military force to keep the Iranians from getting the bomb they might already have?

And what should the Israelis think about Obama’s threat to Iran if Obama won’t respond militarily to Assad’s use of Chemical Weapons as he PROMISED to do?


One of the visitors to galganov.com sent me information about Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law Edward “Ed” Mezvinsky, who is a former Democratic Member of Congress, who is indeed a REAL low-life convicted FELON, and CLOSE friend of the Clintons.

One cannot blame the son for the crimes of the father, but one can certainly blame the Clinton’s for the type of people they choose to associate with. And one has to wonder why the media never said a thing about the Clinton’s EXTREMELY close association with this really scummy guy?

As this visitor to Galganov.com pointed out . . . had Palin’s daughter married a boy whose father had the same background, the media would be all over it like flies on manure. But in the Clinton’s case, hardly a peep.

And if you don’t believe that . . . just look at how the media handled Bristol Palin’s personal and private relationship with the father of her son.

What he sent me about this very BAD ACTOR Mezvinsky was so unbelievable, that I was compelled to GOOGLE it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Mezvinsky.

In the case of the Clintons and other Political Animals just like them . . . a great proverb comes to mind: “SLEEP WITH DOGS . . . WAKE WITH FLEAS”.


My In-Box was jam-packed with reponses to yesterday’s editorial about the grand opening of George W Bush’s Library.

The vast majority of the emails I received agreed whole-heartedly with what I wrote. But, there were many who didn’t. One told me “UP-YOURS”. Another said “F*** YOU. And then there were others who were offended by what I wrote; who shared a common thread to their reasoning.

Essentially, what they wrote . . . was that it was completely unfair of me to compare George W Bush to the Peanut Farmer, Clinton or Obama. In fact, they all seemed to agree that by comparison, Bush was a much better President.

I think people are confused between being a good President, and a President with a High Moral Compass.

There is no question in my mind, none whatsoever, that the Peanut Farmer was a disgrace to the White House and not nearly as down-home-comfy as he wanted people to believe. He was simply an utter LEFTIST incompetent who was there to be bought and sold by the highest bidder.

Clinton was nothing more than a Good-Time Charlie with the moral ethics of a Nymphomaniac on steroids, who opened the door to 9/11 2001 by the way he refused to deal with the very real threat and prior attacks of Islamo-Fascists.

He also couldn’t give a rat’s-ass about the smoke and mirrors of the Dot Com Bubble and the phony Stock Market.

And if you might think that my assessment of his and Hillary Clinton’s relationship with their daughter Chelsea’s father-in-law was not indicative of his and her character, how about the last day PARDON Clinton gave to a world-class swindler and American felon Marc Rich, who was on the TOP TEN List of Fugitives?

And in case you’re curious about who made the Pardon possible. Does the name Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General ring any bells?

I don’t have to write anything about Obama; since anyone reading this Blog already knows how low an opinion I have of him and his (Marie Antoinette) wife.

I have no doubt from what I’ve seen, read and heard that George W Bush was an extremely moral man, even though in his younger life, he snorted cocaine and was an alcoholic.

But, as the President of the USA, he was as respectful of the position and the White House as any President could be. But, that did not make him a GREAT President. It didn’t even make him a good President.

So . . . For a moment, before you get all upset again, try a little logic and fact.

There’s no question whatsoever . . . in my mind at least, that George W Bush did a spectacular job in handling 9/11 2001. He also kept America safe during his eight year Presidency after 9/11, which I blame Clinton for.

I also have a tremendous amount of regard for how he rebuilt the US Military and the respect he gave to America’s men and women who serve.


As a Republican, the expectation from Conservative voters was that Bush would reduce the size of government, reduce the cost of government, repeal the mountains of suffocating regulations, and roll back the entitlements.

Not only did Bush not do any of that, he actually ran up America’s long-term debt by $4 TRILLION. He also increased the size and cost of government. And he added entitlements.


Bush was 100% aware of the DISASTER that was waiting for America through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He and other Republicans like McCain publicly stated that the failure of controlling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac WOULD LEAD TO THE COLLAPSE OF THE US ECONOMY.

So what did Bush do about it?

The argument used by the apologists for George W Bush say that the Democrats controlled the Senate, which blocked any kind of regulation the Republicans INCLUDING the President tried to put forward.

OK . . . that was true. But what is EQUALLY true is that President George W Bush could have invoked an EXECUTIVE ORDER forcing a complete audit and set of regulations upon the two Mortgage Giants.


There are many things George W Bush could have done to make America more secure by invoking EXECUTIVE ORDERS, including bypassing Congress to drill in Alaska and offshore, to extricate the American people and the American economy from the clutches of energy supplied by America-Hating countries.


Being a decent and moral human being is a great virtue to have. But, you need a lot more than that to be a good President . . . And even far more than that to be GREAT.

Personally – knowing what kind of scum the Peanut Farmer, the Nymphomaniac and the Self-Hating American Socialist are, I would not in a GAZILLION years share a stage with any of them, let alone all of them.

And to me, that says something not particularly good about George W Bush who embraced these guys like long lost family.

So, some of you can be as pissed-off at me as much as you want, but that doesn’t change the truth – NOR DOES IT CHANGE MY OPINION.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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