Yet Another Presidential UP-YOURS

The men who sold out the American Dream.

I really don’t mind being the GRINCH who steals the thunder of politicians. As a matter of fact, I rather enjoy it . . . Because someone has to.

I was personally offended by the incredible Pomp and Circumstance at the opening of the Bush Library, as if George W Bush really did anything extraordinary to deserve the accolades that he himself and other IN-SIDERS bestowed upon him.

Had it not been for 9/11 2001, his Presidency would have probably been a one term deal. And had it been two terms without 9/11 2001, he would have been known in history as the President who contributed to the worst financial collapse since the GREAT Depression.

It was under George W Bush’s government that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac raped the housing market, even though Bush was FULLY aware of what was happening.

It was under George W Bush that the Banks and the Investment Houses had a FREE ride that cheated the nation. It was also under Bush that the national debt rose enormously as Bush increased the size of government and created even MORE entitlements.

And then there was READ MY LIPS Bush 41, whose only success was . . . Actually, I don’t know what his only success was. It certainly wasn’t Iraq since Bush 43 had to go back to finish that job.

Then there was Carter, the SECOND worst President in modern American history, who all but destroyed America’s confidence, pride, and economy.

And there was Bill Clinton who was a friend to every Bad Financial Actor he could meet, who oversaw the Dot Com Fiasco, as the economy under Clinton was built on a non existent foundation.

And we can’t forget this LECHEROUS piece of work, who was IMPEACHED for LYING to Congress about defiling a young woman in the Oval Office.

AND THEN THERE IS OBAMA . . . Perhaps the WORST President in American History, who is well on-track to destroying the American Dream as he besmirches the US Constitution, and obliterates American EXCEPTIONALISM.

Seeing all these hypocrites standing together, kissing each others’ asses as if they were somehow GREAT American Heroes in a very Private Club, made me extremely sad to see what has become of that “SHINING CITY ON THAT HILL” because of THEM.

If anyone cares to know and see why America is in the mess that it is today, it was all there to be seen as these horrible men stood together taking their bows, as if they really did something good for the people they swore to serve.

THEN AGAIN . . . Maybe it’s just me, and the way I see things is absolutely wrong.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It doesn’t matter one iota what WE, the people, want regarding immigration and obamacare. Boehner and McConnell are not going to do jack! Ted Cruz will cause all the trouble he can in the Senate but there is damn little that can be done forcefully in the House.

    Burn up the DC phone lines and stuff their email accounts.

    I’m in favor of voting for the R 2016 senate class Rino’s D opponent if h/she enables BHO’s amnesty or avoids meaningful Obamacare repeal. Let Mitch the witch chew on th

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